How To Grow Taller Naturally

Grow Taller

Do you know you can increase your height easy and safe by using natural ways?

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hi guys do you or do remember havingthese kind of dreams where you’re eitheron a really tall mountain or some cliffor maybe a building and then for someweird reason you’re falling down andthen right we forgot to hit the groundyour legs jump and then you wakeyourself from itwell when I was little I used to havethose dreams and I remember asked my momwhy I had those dreams and she told usbecause I was growing taller today I’mgoing to share with you some tips andwhat you can eat and keep in mind sothat you can allow your body to grow toits maximum potential height so before Iget into it let’s talk about heightitself people can be of various heightsjust like that we have differentfeatures and we look different75% can be genetics which means 25% isbased on environmental or other externalfactors this also means that if you’reboth parents at all most likely you willbe tall but there are some cases whereboth of your parents are tall and youmay be a little bit short and let me sayhere that there is nothing wrong withbeing short sure itself is subjectivewhat you may think is short could be notshort to me or someone else honestly inmy opinion some people suit tallerphysics and some suits shorter there area lot of benefits with being shortyou’re usually labeled being cute youget away with things a lot easier andyou can make people do things for youmuch easier than when you’re tall andobviously there are upsides of beingtall as well you can reach things betterclothes look better on you and for girlsyou’re able to hide fat more easily butguys it’s always great to be toldespecially if you want to impress Asianfamilies so besides calculating yourprojected height by looking at both yourparents you don’t actually know how tallyou can be until you reach your fullphysical adulthood which is around yourmid twenties basically at the end ofpuberty however there are some songsthat show that you can still grow afterthat just by a little bit so there aresome foods that you can eat before andduring that time period that will helpboost your body to grow it’s to thismaximum potential height number one milkwhich contains a ton of calcium whichhelps with growing bones and cells inthe body as well as vitamin D and12 I suggest drinking at least two cupsof milk a day one in the morning forbreakfast and one before bed it alsohelps you sleep betternumber two is spinach like I’vementioned a billion times it for Popeyethe sailorman love it’ll spinach becausenot only does it make you stronger butit also makes you taller spinach is lowin fat high in protein fiber calciumiron.Radovan 8c e k and b6 not to mentionmagnesium phosphorus potassium andcopout yep the list goes onsurprisingly we use it a lot in our. Chinese cooking but if you want to makesure that you consume this daily makesure you add it into your juice or yoursmoothienumber three carrots especially rawcarrots is rich in vitamin A which isessential for the body to synthesizeprotein I suggest adding your salad orjuice it but don’t overdo it because Idid have a friend who drinks so muchcharacters that they’re her hands wereturning orange number four eggs you canhave it so many different ways it is anawesome source of protein which is goodfor high growth but also keeps your hairhealthy as wellnumber five sardines it contains ton ofnutrients including omega 3 fatty acids. EPA DHA and proteins that produces aminoacids that are required to produce newproteins which is required in the basisof cell structure it also containsvitamin D so besides the foods that youcan eat there are also some things thatyou shouldn’t be doingnumber one smoking smoking will destroycellular structure pretty much destroyseverything inside of you which is yourorgans and everything that’s vital inorder to for you to stay alive and behealthy number two is drinking obviouslyalcohol because it damages your liverwhich is a very important organ for yourbody number three is doing weights itactually confuses your body to focus onmuscle growth as opposed to high growthnumber four is stressing stress causes alot of problems for the body when youstress your body produces this kind ofbad hormones I’ll go around disturbingthings so I suggest stress less smilemore you should however exerciseespecially a swimming and skipping ropewill help stimulate bone growth and helpwith bone structure as well you shouldalso practice good posture. I suggest setting up against the wallfor at least 20 mintoday this will help strengthen yourspine and make sure you don’t rubyourself of any inches last but notleast is sleep early it helps topreserve and rejuvenate the bodyespecially during the growing is youwill need at least eight to nine hoursof sleep especially during the goldenhours of 11:00 p. m.

and 2:00 a.m. Chinese traditional medicine believestheir head has many pressure points thatdirectly correlates to the rest of thebody the first one is one between youreyebrows use your thumb turn it upsidedown and press firmly in line with youreyebrows nine times and then massageclockwise nine times and thencounterclockwise nine times the next oneis similar to the headache one it’s thepoint on the top of your head you canmeasure it by lining it up with yourears it’s the softest point on the topof your head press firmly nine timesfollowed by massaging clockwise ninetimes and then counterclockwise ninetimes to locate the third pressure pointuse three fingers place them just aboveyour ears the furthest finger from yourear is a pressure point switch to yourmiddle or index finger and press downfirmly nine times and then massageclockwise nine times and thencounterclockwise nine times the last oneis the one behind your head where yourneck starts use both hands and place iton both sides of your head like thiskind of like if you’re about to relocateyour head your thumb should rest nicelyin this hollow part of the back of yourneck press down firmly nine times andthen massage clockwise nine times andthen counterclockwise nine times sothere you have it I hope a combinationof diet exercise and pressure pointswill help you grow just that little bittaller thank you guys for watching Ihope this video was somewhat helpful ifyou have any questions leave youcomments below you can also follow me on. Facebook Instagram and Twitter you canask me questions there I’ll try to getback to you as soon as I can and I alsojust wanted to mention that I did dye myhair todayand it’s finally the color that I’vebeen wanting I’ve actually tried to findsome local salons that I can go to toget the color that I want and I’ve trieda couple and hasn’t really got out theway I wanted but this is actuallysomewhat close enough to what I wanted. I’m really happy with it I only cameacross because I was googling a localsalon and this came up so I thought I’llgive this a go and it I’m very satisfiedand also I got my lash extensions doneby a really great friend class area Tongshe also is a makeup artist and doesn’tat home so I also have her link on thebox below I just want to give a shoutout to a friend she’s awesome anyways Ihope you guys had a great week and Iwill see my next video bye. .

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