How To Grow Taller *Secret Revealed*

Grow Taller

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okay so here’s the deal with the trickto being the trick to getting tallermanage sauce smile like something the.Maddie she got brown hair brown eyesshe’s looking like an actress what isthat my butter burger how it what whathuh you know what I want to say this asfast as I possibly can one of them abeautiful people’s it is anotherbeautiful day has everybody do today ohmy god I was I just Busta Rhymes at itthen I gotta go in and I gotta get itthe first off thanks for the love onyesterday’s video guys you guys seem tolove the video I subscribe press thatbell to join this journey and after youpress that bell you’ll be a notificationshout out just like you go oh wowthanks guys if you want to be the nicelittle vacation shadow be sure to pressthat bill and then comment in thecomments down low and duck in real fasttoday I don’t a lot of energy again Ithink I do not really I don’t knowspeaking of energy though I just gotback from doing three fine brothershoots on today so I sort of withsomething like this there’s Sun that wasfunso here’s the deal for today first offeverybody can you do me a favor and gointo the comments it is my little niecessecond birthday her name is willoweveryone wish willow a happy birthday inthe comments down low and this is weirdbut willow if you’re watching in thefuture right now and you’re reading allthese comments and you’re looking atyour two year old birthday that’s superweird and also will of depending on howold you are I look completely different. Justin elevator your uncle was a ladiesman I’m just kidding not at all the nextlike few vlogs are going to be reallyweird because I’m in the process ofmoving and I’m leaving on Monday so thevlogs going to be very scattered I’mgonna do my best okay I’m sure I’mreally just trying to do these thingsfor you first off always tie your shoeyour boy I almost died second he’s backand he’s not a tablecloth today I have10 burgers here they’ll all go backtomorrow I have to cook them all rightnowso I have two pans going right now I’mabout to cook four and four and I’mgoing to cook eight at once and thenwe’re gonna cook two and we’re going toit’s gorgeous it on there’s gonna beburgers everywhere I’m just going to eatthem until I leaveoh don’t worry little guys you’ll getyour time you’ll get your time el ladohey willowhow old did you turn Wow does it feelcrazy to be old oh I don’t think she’drespond to that it’s weird that she’sstarting to talk now and you’re tuned ona Smurfs head by the waywell uh what’s my name dentist what whatis my nameoh there we go no it’s uncle Bo keep sayuncle Bo Bo that’s close enoughso here I am shear time as she fled Ishould need to do it hard to like openbay like a bright light oh yeah checkout my eyes to see life can keep youwhat I’m nice I don’t do bad I saw somegirls I didn’t like to get a man yourtime cuz I wantoh hello thereeverybody’s been sending me snapchatsnon stop asking for it to come back weare bringing back 41 days guys by theway how adorable is Willowanyways Q&A right now Jennifer vows atall girls are short girls tall girls apink smithy says would you ever considerdoing a basketball thing where you seeif other rs challenge to do 1v1yes I’ve been wanting to do that and. I’ve been contacting the other like tallrs and different stuff like thatbut nobody responds what do you like tohave kidswhat do you like to have kids oh yeahsorry I got a little caught up in thatsorry but yes I definitely wanna havekidsideally I want to have three and if Iwas making enough money out have four. I’m just wondering like you ever feelinsecure about being 7 do you love itand embrace it I don’t feel insecure asmuch anymore at allbecause I mean I used to feel veryinsecure about my height only times I dois like when I know it’s affecting otherpeople like Tiger Tour concert or fromstanding estimate I know people arebehind me then I get a littleself conscious where I’m just like I’mjust going to sit downno matter what size you guys are nomatter who you are no matter the coloryour skin you got to love who you arethat’s that’s where your like truehappiness comes from is like it startsfrom loving yourself so if you guys areinsecure about any part of yourself oranything try to embrace it know thatyou’re awesome and just keep beingbeautiful.

Danijela a night as she says do youswitch the way you tilt your head whenyou walk through doors or do you alwaysgo to the left or to the right are yousure I always go to the right of theright yeah I go to the right pass you a.TVhopefully I said that right justbutchered that says hey so I waswondering what are you looking forwardto most when you move like touristdestination wise also thank you forbeing on we all love you verymuch and wish you the best that is verynice of you thank you so muchtourist wise I mean I’m not a verytouristy guy I like to sort of exploreon my own but I’m very excited for likehiking and like going into the mountainsgoing on the river. Alicia Goodman says if you were able tochange anything from the beginning ofyour career til now would youthat’s a greatquestion I love everything that I’vedone on my channel and think thewhole part of growing as a r andgrowing as a person is making themistakes you make mistakes and you learnand that’s what I really think thiswhole thing is about and it’s helped mebecome such a better person I don’tthink I would change anything because. I’m very satisfied where I am now and. I’m very satisfied where I came fromfirst off I am so glad to have you apart of the Votto falar me and second Imean Kentucky meetups that could be athing man I could definitely do thathailey 98 says can you sing hallelujahlike you did on You Now why do you guyslove when I sing this okay I’ll do itreal fast heard there was a secret chordthat David played in it please the Lordif you don’t really care about music doyou it goes like this the fourth thefifth the minor fall the major lift thebaffled King composing hallelujahhallelujah hallelujah there’s a littlelittle song for you guys I guess orsomething right Jeremy nice is there atrick to being tall okay so here’s thedeal with the tricks of being the trickto getting taller I don’t think there isreally a trick there are a few thingsthat you can do like for one you can getup in the morning if you stretch itincreases your posture like with me Iwould stretch every single morning andmy high actually went up by like an inchjust because I went from like hunchedback like this to up straight and thenyou appear taller like sort of think ofit as like a rubber band if a rubberband is all tight you know how to likejust a small tight rubber band but ifyou stretch a rubber band like ifthere’s a loose rubber band that’s likestretchy just like your muscles fromstretching awesome times if you holdthat it’s longer than the little tinyreally tight one that’s sort of like howyour muscles work I don’t know if that’sa good analogy it’s just really in yourfamily jeans but I mean stretching doeshelp like I said I did actually stretcha little bit taller thank youand also special respect that alwaysplug I have a horrible way of measuringhow tall people are like it will be likeoh he’s six five he’s taught him likehe’s tall what are you talking about orhe’s 6 1 but yeah he was pretty tall e62and I’m like he looked like he was 5 8like everyone just looks the same sizeto me honestly unless you get past likesix six and I’m like okay I guess theyare told Hammond says coffee or teaneither chocolate or vanilla chocolatelefty or righty I’m a rightyexcuse the eyes to either I’m nasallyglands so anyway are you doing a meet upin Kentucky first off I am so glad tohave you a part of the boat’ll army andsecond I mean Kentucky meetups thatcould be a thing man.

I could definitely do that let’s Angeleswants to know what is it like being tallwell I mean it’s sort of a tall tale totell Luke gibber asks how often do youget asked your height I mean how oftendo we need oxygen to breathe alrightguys and that’s all the questions I wantanswered today like I said these vlogsare going to be a little weird they’regoing to be back into the groove on like.Tuesday next week just because I’m inthe middle of a move right now it’s sortof very stressful but I’m so excitedthat all of you guys are here with mehopefully still enjoyed today’s vloglike I said earlier comment down lowuntil we’ll oh happy birthday she’s mybeautiful little niece and other thanthat I got new videos every Monday. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Fridayalways remember the most important thingguys be you be beautiful because that’sthe best person you can be now go outthere and live your lifebut seriously stretching you mightappear taller okay I’m dead serious. .

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