How To Increase 2-5 Inches Height In 1 Week

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Follow Body and you looking for natural ways to increase your height within a couple of days?
Do you lack self confidence and feel self conscious because of your short stature?
And have you given up all hopes of growing taller because you are past the growing up age?
Well, there are many who suffer from the same problem.
But dont worry, there are definitely ways in which you can increase your height within a weeks time.
Now that seem like a fiction, but it is true!
There are 3 important things that determine the length of your body; they are age, environment, and genes.

Here are few exercises on how to increase height in 1 week naturally?
Follow the guidelines listed here and you will surely see results:
1. Exercise:
Exercising is the best way to increase your height.
Out of all the different kinds of them, the one experts would definitely recommend is swimming.
It is an excellent workout, which accomplishes two major things:
firstly, it will stretch your spinal cord and secondly,
it will release hormones, which will eventually increase your bone size.
2. Stretch:
To increase your height within a weeks time, you need to stretch!
There are so many stretching exercises that you can do.
Two of the best that you should definitely try to gain some inches:
Sky Stretch: This one is a simple stretch and is really effective at the same time.
All you have to do is to stand straight and stretch as high as possible on your toes.
Stay in that position for 10 seconds. Relax now. Repeat 5 times.
Leg Stretch: This movement requires you to sit and place both your legs in front of you.
Now all you have to do is, reach out and touch your toes without bending or hunching.
You should be feeling a stretch in your body. Hold for 10 seconds.
Relax. Repeat 5 times. Do these exercises 3 times a day in order to see results.
3. Eat Healthy:
Good eating not only promotes good skin and hair,
but also increases the length of your body in the long run.
Make sure you eat the right amount of proteins, vitamin and calcium on a regular basis.
Eating well will promote growth in your bones while eating the
wrong kind will lead to stunted growth and other kinds of health problems.
Do some work and prepare a diet chart. It always works best!
4. Sleep Well:
Sleeping the right way will stretch out your body naturally.
Keep your legs as far as you can in front of you and place your arms by your side while sleeping.
Try and sleep in this position every day. It always works.
Try not to use a pillow, since they spoil your posture while sleeping.
It might be difficult at first, since you are used to sleeping with the comfort of your pillows,
but try and get used to it. Since you usually spend 7 to 8 hours while sleeping,
you definitely want to make the most out of it!
These are some of the most basic yet effective ways on how to increase height in a week.
If you make a note and follow all the guidelines, you are surely going to see results..

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