How To Increase Height And Grow Taller: Full Body Workout

Grow Taller

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hey guys as dawnia today and we aregoing to be doing a full bodyflexibility video and this is superhelpful for dancers that by no means doyou have to be a dancer in order tobenefit from this video so go ahead andfollow along and let’s get startedalright so I’m going to start out withsome simple neck warm up stretches justgo ahead and move your neck side to sideand we’re just going to get the bloodflowing so I’m really sad to announcethat this is my last second tooth videofor a while because I’m going to begoing away to California this summer so.I’m going to be missing all of you guysand all of everything that psych has to offer to me but I’m just go aheadand comment and let me know where youguys are going this summer if you haveany travel plans and go ahead and moveup and downand all the way around and other sideall the way around and back side to sideagain and hold it there for a second andtake your left arm and push down on yourhead you should feel really deep stretchon the side of your neck and we’re gonnago down the other sidekind of let your neck roll around andrelax it now we’re going to go into somearm stretches and cross over your bodyand take that same arm and cross itbehind your back or behind your headand other arm across your body and gobehind your head pull it there for a fewsecondsand relax just go ahead and shake thosearms out get the blood flowing we’regoing to move back into butterfly myfavorite position go all the way down tothe ground and push your left leg downand back to your right and push bothlegs down to your elbows and now we’regoing to move into the pike position andreach all the way up to the sky all theway down to the groundflex your feet back toward your body andpoint again and flex midpointand flex one more time and point yourright foot kind of give yourself anotherextra stretch by pushing down your toesand switch feet point now moving intothe half split so go ahead and take yourright foot and put it in front of youand bend your back leg behind you andwe’re going to go first all the way overto our leg hold it there for a fewseconds and flexthe point move it to the center go hangon your elbowsand inch up a little bit closer to thewall we’re going to walk the highourselves and I’m going to go ahead andjust rest on my elbows if this isn’tstretching enough and go ahead and goall the way down and lie flat on yourback hold it there for a few moreseconds flex that foot and point it flexright walk back up and we’re going toswitch sides all the way down to yourleg flex your foot and point it flex andpointand take your elbows or go ahead andhang on your elbows in front of youagain inch up towards the walland if this is stretching you just theright amount just go ahead and say inthis position if you want a more of astretch then walk your hands all the wayout in front of you move your chest flaton the groundand we’re gonna go behind our soulsagain remember the poseand walk back up and go all the way downto your leg again and flex your footback point flat boy we’re going to moveback into butterfly you’re actuallysorry we’re going to criss cross and putyour left leg on top of your right kneeand just go ahead and get your bloodflowing in those feet and just circle itaround and go the opposite direction andpress the down with your hands so thatyou’re really stretching the arch ofyour foot and flex it back towards youand point and now we’re going to reachall the way up and go forwardand we’re gonna twist twist the otherway your back might pop a few times andall the way up all the way down againand go ahead and unravel and we’re goingto the other side just really squeezeyour leg into your chest and place it ontop of your knee and we’re going tocircle our other foot to get the bloodflowing and circle the other way takeyour hand and push your toes down sothat you’re going to get stretch throughthis arch and flex pointflex point and stretch up to the sky anddown to the groundand twist and twist in the otherdirection and back to butterfly andwe’re going to kind of move into a newstretch and we’re going to do this bytaking our right leg and holding ontoour ankles and putting your leg out infront of you and just pull it in as muchas you want or need if you want more ofa stretch grab your foot as opposed yourankle and cross it across your bodywe’re going to take it out to the secondand let’s take the other foot up to thefront and to the side and cross our bodyand back down and we’re going to repeatthat entire series all over again we’restarting a butterfly go all the way downto the groundgo ahead walk back up and push your leftleg down and move to the right and backto the center make sure your elbows arepushing down on your knees and take yourlegs out in front of you we’re going tothe pike all the way up to the sky allthe way down to the ground slides backon those feetpoint and take your right foot back andyour left and point the bow we’re doneand we’re going to go back to the halfsplits just starting on the right sidetake it all the way down to your legflex point down to the centerwalk it behind you back here with over afew secondsthere’s really relaxed leg muscles sothat you get full benefits of thisstretch flex point and moving back upall the way down your leg like this andthere this time I’m going to walk allthe way down but feel free to stay onyour elbowsand moving to the left so start by justrolling all the way down your leginto the center and drop those elbowsand move it back up again all the waydown to the leg again flex back andpoint and flex and then point and goback one last time and walk yourselfback up paint back to butterfly and goahead and take a deep breath and all theway down to the groundand roll up push down that left leg moveto your rightlet’s enterwe’re gonna do some ankle rolls again tocross your right over your left get thatblood flowing through those toes inopposite direction back to the centerand other leg and reverse the circle andthen back to the center and we’re goingto do that hamstring stretch one lasttime so starting with the right so goahead and bring your leg up bring it asclose to your chest as you can and bringacross your body dig the other side backto the center and down and the front orthe left reach across your bodyand other side the last part of mystretch exercises that I wanted to dowas a back stretch which we all arepretty familiar with so the downward dogso I just really wanted to emphasize theimportance of back flexibility for thesethings so let’s go ahead and get startedso downward dog is going to be in anupside down position so put your handsin front of you and your legs behind yousee you’re in a triangle shape and pushyour heels into the ground and reallypress your armpits as far back as youcan so that you feel like you’re gettinga strip all the way to the back yourlegs as well as down through your backtotal there for a few more seconds nowwe’re going to go into a post push upposition and all the way down and pressback up and this again is supposed tostretch out your backand hold there a few more seconds downand we’re going to go back to thedownward dog and alternate your calvesjust gonna pull stopping bor bend themboth or I’m going back to the push upposition down and press back up soyou’re getting a stretch through yourstomach and back those and last timedownward dog three times the track sopress those palms all the way to theground and your heels into the ground aswell and pull us back before alternatingfeet and then the both deliver a fewmore seconds and back to the push upposition lower yourself down to theground push backand hold it there for five four threetwo one whoo all right good work. .

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