How To Increase Height After 18 – Day 42 Of Michael’s Transformation

Grow Taller

For the best Grow Taller Program on the market the the Next 2-3 months (60-90 days) Lance Will be Personally Training “Michael” from Singapore. Lance Will be putting Michael through an Intense Grow Taller Regime and documenting the results day by day. Lance really does Practise what he Preaches and is here with Michael to make sure he stays focused and on track with his Grow Taller Goals. Lance and Michael will be doing everything together to make sure NO rules are broken. The Secret Diet and Regime will be spoke about but not fully revealed until the end of the program. Michael will be getting measured every morning between 08:00am & 09:30am(Singapore Time).

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so everyone it’s day 42 of Michael’sgrow taller transformation for those ofyou that are just joining us and haven’tgot a clue what’s going on basically.I’ve been training Michael now that’snice real name I like to keep his nameconfidential for security purposes andconfidential reasons and yeah I’ve been. I’ve been training Michael intensely forthe past 42 days every single morningroughly between about half eight andhalf nine we do this video and we take. Michael’s high every single morning andwe’ll just see how he’s progressing withthe program and how its high screwed onhopefully we’re going to try it we’retrying to create a second ghost bit sowhat’s happening is the the hands isfluctuating from day to day and gavesome high figures we did some lowfigures and then also what we do as wellis we have Michael wake up straightoutta bed one day go on to the heightmeter and then the next day we have withall that Michael walk around and justsort of get that variation of gettingfrom horizontal to under the under themeasuring device and then we get it justlike normal you know obviously like likegravity acts upon the person’s heightand then gain under so every other daywe change it your so that’s what’s goingon if you didn’t quite knowoh and also the question people ask meis what’s Marco’s age Michael is 19 hewas born in December of last year sothis December coming he’ll be 20 yearsold so that’s that’s about everythingpeople are asking so rather let’s doingstraight up after bad techniqueokay day 4 whoa shit Michael is onesix three point three it that’s goodshit I was exposed to that I didn’t even see look at the Eddie hishit it’s fucking good man it’s goodright we’ve got good results we shallspeak to you tomorrowyou. .

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