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so I use someone who is short and yousimply want to be taller because I havebeen getting plenty of requests on my.Instagram emails and you all alike Iwant to get taller can you help me outand I thought I want to make anothervideo talking about this topic because. I’ve made a video previously on mychannel about this topic and theresponse to that video was great and Iwill be telling you how you can actuallybe taller and there are some things thatyou can do that can make a difference onyour height someone like myself I am a6 volt like after that like I’m proud ofsomething but I am 64 and I have a dumbthings in my younger days when I was alot younger which have helped me andmade me a lot taller and all of you havebeen asking like I want to get tallerkemi’s help me out come some exercise aswell in this video I’m going to betelling you the complete guide on how toget told I’m gonna be telling you thediet the exercises and other tips thatyou have to do if you want to get tallerbut before this video starts I want youto click the like button literally clickthe like button and now because I knowyou all forget if you’re new to channelmake sure to subscribe to channel andyou can join the rambutan army you canget in shape you can get short absbecause that’s what we do on the channeland also follow me on Instagram andsnapchat so let’s begin this video sofirst I want to tell you that geneticsplay a huge role in how tall you whatsome people have longer legs and otherssome people have shorter arms you knowthis is all genetics and you cannot donothing about your Genet except forblame your parents or blame like yourgeneration in the previous years and thecenturies you can blame them because yousimply cannot do nothing about this sothat’s the first thing that I want youto remember that your height the shapeof our body the shape of our muscles andhow they are shaped that is 100%genetics is just how people asked methat I want this certain muscle in thiscertain spotand like you cannot create muscles thatyou don’t have your height the shape ofyour muscle is 100% genetics so that’sthe first thing I want you to rememberpeople have growth spurts at differentages so if you also want who is like 14or 15 L a minute and you’re justthinking like I’m so small I’m thesmallest guy in my year what the hell do. I do well you can actually get tallerbecause you can grow potentially up andtell you like 20 so if you are someonewho is like 13 or 14 and you want to gettaller don’t lose hope happily have abelief in yourself that you will gettaller because someone like myself I wasmore on the scale where I just literallyjust kept growing I didn’t have likethat sudden growth fairway Alicia Keysbump up some people get that and I knowsome people when they were about 14 theywere short and as soon as they are like17 that’s it boom six four that’s whatwe all want to be we all want to be sixfoot so still have hope because you mayhave that growth spurt later on down theyears now you diet plays a huge role inthis now look at some people who are inpoverty and they don’t have access togood quality food a lot of them they areyou know sure you don’t really see likepeople who are in poverty who are taughtsimply because they do not have a gooddiet and something that you want to bedoing this make sure that you aregetting enough calcium in your diet nowcalcium is very important for your bonesand the foods that have calcium arethings like milk cheese and when yourmom when you were younger she said haveyour milk and you were like no like seethat could have been the differencebetween you being like five foot ten andsix foot because calcium plays a hugerole and if you are someone who’syounger like I know 10 or 12 make surethat you are drinking plenty of milk andif you are a vegan or vegetarian you canhave things like broccoli and cabbagethis is another good calcium source thatyou can so if you are a vegan orvegetarian and you think like I can’tget enough calcium calcium only comesfrom milk well that’s not true even nutshave calcium in as well so make sure youare getting incalcium is really good for your bodyit’s so important for your bones it’sall because your bones will get strongeras well and later on down the years whenyou may be having a 40 or 50 you knowyou want strong bones because that’s theage where your body starts falling intobits and you want to be a strong healthy40 or 50 role and you don’t want to juststart you know again be motivated youknow coming back home from work and justsitting on your desk and cuz you ain’tgot no energy because your body is inbits you don’t want that happen so makesure you get enough calcium in your dietyou want to be also making sure that youare getting in enough protein and if youall have been following my channel I’vetold you that protein is so importantfor muscle growth and for recovery andit also is very important if you want tobe taller because protein will help notonly a muscles but it also help yourbody to develop and grow so what foodshave protein things like chicken fishmeat products all these foods haveprotein and if you are vegetarian youcould have Sawyer tofu lentils proteinis so important and it’s not onlyimportant you know to grow taller but isimportant for your body and if you havegoals not only to be taught but also tohave a good physique you won’t be makingsure that protein is in your diet andalso another thing that is veryimportant that you get is a vitamin Dthis is another important thing that youmust have in your diet I didn’t evenknow what vitamin D was until Italy acouple of years ago until my doctor saidto me look mr.

