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Here in this video you will learn some solution and remedies to grow your height naturally, check out the video, use the remedies and exercises and get benefited.

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Welcome to health care at home.Today we will talk about those who have low height and want to gain height. See, earlier we have also done one episode on “How to increase our height”Firstly, it is important for you to know that what is responsible for increasing height that is HGHThat means Human Growth Harmone. So, what we have to do, we have to activate this harmone.

Once this hormone is activate then your height will start increasing.For this its very important to check your diet or eating habits. Those who want to gain height they don’t eat junk food. As they doesn’t have any nutritious value instead they work as a barrier in gaining height.

for this its very important for you to take balance diet.Yes Balance Diet. That means take green leafy vegetables, take colorful and seasonal vegetables. its very important to consume them , so thatyou get all the nutrition like Zinc, Magnese, lots of calcium is also required.

You must get Vitamin C, Iron.So from where you will get all these? That you will get from all seasonal vegetables. So consume all seasonal vegetables. Consume all colorful vegetables so that you get all the nutrients.

Apart from this one more thing you can do.You can take wheat grass, if you will take 50 ml of wheat grass juice empty stomach. Then it will make you immune system stronger and your HGH means human growth harmonethis is also help in to activate that. Apart form that what you have to do? Don’t eat too much food in one go.

You have to eat 6 meals, 1 hand full of your hand sizethat you have to eat in 6 times, Now a days what is happening people do lunch and then do over eating or double meal in dinner.This you must not do. Take break fast a healthy breakfast. Take good amount of breakfast.

So you have to eat handful of meal in every 2 hours.and what you have to do, as i told you. You have to consume maximum of green leafy vegetables. so that your body get all the nutritious.

Drink at least 8 10 glass of water, so that the toxins occurs in the body.These toxins stops the HGHso, what will this water do. This water will flesh out these toxins from your body. When these toxins will be out of your body then your body will be completely clean.

So, Automatically your Human Growth Hormonethat will start activating, as in by when it get activated.When you body does rest. So, by when your body is resting when you are sleeping. So, it is very important that you sleep 8 11 hours minimum 8 & maximum 11 hours.

And when you have to take nap, in night only don’t sleep in the night.Sleep in the night and take 8 11 hour of napand what you have to do to take nap, try to sleep on time. People use to sleep at late in night, but you have to wake up before the sunrise. You have to sleep early, if you sleep at 10 then it will be very good for you.

See, now I will tell you remedy, what you have to do in remedy.Take powder of , Indian Ginseng if you will go to market or any chemist shop and will ask for this powderthen you will get it as it is called Indian Ginengif you are residing in abroad then it famous as Indian Gineng & easily your will get it in the market. Take two spoons of indian genseng powder and mix it into 1 glass of hot milk. And after mixing you can also add sugar or jaggeryor once its like warm then you can even add honey in itafter mixing this, you have to consume this milk immediately before sleeping.

Consume this regularly and you will see growth in your height.You have to do exercise, do surya namaskar in the exercise. Surya namaskar has 12 portures, if you will do these 12 postures then you will see that your height is getting increasing. Apart from this as I said do swimming.

With swimming also height will also increased.Along with skipping it is also a very good exercise. Or if you got any rod somewhere then hang your self there. So by hanging yourself, joints of your body become loosenand once your joints are loosen then your height will start getting increased.

Apart form this improve your sitting posture.People use to sit like this, don’t do this. Wherever you sit your spinal cord should be straighten like this. Your hands, neck should be straight.

So sit this waymake is as your routine or your habit.When you will sit like this & you will notice that when your posture is rightthen automatically the chances of your height growth will increased very much. Apart form this you have to take pinch of limestonethis I even told you in my precious episodetake pinch of limestone and mix it with the curdand mix it into 1 bowl of curdconsume this curd once in a day, you can take in the lunchor you can take it even after 2 3 hours of lunchyou can even take this curd empty stomach in the morning this will also help you to gain height. Do trikonasana, so with trikonasana your height will also increaseas well as Vitamin D is also important for you.

From where you will get vitamin D, that you will get from the sunlightthen wake up in the morning and sit under the sun light for 15 20 minutesthen you body will get sufficient vitamin Dand even vitamin D is in your body then of course your height will grow.Apart from this you will get vitamin D from egg. With cheese, milk and with milk products you will get the vitamin DBut the most easiest way and the natural way of sunlight so sit under sunlightif you are obese then you have to control on your obesity, we have done multiple episode on obesity so you can follow thembecause if you are obese then the chances of your height will be very low. As well as the fast food you don’t have to consume as I have told you earlieryou have to quit smoking & drinking.

Both of these and alcohol has to be quit.Because it create such toxins which doesn’t allow the HGH to grow in your bodyso stop all this and drink ample of waterand follow the remedies i have told you & within 3 months your height will start increased. Must do exercise and Surya Namaskar. So, isn’t the remedy was easy?Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.

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