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hi I’m Tara Stiles and today on the yogasolution I’m going to show you a niceroutine that you can do for digestion soespecially around the holidays if you’reeating a little heavier eating a littlemore often this is a nice routine to geteverything moving along in your bodylet’s get started let’s bring your righthand down to the ground soften up yourelbow reaching this opposite arm allthey’ve been over a nice easy opening inyour sides and then will reach yourchest right upward maybe lean back awayshere and then keeping that is openingbring it all the way back off to theside rounding in order here a little bitof a twistgetting that digestion going one moretime just like that here open up yourwhole body right upward and then againrounding all the way in here a littlebit of a twist and we’ll round all theway up through your middle seeing theother side left hand finds the groundsoften up your elbow reach is obviousthat I’m all livin over easy easystretch and again gently open your chestright upward and then rounding all theway and right here a little bit of anice twist one more time just like thathere open everything all the way up andthen as you exhale running all the way anice easy twist and we’ll round all theway up to your middle here and thenwe’ll walk forward a few steps maybejust a couple steps of this feels like anice opening already a few more ifyou’ll even better go for that I justlet the weight of your head and necksoften enjoy the ground you’re maybesway a little side to sideand then when you’re ready slowlycrawling yourself all there from thisone here press your fingertips rightbehind you on the ground as you pushdown lift your chest right upward maybeeven leave through hips a bit here ifthat feels nice making some space foryour spine and then when you’re readyease yourself back to your middle sojust for a moment here close your eyesthat your hands soften on your thighsjust finding the easy deep rhythm ofyour breath.I’m real gently will come all it fromthis one here just going to stretch yourlegs forward out in front of you herekeep a nice easy bend in your knees hereso don’t worry so much about opening upthe hamstrings here just worrying aboutwell not worrying about anything we’rejust easy up in your belly here allthey’ve been over the legs and gentlyrelax your head and neck here over thelegs and breathe a lot maybe sway alittle side to side if there’s a ton ofroom in the hamstrings you can alwaysslide your heels out in front of you alittle bit more if that feels good thenagain just breathesuper fully and deeply here into theback your body and when you’re readyslowly coming up from this one herewe’ll just hug your left knee into yourchest give yourself a good squeeze andwe’ll cross your foot outside of youropposite leg here so hug the knee rightinto your bodybig inhale stretch your album Center ofall the way upward and then as youexhale cross room over your leg oppositefingertips right behind your body or sosit up nice and tall as you inhale andthen as you exhale gently spin around alittle bit further so again just reallygetting everything in your belly movingalong your big inhale to lift and thenas you exhale gently spin around bringyourself all the way back to your middleeasy counter twist here so big and howto lift you up a bit and then as youexhale gently twist around a little biteasier one more time just like that herebig you know the sit up tall and a longexhale to spin you around so we’ll comeback to your middle couple options forthis one if it feels really good to youto bring your top of your foot right uponto your hip crease here and let yourknee relax out to your side that’s anice one if that doesn’t feel good inyour in your foot your ankle anythingjust bring it on down like a tree poseon the ground wherever you’re out hereif you have the foot into your hipcrease just going to lean a little bitforward here you should feel a nicepressure of your heel into your bellyhere though I’m really helped to getblood flow going to your judgment toyour digestion and again if that doesn’tfeel good you’re getting a ton ofbenefits by having the foot down as well. I’ll just breathe easy and we’ll take anice twist here so reaching yourfingertips all the way around and overthis. Senate leg and breathe a lot here sobegging house to open you up a bit andthen easy exhales to spin you a littlebit further few more times just likethat big inhale and then long exhalewhen you’re ready slowly coming all itfrom this one here and we’ll just bringboth feet back to the middle both you atthe same time here again bend the kneesa little bit or a lot grab the tops ofyour feet here with your hands and thenjust relax your belly all the way overhere relax your head and neck let’sbreathe uh whole whole lot again ifthere’s tons of room in the hamstringsyou can always slide your heels out butdon’t worry so much about this being abig hamstring opener here and justletting the belly relax and when you’reready rolling yourself up from this oneyear so we’ll do the same thing on theother side hugging your opposite kneealthough I give it a good squeeze andwe’ll cross your foot right outside ofthis opposite hip so big and how wecharm all the way upward and then as youexhale cross your arm over your legobviously fingertips right behind youbig you know the sit up nice and talland then as you exhale gently spinaround a little further a little easiera couple more times just like that herebig long deep inhale and then easy coolexhale one more time just like that herebig deep inhale and a long easy exhaleand again will unravel same thing aroundto the other side here so big how doesit lift you up and then easy exhale totwist you around and we’ll come back toyour middle so again if it feels good onthis side both sides will be a littlebit different to bring your foot rightinto that hip crease something to do ifthat doesn’t feel good just bring itdown like a nice relaxed repo so howeverfeels better to you wherever you’re atslowly start to crawl your hands up andover this leg maybe start to crawl yourhands to the outside here big easy twisthere breathing into the back your bodybegging house to open you up a bit andthen long exhale is to movelittle further and easier when youalready slowly bring yourself up fromthis one here is we’re just gonna bringthe bottoms of both feet together letyour knees open out to your sidesgrab ahold your feet here take a big and.

