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hi I’m Tara Stiles and today on the yogasolution I’m going to show you a niceroutine that you can do to buildflexibility in your entire body and yourmind too let’s get started start sittingup nice and easy here however you cansit comfortably gently close your eyesand start to draw your attention alittle bit deeper inward so wheneveryou’re trying to get little bit moreflexible it’s great to draw yourattention on your breath every inhaleopens a little bit more space and everyexhale moves you right in so setting anice big easy pace of breath you canstay with for a little while and whenyou feel nice and settled here we’llcome onto all fours on your hands andknees wrists right under your shouldersknees right in to your hips and thenwe’ll come into your downward dog fromhere so tucking your toes use a big deepinhale to lift yourself all the way upand back and then maybe sway a littleside to side you’re just to put a littlebit of movement in your body feelinginto all your corners any creeks here orjust working everything out and thenwe’ll take your left and see if you cangrab a hold of your right ankle here andspin your whole body around your easytwist from your tailbone all the way upyour back all the way down the top ofyour head through your fingertips hereshould feel like a really nice openingand then save the other side your righthand grabbing a hold of the left ankleand then just use that grip here toreally spin yourself all their addsshould feel really niceand of course breathing a lot and whenyou’re ready bring yourself all the wayback to your middle here like a big youknow reach a right like a living backbehind you downward dog split open upthe hips and shoulders if that feelsnice make some space for the hips andwe’ll take your knee right up into yourforehead softly bring your foot betweenyour hands low lunge so keeping yourfingertips where there lift your hipsall the way up and let your torso herefold and relax over your front legbreathing a whole lot into the back ofyour bodyand we’ll visit a warrior through fromear so put a little Ben in your frontknee just enough so you can start toshift your weight right on top of yourstanding leg top your head floatingforward heel reaching back behind youand then we’ll round all the way up tostand here so soften the knees roundyour back here give this a nice squeezeand then from here just bring your twoleft fingers of your hand your toesbring your right hand to the hip maybestay right here if there’s a little bitmore space and slowly extend your heelgo for that and then if there’s a littlebit more space to bring it out to theside go for that and if it’s out to theside gonna bring it all the way backforward and then we’ll hug your kneeinto your chest give it a good squeezepoint your knee down to the ground herecatch a hold your hook with your handbehind you just finding your balancegoing to open up the back of it here somaybe see right here just start from areally relaxed place if there’s a littlebit more space slowly start to pressyour foot in your hand lengthen all itwith this opposite arm and just stayingreally calm and easy don’t worry so muchabout the shape of the pose can be allthe way down here somewhere in betweenjust make sure you’re pressing your footinto your hand and staying calm withyour breath and when you’re ready drawthe knee all the way back and give it anice squeeze and Wilson the leg allthere right back behind you into yourlow lunge plant your palms firmly downand we’ll step right back into your nicedownward dog here relax your head andneck and shoulders and we’ll take a biginhale lift your left leg all the wayback behind you downward dog split I canopen up the hips and shoulders and we’lltake your knee right up into yourforehead softly bring your foot betweenyour hands low lunge keep the fingertipson the ground lift your hips right upand let your torso fold over this legand breathing a lot into the back yourbody maybe even swaying a little side toside if that feels nice help to loosenup any areas that could use little looseand then we’ll put a little gentle bendin your knee here you’re going to shiftright right on top of your standing likeyour warrior 3 top your head floatingforward back heel floating back behindjab and we’ll round up to stand here sosoften the knees round your back heregive this a nice little squeeze and gotake the 2 fingers of your right hand tothe right big toe left hand finds yourhip just finding your balance reallystrong the standing leg maybe stay righthere if there’s a little bit more spaceslowly extend that heel forward ifthere’s a little bit more space extendthe heel out to the side leg doesn’thave to go all the way straight you canalways bend it in however it feels likeyou can stay easy and if the legs up tothe side got it all the way back forwardand then we’ll hug your knee into yourchest give it a good squeeze againpulling your knee down to the groundcatch a hold your foot behind youso before you move into anything juststart from a really calm relaxed placemake sure there’s lots of movementfreedom in your body so maybe stay righthere if there’s a little bit more spaceslowly start to press your foot in yourhand like that all up here with thisopposite arm and just staying nice andcalm and easy and once you had enough ofthat one hug your knee back into yourchest give it a good