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– Treatment for Growth Hormone Deficiency (Height Problems in any Expert : Dr. Richa Varshney
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Acupuncture treatment for the followings in Hindi –

Weight Gain – fall – – Pain Arthritis- and Concentration improvement- Pimples from face- Infection, Cough and Cold- Confidence Booster – Pain – Pain – (Leucorrhoea) – Stress Level – Tract Infection (UTI) – Pain- can produce miracle like results. In this video we will show you how to get taller naturally. If you are how to grow taller naturally or how to get taller fast this is the video for you. I have received so many inquiries regarding how can I get taller or how I can grow taller, how to grow fast and get taller with the help of Acupuncture so that’s why I’m making this video which will teach the viewer how to get taller naturally. Acupuncture/ is a very good technique to grow taller and increase height naturally. You will easily understand how to grow taller by these points on your hands.

This is a point of pituitary gland. Whenever anterior pituitary gland is disturbed the growth hormone become reduce. Due to which the growth and height etc is affected. By stimulating TW3 in both hands with the help of fenugreek Seed or byol magnets 6 to 8hrs daily at night for 6 to 8 months, the production of growth hormone will increase and the person who is suffering from less growth and short height gets result very fast. It can be practiced in a number of ways, including stimulating cells to grow and divide, increasing bone and muscles growth and increasing protein synthesis. Growth hormone is vital for normal physical growth in children, its level rises throughout childhood and peeks during puberty when the pre-teen hits his or her growth spurt.
Acupuncture/ treatment can increase height of any person of any age. Increase in height is permanent, natural and naturopathy treatment (Home remedy)

Watch this video if you are looking for treatment related to point for Height Gain

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Dr. Richa Varshney
Sambhav Nature Cure Hospital Lucknow : videos are only intended for the informational purpose. Please make sure to consult your before substituting this therapy with the prescribed one by your local diet, beauty, and healthcare professionals. Viewers are subjected to use the provided information at their own risk. This channel doesnt take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health/ skin care problems caused due to the use of our or anything related to this. points benefit if used correctly, so if you are not putting the at the shown point or failing to understand the exact point, please reach out to an Expert before trying..

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