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hey guys this is Katie Kendall yogateacher.I really enjoyed waking up with you thepast few weeks so we did Kabbalah bottiea few weeks ago which is the perfect wayto start your day we did some gentlestretches last week that you could do inbed or beside your bed so this we’regoing to go wrap going to wrap it up alittle bit more and move a little bitmore fully and dynamically and with thebreath so the greatest way to start anenergy fieldkind of day not on the energy field butalso a great way to begin to reallyorganize your thoughts your productivethroughout the day so give it a go sotoday we’re going to start foldingforward in ragdoll position so justdrape your torso over your thighs sway alittle if that feels good start to takesome nice deep breaths into your siderear of your back ribs and then reallyslowly vertebrae by vertebrae we peel upthrough the spine roll the shouldersback and if you’re not already at thefront of your mat go ahead and walk tothe front bring your big toes togetherwe move through some half Sun salutes soinhale reach your arms up gaze up andthen exhale fold forward bend the kneesif you need to drop the heads lift thechest to flat back inhale and thenexhale fold forward forehead towards theshins. Ian how reach the arms wide come all theway to stand look up and exhale fold foragain drop your head completelylift the chest inhale exhale foldforwards again inhale reach up longthrough your side waist exhale foldforward no rush leave the chest inhalethis time step your left foot back asyou exhale sink the hips towards thefloor as you inhale pull yourself backso you can straighten out your right legand drop your head you can always bendthe right knee a little if you need toand then exhale sink the hips forwardlook forwards inhale pull yourself backexhale sink down look forward shoulderssucks inhale pulling back to put thatstretch in your right hamstring. CEL sinking forward and then inhalereach your right arm up for a twist gazeup to your right thumb draw your righthand across the middle line of the bodyinhale exhale right hand to the floorstep back to plank and drop down to yourchest then your stomach as you exhale inhow to baby Cobra just like the chestnot even using your hands and exhalepush back by your knees downward facingdog so feet hip distance hands shoulderdistance why don’t spread your fingersas large as you can and move around intothis first off pose bring some movementsome fluidity really deep full generousbreaths and then starting that lunge onthe second side look forward and stepyour left foot forward sink the hipsdown as you exhale inhale pullingyourself back drop the head exhale comeforward sink the hips look forwardshoulders softear now pulling back drop the headexhale sinking forwards email pullingback stretching out your left hamstringand exhale sinking down Sun with yourleft arm up as you inhale draw the lefthand across the midline of the body andleft hand to the floor step back exhalelower all the way to the ground so youhave straight legs it’s a littlestronger in how to Cobra tuck thetailbone navel to spine inhale peel thechest off the floor and then press backto your downward facing dogeither through plank or layin kneesagain checking out your feet hipdistance put your right leg up inhaleexhale squeeze your right knee intowards your chin and I’ll send it upand back bend your right knee this timeand roll the right hip open trying tokeep your shoulders square and steppingyour right foot through between yourhands come to Crescent lunge justrolling your shoulders back here on yourleft toes firing up your left thighsinking the hips down now we inhale dropthe left knee exhale squeeze it straightinhale drop itexhale squeeze and inhale reach yourarms up above your head a little backbend you can gaze up hands to the floorstep back andchaturanga in how this time to art dogswe use the shoulder blades together andexhale press back downward facing dogleft leg lifts up inhale exhale squeezeleft knee to chin inhale up and backbend your left knee roll the left hipopen shoulders Square and step your leftfoot through come to Crescent lunge asyou inhale shoulders roll back palmsface forward take a breath in to dropthe right knee exhale squeeze inhaledrop exhale squeeze inhale drop downexhale squeeze and inhale reach yourarms up long through your sidewaysmoving gaze up a little back bend andsort of gloss step back in low throughchaturanga inhale to Cobra or up doginhale and exhale downward facing dogyou keep distance again deep breathswe’re going to peddle the feet out alittle bit more then do other ways justdrop the head breathe deeply take onemore full breath inand after you exhale forward step orjump to the front of the mat big toestouch half lift look forward inhaleexhale fold forward bend the knee scoopthe fingertips along the floor and upthe chair posespinal long exhale palms to touch inhaleanother breath in and exhale left elbowof the right knee let’s twist and turnto the right great for the digestivesystem first thing in the morning flyingup the thighs every time you exhale drawthe navel to spine and then inhale cometo Center exhale second side right elbowover the left knee twist in turn to theleft notice the palms really pressinginto each other again navel to spine asyou exhale and then inhale come back toyour Center exhale come to stance slowlyand you are ready for your day energizedcompletely ready few deep breaths here alittle bit of gratitude this healthybody to practice yo get in guys I hopethat you’ve enjoyed waking up with methese past few weeks I may be a littlebit biased but I really do think that. Yoga is the perfect way to start anykind of day so on until I see you nextkeep practicing stay curious and havefun. .

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