squeeze and we’llsend the leg all there right back behindyou plant your palms and we’ll stepright back into your nice downward dogagain softening up the heels and headand neck and shoulders we round all theway at your plank pose nice long wave sowe’ll come over to a side plank herelift up your hips this time here see ifyou can grab ahold of the toes with thefingers and tipping extend this legright upward here if the leg doesn’t gono worries you can always just kind ofhang out in between you can come into alow tree pose here or maybe a tree up onyour thigh if that feels nice so juststay wherever you can breathe reallycalmly and easilyand then once you got enough of that onehere let go of the leg we’ll step it allthe way back here open up the wholefront of your body here nice easy simplearch and just breathe along and we’llcome all the way back to the middle samething on the other side here lifting upthe hips bed keeping the fingers of theleft hand spread nice and wide so anyversion you like to do can be a regularplank can be this one where you lift theleg can be a tree pose hover it feelsgood and once you had enough of that onebring the toes back behind you open upthe whole front of your body and I speakstretch here and one and when you’reready bring yourself all the way back toyour nice downward dog relax your heelsand head and neck and shoulders and realself it will start to walk your feet allthe way up to your hands here one stepat a time folding inward over your legslike a rag doll here relax your head andneck and shoulders and we’ll come allthe way down to sit on your hips heresend your legs out in front of you put alittle easy bend in your knees yourhands relax down by your sides I’m gonnastart to crawl your torso all they’vebeen over your legs here nice long longspine and just breathe fully and easilyinto the back of you when you’re slowlystart to roll yourself all the way downto the ground so you’re lying on yourback take your knees with you here giveyourself a nice squeeze we’ll bring thebottoms of your feet on the ground rightnext to your hips so we’ll open up theback here press your hands on the groundyour whole arms lift your hips lift yourchest maybe roll your shouldersunderneath each other if that feels goodmake some space here breathe a lotonce you had enough of that one gentlyrelax everything all the way back downso up to you if you want to stay andrelax that’s great if you want to go forone more of those that’s nice if youwant to come into a full wheel bringyour hands by your ears so this would bereally careful here press down so tolift your chest up if there’s a littlebit more space and lift up all the waythat’s nice but make sure you can stayeasy and breathe the whole time if youcan’t breathe and carry on a nice easyconversation then just soften out ofwhatever you got going on and whenyou’re ready ease yourself over to thisone here tuck your chin and bend yourelbows you’re all there on the groundnice and softly hug your knees into yourchest give yourself a nice squeeze Rocka little side to side here we’ll keep ahold of your right shin let your leftleg draw down to the ground just breathea whole lot so we’ll get into your hipsa little bit more hug your knee and yourshin into your body maybe just grab yourknee and right above your foot there ifthere’s a little bit more space tocradle your leg and shin and that’s nicetoo and if there’s a little bit morespace to relax down that’s great ifthat’s causing any tension on the kneedon’t do it you can make it a little bitsofter by just holding onto the footreally nice way to get into the hipsthere and then we’ll just extend thisleg straight upward for a few breaths.I’m just staying easy here big inhalesmake a little bit more space and then asyou exhale you can draw the leg a littlebit closer to you right and moving intothat new space and then when you’reready we’ll do the same thing on theother side so relaxing that leg downhugging the left knee into your chestgive yourself a nice squeeze and roll itaround a bit see what’s going on in thehip joint and then draw your torso up alittle bit so go slow and easy and makesure there’s no pain on the joint so youcan hold the foot in right above theknee if there’s a little bit more spacein there and the hips no pain in theknee to hug your shin in that’s great ifthere’s room to relax down that’s greattoo again if there’s any twin geing atall just soften out make this a littlebit simplergo easy on yourself you never want tohave joint pain doesn’t mean you’reworking hard or anything just meansyou’re in pain so just soften out ofthat and then when you’re ready releaseout of that when you’re old stretch yourlegs straight up and just breathe for afew moments here so both sides would bea whole lot different depending on ifyou favor a leg or have an injuries orone legs more open than the others justgo really easy on your body here bigdeep inhales and long exhales and onceyou get enough of that one hug the kneeinto your chestand just relax everything all the waydown and when you’re ready hug bothknees into your chest give yourself asqueeze and gently rock yourself all theway back up to sit and great job sothere you have it a nice routine thatyou can do to build flexibility in yourentire body and mind I’m Tara Stiles and. I’ll see you next time on the yogasolutionyou. .

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