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Grow Taller

Welcome to the first episode of Online Trash !

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In this video I explain how exactly to get taller and the truth about it.

Shoutout to Ram Ghuman and his ” How To Grow TALLER & Increase Your HEIGHT – MY SECRETS REVEALED!! ” + ” How To Grow Taller In 1 Week – THIS REALLY WORKS! ” crap videos, the official “how to grow taller” crap channel, Gatis Kandis and his actually helpful video and the rest of the guys videos featured in this video.

Follow me on name soon switching to my name; Christian Nielsen.

I want to know how to grow tallercamellias tell me how to grow tallerthe creators how to get taller oh heylook guys in this video I’ll show youhow to grow taller and only 12 weeksmany people ask me but Chris how did youget so tall what is my secret tip since.I’m very tall tall normal short hop itso I want to show you the programs that. I make myself and I used a few yearsback to get the height that I have nowand now I’ll show you for free so thefirst exercise you just draw like thisand then kinda go over to the side andjust like strange yourself so you cancontrol her and the next exercise you dolike this and then you just kind of bike. I’m going to be honest with you guys Ididn’t really make this program myself Ijust found it online but I’m sure itwill help you gain a few inches okayyeah let’s see what other people onlinehas to showhow to grow smaller one week this reallyworks on who is short and you simplywant to be taller yes that’s me in thisvideo I’m going to be telling you thecomplete guide on how to get tall are wetelling you the diet the exercises andother tips that you have to do so he’sgot the diet and he’s got the exerciseson how to get taller see I’m just hereto help you I’m here to get you tallerand reach that goal of potentially bigsix foot tall I’m so happy you’re hereto help me but before this video starts. I want you to click the like buttonliterally click the like button and nowbecause that’s the first thing that Iwant you to remember that you height theshape of our body the shape of ourmuscles and how they are shaped yes thatis 100% genetics okay so this guyactually manages to contradict himselfonly two minutes into the video first hesays that you can do these things togrow taller and then he says that it’s100% genetics yeah um let’s see ifthere’s another video here’s another oneoh it’s the same guy so he got a lot ofviews on the first one and you thoughtlet’s make the same video again as youknow if you’re cool you got a big framegood for the man you look like a bossyou can also be tall and skinny and looklike a freakin stick so let’s start withfirst that your height that is 100% withyour neck so in this video he says thesame it’s 100% genetics great job myfriend let’s see if there’s another onewho can actually help us position oh nonot this guygoddamnit okay let’s see what he’s got atree with a branch as you’re holding onto it the gravity is pulling you downand stretching you and this way you arebecoming taller let me demonstrateso I got two markers and I’m gonna markmy height before stretching with theblack marker yes okay I am that tallright nowand then when you feel that you are tallenough then you can let’s go I’m gonnamark my height now and see whether ornot I’m taller than before oh my godwhoa oh wowdefinitely much as long as you can seethat he’s getting alike let’s see ifthere’s another one what the fuck isthat kind of an intro appearing to betaller it’s not the same as becomingtaller this is shitty video as welldislike let’s check out this from thisvideo I’ll be sharing two importantmethods how to grow taller that I usedthat made me taller as simple aspossible then I’ll share how to growtaller up to four inches that can bepossible with the smallest person on theworld in only eight weeks the smallestperson on the worldokay so these two guys can actually growup to four inches taller with this guy’svideo let’s see what what else you haveto say method number one consume abalanced diet eating right will make youtaller and feel bettereating right we make you taller and itfeel better do grow taller exercisesthis is the exercise that I use to growtaller successfully as with any otherexercise program the key to success isdedication and persistence dedicationand persistence well brothers every dayam i rightnever give up be that guy look in thedescription box now is this just therest of the video okay so he wants us toclick his linklet’s click the link ro taller within 12week oh it’s a 12 week program it’s aproven fact nearly 90% of women statedthey were not attracted to shorter menof course they use sex to sell this. Jesus Christ don’t buy this obviouslythis is a scam let’s see what else thisguy has got on his how to grow tallerchat how to make your penis bigger I’llbe sharing three important tips andtricks on how to make your penis biggerthat I use that made my penis bigger assimple as possible then I’ll share howto make your penis bigger up to 4 inchesthat can be possible with the smallestpenis in the world in only two monthssmallest penis in the world.

I think if there was a way to grow yourpenis by four inches this guy would haveused it already oh yeah so they alsohave a website where they sell stuffbuilt penis comm real people realresults let’s let’s get back on trackokay last video I promise last video onesimple key to grow taller wait wait isthis my king I thought you sold hischannel this is actually relevant evenup to your 60s 70s 80s to be taller Idon’t think I’ve ever met like an 80 oldsay oh damn I still want to get taller Ijust watch the whole video is justanother graphics video I love thecomment section on this you are full ofshit man you the type of r togive information based on what peoplewant to hear to gain views people willnever learn and people like you willalways explore that to make money out ofit it’s a good thing that isdecreasing its pay so you can get anactual job okay I disagree on the lastthing but to be honest this guy’s rightso I’m I’m just going to be honest withyou guysthere’s no there’s no freaking way youcan get taller this video was just tomake fun of a question I get a lot sinceit’s really not possible to get intaller so I’m sorry um for you guys outthere who are like eating normally youcan’t really do anything to get tallerif you’re only like 1214 you can stillgrow a lot later but it’s going tohappen automatically it’s also differentfrom person to personat what age you had your growth spurtfor me I was 15 or 16 I just went fromlike 170 centimeters like 190centimeters in no time that’s verynormal and I did nothing to do that it’s100% your genes also like if someonedoes a program to get taller and then hegets taller and he claims it’s becauseof the program it doesn’t have to bebecause of the program just because youdid something and then somethinghappened it doesn’t necessarily meanit’s because of that thing you did itcould just be that he hit this growthspurt at the same time likecoincidentally I think it’s really clearthat the people making these videos onhow to grow taller they’re just takinglike subject of insecurities for a lotof people who want to grow taller andthen they make a bullshit video about itlike a clickbait title like get tallerin 12 weeks and then they gain a lot ofviewsso don’t believe in any of it it’s nottrue there’s nothing you can doexercises are not going to help you theonly thing that means anything to youhide is your genes and also when you’rea baby like how much nutrition you getthat can like influence your heightlater but if you’re really short likedon’t go blame your parents for notfeeding you probably when you’re a kidthey probably fed you good but it’sreally just your genes from your parentsthat decides how tall you will become inthe end so I hope you guys could usethis video for something I really neededto clear this up since a lot of you guysask me all the time and I think that’sit and remember the channel name isswitching soon too my name Kristin elseand I’ll see you guys in the next videothat’s actually one way you can gettaller and that is by going to space I’mnot kidding guys because the lack ofgravity will do so your so your spine isnot like pushing against pushing it down.I suck at explaining things sometimesyou know when there’s gravity it pullsyou down to the ground so you are likespine gets compressed but when you go tospace when there’s no gravity youactually grow a few centimeters it’s thesame when you wake in the morning you’reactually a bit taller than later on theday because you’ve been lying down soyou can get like temporarily taller bylaying in bed or by going to space butwhen you stand up again on earth you’lljust go back to be what you were beforeso sorry guys hate to break it to youbut there’s nothing you can do. .

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