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Grow Taller

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what’s going on guys around guman hereand in this video tip I’m gonna betelling you how you can increase yourheight because I get that question askeda lot you know I am this height as aminute but I want to be like six fourwhat can I do help me out I wanna bealpha at health because you know ifyou’re tall you got a big frame a goodphysique man you look like a boss so I’mgonna be telling you how you canincrease your height so let’s begin thisvideo so let’s start with first at yourheight a lot of it is genetics just howthe shape of your body is that is 100%genetics now someone like myself I am 6foot 3 and I’m quite fortunate with thegenetics of being quite tall well notquite cool pretty tall and my mom ispretty short and my dad is pretty shortso I am the gifted one I am tall one inthe family now when I was like 14 and 15I was always like the tall one at schooleven when I was like 16 so my growth waspretty much you know pretty bad itwasn’t like I just had a growth spurtand I just went from five foot pool itwas 6 foot like that it wasn’t like that.I was always you know pre taught and Igradually just kept an increasing heightbut some people have a growth spurt andthey will increase the height within acouple of months so you may have thatgrowth spurt when you are 17 or 18 sodon’t think like oh because I’m 18 now. I’m not going to grow you can grow untilyou’re like even 21 so now how do youactually increase your height you’ve gotto be making sure that you are gettingenough calcium in your diet becausecalcium will help your bones to growwhich will possibly result in increasingyour height as we are talking about thenutrition side of it make sure that youare getting a balanced diet and soyou’re making sure that you’re gettingenough carbohydrates getting enoughprotein and your diet is pretty balancedbecause you don’t want to be avoidingessential nutrients that your body needsto grow so as you all know when I wasyoung I used to do a lot of bodyweightexercises and something that I used todo a lot was pull ups and I’ll just bangout pull upand by doing pull ups you’re going to bescratching your body and also by doingstretching as well that will also helppossibly increase your height. I know stretching can be a bit boringsometimes but just do like 10 or 15minutes a day and that will not only begood for your body but also it couldpossibly be the difference between youbeing five foot eleven and six foot oneand now the last one is making sure thatyou are getting enough to sleep inbecause that’s the biggest onenot only for your muscles to grow butalso for your whole body to make surethat you are going anywhere from eightto nine hours of sleep in someone likemyself I need about nine hours of sleepanything under I just cannot functionthe next day so in the bedroom that iswhere all the gains are made like allthe games so that’s how you are going toincrease your height and that’s howyou’re going to be six foot three at meand if you liked this video make sure toleave that thumbs up if you want to seeany other types of videos to let me knowin the comment section below make sureto follow me on Instagram and snapchatand I should see you all in the nextvideo pleaseyou. .

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