###How To Increase Height After 18###

Grow Taller

###How to Increase Height After 18###

1 Hanging

* Hanging is more extreme type of stretching exercises
to increase height, but it often shows results.

* Hanging con increase your height 1 or 2 inches.

2 Swimming

* swimming is the most perffered exercise to gain height.
Swimming enables the increase of human growth harmone in

*Swimming helps in stretching of muscles throughout the

3 Jumping Rope

* Jumping Rope is one thing that you must learn when
trying to reach your maximum height.

* jumping rope increases blood supply and exerts on the long bones otf the body to grow in

4 Cobra Stretch

* This stretch is all about stretching out your spine and
elongation the body.The more you do This stretch the more
you will open up your back and increase your height.

*To perfrom This stretch you should lie on the face down
and palms under your shoulders. then arch your back by
raising your chin to from an angle.

5 Touch Toes

* Standing with your hands above your head, bend
over and touch your knees.

*Keep your leg as straight as possible.Each
Repitition should last between 2-3 seconds.

*This exercise can increase your height 2-3
inches in 8 weeks

6 Leg Stretches

*There are a number of different types of stretches for legs
and any stretches that work the calves will be very useful in
increasing height.

*One good calf exercise is to stand parallel to a wall and place
your hands on the wall.put your weight on your hands and then
slowly move one leg closer to the wall. you should feel a stretch
in your calf.Hold the possition for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat it
a few times.

7 super Stretch

This is an easy and very good stretch for increasing
height and reducing stress.Just stand upright and place
your hands behind your head. Next bend your head upwards
and back as far asyou can.you should do this stretch
slowly and hold each position for a few seconds.

8 Cat And Dog

* These stretches will bring out the animal in you and
have the ability to stretch your body an inch or two as

* Start on your hands and knees. Arch your back Upward and
lift while keeping yourads tight. Hold this position for a
few seconds and then breathe out as you push your tailbone
under.Hold tis podition and then repeat the stretch.

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