I’ll do lengthen all the way up and thenas you exhale gently fold up and overyour legs so maybe keep your hands atyour feet here if that feels good if itfeels nicer to extend your arms upforward that’s great too and again justbreathe a lot of you sway gently side toside and when you’re ready from that oneslowly come all the way up so we’re justgonna keep one leg tucked in here extendyour other leg out to the sideand we’ll bring your hand down inside ofthis extended leg here soften up yourelbow reach your opposite arm all theway upward here and reach up so muchhere that maybe you simply run out of upand start tipping over so easy is theopening in your sides Bri the ton andwhen you’re ready slowly and winding upfrom this one here 1y2 the nice twistand it comes to right above the kneefingertips behind you up aching of thesit up tall and easy exhale to spinaround a little bit more and when you’reready we’ll come back to middle here sosame the other side tuck in the oppositeleg in other leg stretches all the wayout here nice and long and comes downinside a leg soften up your elbow easyopening hereeasy easy long deep breaths try to keepboth sides of your waist as even as theotherand when you’re ready slowly and windingit for this one here bring your hand toyour knee opposite fingertips behind youbig another set up tall and easy exhaleto spin around a little bit more andwe’ll come back to middle here juststretch both legs out to the sides hereinto a nice V kind of get yourselfsituated here and then up to maybe justkind of hang out and lean back aways ifthis feels like a super big opening ifthere’s a little bit more space start tocrawl yourself all the way forward gofor that and again just breathe a wholewhole lot here and then when you’reready slowly bring yourself up from thatone here gonna bring the legs all theway right back together again here andfor this one let your hands relax downby your side slowly crawling all up andover the legs again really bend yourknees enough so you can really relaxyour belly on your thighs here let yourhead and neck go as well just breathe alot when you’re ready we’ll slowly rollall the way down to the ground take yourknees with you here to go easier on yourback keep your knees a good squeeze hugthem into your chest Rock a little sideto side if that feels nice and thenkeeping a hold your right knee let yourleft leg extend down to the ground andthen every time you exhale letting theknee draw a little bit closer to yourright shoulder here so you can kind ofhook it in your elbow if that feels goodand just breathe a lot I’m here gentlyextend your leg straight upward so grabbehind wherever you can grab behindeasily so maybe that’s behind the thighor behind your knee or one hand at theankle one hand at your thigh it’s just.Bri the whole lot so every time youexhale making little bit more space andthen every time you inhale just easingit along here so big and how to open youup a bit and then easy exhale to movethe leg a little bit closer if the spaceis thereso we’ll take a nice twist from this onehere hug your knee all the way in andwe’re just going to cross it over yourbody your hand relaxed on top of thatknee to add a nice anchored effectopposite arm opens out to your side andjust breathe really easy again reallygetting that digestion moving gettingall of the blood flow working properlyin there just breathe a bunch and whenyou’re ready draw the knee all the wayback in give it a good squeeze and withsome leg right back down to meet theother one and then same thing other sidehug your left knee and give it a nicesqueeze so if it feels good to draw yourknee and your elbow here that’s nice tojust breathe a lot and when you’re readywe’ll stretch the leg straight upwardhere so get and grab behind wherever youcan grab by and easily don’t push orforce anything just stay wherever youcan breathe a lot and again breathe alot here so the fuller and deep youbreathe the more space opens up there soeasy big inhales make a little bit moreroom and then the long exhale just moveyour right into that new space and thenwe’ll take a twist here hugging yourknee in let it fall over to the rightside let your arm open upward maybe eventake your gaze over those oppositefingers breathe deeply in your belly andwhen you’re ready hug the knee back inand then we’ll hug both knees into yourchest Rock a little bit back and forthon your spine here to ease everything upand when you’re ready we’ll roll all theway back up to sit so great job so thereyou have it a nice routine that you cando for digestion especially around theholidays to keep all those treats andsweets moving through your bodyall right I’m Tara Stiles and I’ll seeyou next time on the yoga solutionyou. .

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