ramadhir singh guman youare not getting enough of vitamin D inyour diet and I’m like what the hell isvitamin D I don’t even know what thehell it is vitamin D is very importantand foods that have vitamin D or thingslike fish and even some serious as welland who doesn’t love cereal I absolutelylove zero I can literally have cerealall day every day so fish cereal theseare foods which have vitamin D if youdon’t have access for some particularreason to cereal oryou can have a vitamin D capsule it’slike a very small tablet capsule thatyou can get and I recommend that to onlypeople who are above 16 but if you like12 years old and you think like I don’tget enough vitamin D what the hell do Ido well okay there’s a little bit of acrazy voice you can get enough vitamin Dfrom your foodso make sure you’re having enough fishand make sure that you are even havingsome cereal so your mom gives you somemilk and some cereal have it don’t belike no I don’t want cereal in themorning and then you come on andsearch how to grow taller and thenyou’ve seen me because I was coming toldyou of things that you should have doneor you can do in the future to help yougrow taller see I’m just here to helpyou I’m here to get you taller and reachthat goal or potentially big six foottall now that’s the diet out of the waynow there are also exercises that youcan do and the first thing is that Iwant you to improve your posture so manypeople that you see on the streetthey’ll walk like literally shouldersforward having that back oh it’s likethat is not good you want to get intogood habits or lick walking with yourshoulders back and your chest out andalso you look so much better as well ifyou have your chest out and yourshoulders backyou look more confident you look morealpha you don’t wanna be seeing someoneliterally walking around like that itdoesn’t show like their manliness inthem or doesn’t show that this personmeans business so you want to improveyour posture and if you improve yourposture that will help you back as welland it’ll obviously help you grow talleras well so that’s the first thing that Iwant you to do now the second thing is a1 used to stretch more so like I said alot of people walk with a shoulder backand we get tight in our lower back soyou can do a Cobra stretch even for thepeople that want to build muscle we donot stretch enough so a Cobra stretch isreally good and also we get tight in ourhamstrings and that is the muscle behindour legs if you didn’t know so make surethat you are stretching your hamstringthere are so many different hamstringstretches that you can do and alsoanother thing that you can dois crane your back muscles so if you area kid I want to show you anotherexercise in a minute but if you are abit more older I want you to startreally working on the pulling exercisesand that will really help your postureand it will make you look a lot tallerso you can do exercises like a dumbbellrow a barbell row these exercisesanything that you are pulling is workingyour back and if you are a lot younger Iwant you to start doing more pull ups soliterally if your mommy and daddydoesn’t let you go to the gym you canfind something that you can literallyjust pull up against and that’s it thatwill really help us all in the futurewhen you want to go and andsearch how do you get a bigger back likeyou will already have a big back youwill not only be tall but also you willhave a good developed back so that’swhat I want you to start doing to reallydevelop your back start doing a lot ofpulling exercises if you are likeyounger start stretching more and startdoing some pull ups as well I’m notgoing to lie when I was young I couldpull up all the time literally I wouldcome back home if you just bang out afew pull ups I couldn’t even do one atthe start and then eventually weactually worked up and we got like 10 or12 and I was like damn like I feelinvincible like I couldn’t even do onenow I can do like twelve now the lastthing that I want you to start doingthis make sure that you get enough sleepso many others don’t get enough sleepand it is not only for the people whoare younger but also who are lot olderif you want to build muscle you’ve gotto make sure you are getting enoughsleep same with if you want to growtaller and that’s the time when you aresleeping is where you are actually notonly recovering your body you’rerepairing your body and also you aregrowing so you want to make sure you aregetting at least eight to nine hours ofsleep a day and also you feel good thenext day so if you have work or you haveschool for example you feel good and youfeel energized as well so please pleaseand make sure you are getting enoughsleep and it’ll make a huge differenceon your body yourenergy and the so many benefits fromgetting a good night’s sleep so get offyour phone at night stop watching or I don’t know playing games onyour phone and get off your phone putthat phone to a side and say look I needto go to sleep so I hope you can takesomething away from this video againmake sure to leave that thumbs up makesure to follow me on Instagram andsnapchat and I should see you all in thenext video peace..

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