How To Grow Taller (Life Hacks)

Grow Taller

Today I’m giving you guys some amazing life hacks that you can use in your daily life!
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what’s up guys Aerojet k cin is heretoday bring you some really cool andsimple life hacks that you can use inyour everyday life these life hacks arereally simple really easy and prettycool and best believe that they workwell before this video starts alreadygive credit to a r named progamer jay for he has a lot of life hacksthat i used in this video p either wayit’s still life hacks nonetheless ireally hope your days are going well andif your days are going well guys makesure to leave a like because my day isgoing well and both of our days aregoing well it means we’re gonna have agood video is the way enough talking isgetting to these awesome life hacks ifyou get anything your eyes such as dirtand you want to get out you fill up yoursink full of water or fill up yourbucket or bowl or anything then you wantto put your head inside the water wherethe eyes are inside the water and thenopen up your eyes and wait for a secondand anything that’s in your eyesbasically floats out which is completelyamazing if you want to trick somebodytomorrow anymore liking you or favoringyou by any chance you want to do isfollow their body movements not exactlycopy them but what you want to do ismake similar body movements have thesimilar faces and have just a similarbody language overall thereforeexperiments on this and surprisinglythis actually works as i did this somany times right guys this is an amazingblack pack right here if you like thisvideo right here the like button turnsblue if you are tired of batteries notlasting long enough for dying on youwhich you want to do is you want tothrow those bad boys in the freezer andwait over a day and it will double thelifespan of the battery so guys if youwant to lie as make yourself seen alittle bit more believable at anembarrassing part to the story or andadd an embarrassing moment to the storyfor example i was literally two stepsaway from the toilet before i cropmyself something simple like that rightso a way for you to go really quick tosleep if you cannot go to bed or you’relooking at at nighttime and allof a sudden you wanted to bed we want todo is stay still in your bed andbasically keep blinking your eyesbecause if you keep linking your eyesyour eyes are gonna get tired it’s gonnaencourage your mind to go ahead and goto sleep because as our ward and thenyou’re gonna be knocked out this lifetrick is insane guys if you feel thatsomeone is staring at you or looking atyou by any chance what you want to do isgetreally good yawning mmm and 50% of youguys probably listen to that and mostlikely on the iris is probably tryingnot to the order they just order justthat face bye bye yawning either waymost likely if you look around the guysare yawning they’re looking at yourgeneral direction most likely we’restaring at so if you guys are any typeof short and want to get tallerif you hang on a pull up bar for atleast 10 minutes every single day youwill grow at least 2 inches and that’shonestly a difference in height and thatis insane and that is crazythe reason for this is when you hang ona pull up bar or if you hang on anythingit basically D compresses your spine ifyou guys are looking for money or tryingto earn money but I honestly don’t buyhonestly are so lazy like me and leftthe link down in description take yourcheck out it’s a website where they letyou look at videos and do things on thewebsites for simply just moneyvery nice right the next one is if youever does offer go to bed and youbasically wake up and you wake up thenyou go back to sleepif you do this throughout the day you’remost likely gonna be more drowsy thanyou should be then rather just taking tosleep waking up and being right out ofbed or just waking up and not going backto sleep right so here are some coupleelevator life hacks so first if you wantto cancel basically a floor that someonehas pressed you want to press that fortwo times double tap it and it willcancel that floor is insane it’s crazyand they made elevators with this butthey don’t tell you how to use elevatoranother one that’s crazy that thepulleys used that one saw and taught usand basically in our school is that ifyou hold down a button in the elevatorwhile going up to that floor you willskip all the floors and other peoplecancel it called and basically you gostraight to that floor any otheremergency services use this just to getto the floor that they need to thenperform your duty right so if you spendtime outside instead of inside itreduces your amount of chances ofgetting depression but honestly memaking this video being a r hereit’s most likely increasing my chancesof getting depression right so if youguys are ordering a takeaway for example.Mc. Donald’s or subway or Pisa anythinglike that and you take a detour getthere and your food is cold you don’twant to put it in the microwave once youput in a microif it might taste way different itshould taste what you want to do is thatif you have seat warmers in your car youwant to put your food on the seatwarmers on max high so it will keep itwarm and it will taste crispy it’lltaste amazing like how it should be asit was if you would have picked it upearly had to take away or store so ifyou guys want to eliminate stress orheadaches within five minutes what youwant to do is have your legs flat on thewall and have your back flat on thefloor what this does is this eliminatesstress and headaches in five minutes forthe last lifehack guys if you havesubscribed you must definitely see moregreat videos just like this one there isso much for watching it too the internetvideo guys are amazing if you’ve watchedto the end of the video to get all theselife hacks make sure to leave a like ifyou’re new make sure to subscribe we’retrying it has 700 subscribers before theyear ends all you need is 50 more turnyour family hey friends share the lifehacks video think it’s so much forwatching you guys want to see theirvideo why got co2 channel you guys areseeing more videos that made they get somuch for watching see you guys in thenext one. .

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