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what’s going on guys drum guman here andin this video today I am going to betelling you how you can get tallerbecause I have done a how to get tallervideo on my channel and after that video.I have been getting like questions on my. Instagram on my facebook like non stopyou know how do you get taller exercisesgiven the dietgive me this give me that and I thoughtyou know what I’m gonna do a part two tothat video so I’m going to talk abouthow to get taller in a little bit moredetail so I hope this really helps youso let’s begin this video so the firstthing that you must do and this is amust I don’t care if you have goodgenetics or not you need to be sleepingenough and what I’ll recommend you allis that you sleep anywhere from likeeight to nine hours a day and that is aminimum and you know if you have dreamsof being taller you need to be sleepingenough and I’ll give you an example whenyou go to gym and you work out yourmuscles are gonna grow and repair whenyou are sleeping and that is just thesame with your height and you are gonnagrow when you are sleeping your body iszoned out and that is a time where youare actually going to be growing and youknow you’re gonna be growing yourmuscles you’re going to be growing inheight so please if you have dreams tobe taller make sure you are gettingenough sleep and so on like myself Icannot even concentrate the next day if. I haven’t had at least eight hours ofsleep so sleep is a must and make sureyou’re getting enough sleep and get intogood habits and have a bedtime you knowif your parents or you tell your bodythat go sleep at 11 o’clock be in bed by11 o’clock because if you want to betaller like I’ve said you have to begetting in enough sleep now just becauseyou are short now that doesn’t mean thatyou are going to be short for the restof your life someone like myself when Iwas about like 14 or 15 that’s the timewhere I literally just shop and you knowyes I was always a tall one in school Ithink when I was like 16 or 17like six four and I stopped going when Iwas like 18 19some people will carry on growth untilthe like 21 22 so if you are like above22 I don’t really think you’re gonnagrow any more so maybe your dream orbeing six foot may have to be out thewindow unless you ready up you will growuntil you are about 21 22 so if you arelike a 30 year old who wants to betaller it’s not gonna happen man nowanother thing that is very important isyour diet yeah young guys they love thatjunk food but yes you can have some youknow junk food now and then like alittle bit of a cake a little bit ofpizza that’s all good but you want to befollowing a good healthy balanced dietif you have dreams to be taller and youknow you want to be giving your bodygood nutrients and that will help inorder to get taller I’ll give you anexample people who are less fortunateand are living in poverty at the minutethey’re not going to have access to goodquality food and a lot of them they’renot very tall so that tells yousomething straight away that your dietplays a huge role on how poor you alsoyou only making sure that you aregetting enough protein fats andcarbohydrates in your diet and anotherthing that you can do is have enoughcalcium as well in your diet so makesure that you are drinking plenty ofmilk and when your mama gives you thatmilk to drink don’t just like put it toa side make sure you drink it becausedairy products have calcium in them itwill get you one step closer to becomingsix foot you know I think six four sonumber that so everyone’s mean so sureif you’re a guy anyway well that’s what.

I always wanted to be and I accomplishedit to make sure you are getting enoughsleep and make sure you are following agood diet and if you have got them to incheck just leave everything in God’shands and you know if you have themgenetics you will reach six more like Isaid six for the number that’s whatevery guy wants to be if you liked thevideo make sure to leave that thumbs upmake sure to follow me ormr.graham and snapchat Instagram. Instagram you know saying that kind ofmanaged anyway I see you all in the nextvideo peace. .

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