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hey guys how are you it’s Tara Stileswelcome to week two of your 4 weekstrength building routine this week’sroutine focuses on building strength inyour core and lower body so it’ssupposed to be a little bit challenginghopefully it will be challenging for youif it’s not challenging for you you’resuper strong already go find a friendthat’s not as strong and share yoursecrets you may notice straightnessroutine that your hips and thighs willstart to feel a little bit of tinglingthat’s willfully good maybe notice thatthe tingling is happening and try tostay at the pose that’s a great way tobuild strength instead of jumping out ofthe pose and waiting for the sensationto go awaystick with it let me know how it goesand I’ll see you back to week 3 buildingstrength and core again and upper bodyall right talk to you guys later we’rejust going to start in a downward dog sogo to and spread your fingers wide onyour map at the front corners and justwalk your feet all the way back to yourdownward dog take a few easy breathshere starting to warm up the back seeearth eyes and your hamstrings and goahead and breathe your right leg all theway up to a downward dog split and goand open up the hips here try to reallypress that left heel down to the groundand three times you can reach it all theway out to the side nice straight legand all the way back to your downwarddog split and again all the way out tothe side and all the way up and back tryto a little bit from underneath thethigh as you do this like somebody’slifting up from underneath the leg nicelight and the thighs there and all theway back and gently bring your knee allthe way up to your forehead carefullyplace your foot right between your hands.I’m just going to move all the way up toa nice high lunge inhale the front legstraight exhale bend it down againinhale all the way straight right fromthe hips right back down and againinhale all the way straight keeping theribs lifted shoulders relaxedright back down and on your exhale go totwist it open to the right and you’regoing to lower those left fingertipsdown alongside your shin press the flooraway as you reach all the way up to yourtop and I’m just going to straight andbend the knee here three times keepingthe collarbones nice and easy buttonright down over the front foot therelast one all the way straight try topull the right hip back as you do thisand then back down and try to stabilizethe thigh there bring yourself all theway back up to your high lunge here andgo to mean yourself all the way forlowering your fingertips and gentlystretch both legs straight breathingover your front leg here trying to keepthose hips square if you want to relaxover the front leg you can go ahead andtry that here and go ahead and reboundback to your lunge lift the whole thingall the way back to your downward dogsplit nice and high you can open the hiphere if you want stretch it out and thistime we’re going to lift like all theway across slide your heels the outsideof that left hand come into this sort ofdancer split your you give an arch backif you like and gently sit yourself downhere twisting around breathing over thatleft leg nice long deep breaths herewe gently start to bring yourself backfrom there plant that right hand rightat the front corner of your mouth orjust pick yourself all the way up andback here we’re going to move back toyour downward dog split see if you cankeep that left hand off the ground foras long as you can lift the right legway up nice and high here breathing intothat left heel and then gently go aheadand place the foot right back downyou’re down we’re going to do the samething on the other side so it would bethe left leg all the way up open thethigh all about to the side try to keepit parallel keeping your leg parallel tothe ground even with your left hip thereall the way up and back and again allthe way up to the side and all the wayup and back and gently go to meet up tothe floor and carefully place your footright between your hands try not to slamit up there lift up in your belly tobring it up go up to your high lunge andthree timesinhaling and bending the front kneeright back over that foot try to getyour thigh parallel to the ground asparallel as you can get it sinking thosehips and inhale all theflexing your shoulders bring it all theway backand guarding twist open to the left sidethis timego ahead and lower your right fingertipsand alongside your chin lifting the toparm up again three times inhaling andexhalingright over the front foot there try toreally guide that left it back and downsinking the hips nice and low every timeyou exhale and then they go in placeboth fingertips on either side of yourfront foot stabilizing legs herestretching both legs straight guidingthat left hip back and down you’ll beseeing the back over the front leg tryto wrap that right sideneck and shoulders relax there presseverything down bring it all the wayback to your downward dog split nice andhigh open everything up here and you’regoing to cross it over for that dancerstretch here slide your heel down reachyour right arm all the way back behindyou and give it an arch here and thenjust pick up your toes they’re slidingon your heels to bring yourself all theway down to the straddle and keep thetwist going all the way over bringingyour left hand to that right foot comeup onto your right fingertips here don’tcollapse in the shoulders try to reallytwist from your belly all the way aroundand to bring it back plant those lefthand right in the front left corner thatmet they’re open all the way up try tokeep that right hand off the ground foras long as you can as you bring it allthe way back to your downward dog splitopen it up here nice and high and gentlybring it back to your downward dog youjust check in with your breath make sureif your breathing’s getting short andfast to bring it back to long and deepand just go ahead and take your timejust walk your feet up to the top ofyour mat here’s hanging over your legshere gently go to grab a hold of yourelbows let your head hang down try toreally breathe into your back here everytime you exhale releasing a little bitfurther over your legs let any sort oftension go here that you’ve accumulatedand gently roll yourself all the way upto stand nice and steady here and you’redonegreat job. .

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