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Yoga for athletes runners and bikers solet’s start in down dog you’re pullingyour navel in and up pressing into yourhands lifting the tailbone and the sitsbones up toward the sky really pressingyour heels down now on your inhaleyou’re lifting up to your tippy toes andbegin to pedal your heels one at a timeso you really get the stretch in thebacks of the legsthen come back to down dog pressing yourheels down on your inhale lift yourright leg high to the sky as you exhalebring your foot forward between thehands inhale lifting up to a high lungeso here you’re sinking down into yourhips pressing back through your backheel so your back leg is straight inhalelengthen through your spine lift thearms high lifting up from the lowerbelly exhale as you release the handsdown here you’re rocking forward andback rolling through your spine and asyou come forward you’re reaching throughyour chest so if you have the stretchand the hips as you move back and forthnow inhale you’re lifting your left legup to intense leg stretch so your feetare about two to three feet apart if youneed to you can bend your front kneeinhale lengthen through your spine andas you exhale drape your spine over thefront leg so again inhale lengthen yourspine and exhale fold forward over thefront leg you’re trying to square offyour hips here so pull back on yourright hip just take a few deep breathsinto the back of the legand inhale bending your front kneeyou’re gonna sit back to your low lungehere drop the back knee and flatten thefoot bring your palms to your front legso here you’re just gonna sink down intoyour hips and just Rock forward and backa couple times and then finally sinkinginto the hips so as you sink into yourhips you’re lifting up from your lowerbelly inhale reach the arms up longspinefeel that deep stretch in your hip andexhale release four understand the bringyour arms to the inside of the right legso we’re coming into the lizard posehere you can stay here or if it’savailable you can lower down to yourforearms this is a really deep stretchin your right hip so you can stay hereor lift up the back moon for a straightleg here pressing through the back heelbreathing into the hip and then as yourinhale come back up and you’re gonnabend your back leg reach around with theopposite arm so you’re reaching alongwith your right arm.I’m just very gently stretch the legtoward you opening the quad muscle fewbreaths cooland as your exhale release back to. Center inhale lift up the back meanyou’re gonna put it over toward yourleft for a wide forward fold so yourhands are underneath your shoulders andthen you’re gonna walk them back betweenyour feet if you need so you can take aslight bend in your knees so you’repulling your navel in lengthening yourspine and really using your spine downso your head Falls toward the groundreally press into your feet breathe intothe backs of your legs inhale as youcome upnow you’re gonna heel toe your feet inso that they’re about two to three feetapart so you’re gonna sit down on thissquat grab a hold of your ankles and useyour elbows to anchor in the hooks ofyour knee so using your elbows to anchorthe tailbone drops down long spine hereis a really really good stretch for thehips and the inner thighs take severalbreaths here keep your spine long and asyou’re ready come back to Center we’regonna come to the back of your mat hereto a lunge step back to down dog as youexhale when you’re in the hell you’relifting your left leg high to the skyand exhale bring your foot forwardbetween your handsinhale use your core as you come up to ahigh lunge back leg is straight liftingthrough the knee sinking down into thehipslong spine and exhale release the handsdown rocking forward and back rollingthrough your spine move with your breathnoctus owner in the house your step yourright leg forward for intense legstretch Sophie there two or three feetapart in the how lengthen through yourspine exhale keep the length as you foldforward over your front legbut then inhaled at the lengthen yourspine and exhale foldso then trying to square your hips pullback on your left step and as you inhaleimagine space being created in the legand as you exhale release any tensionfeel free to exhale through the mouththough and then step back to a low lungelowering the back moon flattening thefoot bring your palms to your left kneesinking into your hips walking forwardand back a few thingsso here as you’re sinking into your hipsengage your lower belly lift your armsoverhead lengthening your spine you cantake your gaze up for the sky and exhalerelease the hands down their hands tothe inside of your left leg for lizardpose if you can lower down to theforearms you want to go further lift upthe right knee straight leg breathe into your leftand then coming back up we’re going tobend your right leg reach out reachingaround with your left arm really goodquad stretch so just gently pulling theleg toward you breathing into your quadand exhale you release lift the backknee move it over toward your rightagain to a forward fold so this timewe’re bending our left knee coming overinhale through the center and exhaleover to your right bend your right kneeinhale exhale to the left and experimentso here as you move keep in mind youwant a long spine so you’re lengtheningthe heart open your all this anotheroption here is you can lift your toes upto the sky for the stretch in the innerthigh and then you’re gonna come back tothe front of the mat step back to downdog as you exhale inhale lift your rightleg high exhale right knee behind theright wrist extend the left leg back sothis is pigeon pose here really great soyou’re gonna try to get the fiveparallel to the side of the mat and theshin were working toward getting itparallel to the chronic than that if youcan’t you can just move your feel intowards you so if you want you can movedown to your forearms and the deepeststretch you can get is extending yourarms and resting your forehead on theground so wherever you are take severaldeep breaths into your right hip you tryto take ten bucks or more if you can thelonger you stay the more you feel thatopening and as you inhale come up to. Center you’re gonna lift yourself andpress back to down dog and then pedalyour heels shift your hips side to sidestretch it all outinhale lift your left leg high exhaleleft knee behind left hips extend backthrough the right leg so toes arepointing straight back then notice whereyour thigh is parallel to the side andthan that either stay here or come downonto the forearms or you can extend yourarms and let the head down breathingdeep into your left hipthen as you’re ready inhale coming backup lift yourself and exhale press backto down dog again pedal and it feelsshifting your hips side to side and backthis time you’re gonna drop your kneescross your legs behind come to seatedthen one last stretch here and I’m gonnado it found ankle poise so you’rebringing the soles of the feet togetherwhile the hold of the feet with yourhands outer edges togetherinhale lengthen through your spine bringyour belly button in and as you exhalekeep the lines in your spine as you foldforward use your elbows to anchor yourlegs down on each inhale lengthenthrough your spine each exhale fold alittle deeper breathe into the innerthighsnobody’s coming back up to somethingnameste.


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