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hey everyone stares Styles hope you’rehaving an awesome day so far I have atotal body yoga routine that you can doanytime anywhere and it will get yourwhole body nice and strong and easy inthe mine tooall right let’s get started so first ofall start on all fours on your hands andknees make sure your fingers are spreadnice and wide you have a good grip onyour ground take a big inhale as youdrop your belly down looking all the wayupward starting to warm up the back ofit and then as you exhale rounding allthe way in tucking your chin and just afew more times like this on your ownnice and smooth and easyno rush or hurry just breathing a lotand the next time you do inhale herelooking all the way over to the very topof that inhale gently tuck your toesreach your hips all they’ve been back toyour nice downward dog here real longopen spine move around a little if thatfeels nice and then we’ll roll all theway out your plank pose nice big longwave through your whole spine simplyhanging on here for a few deep breathsletting everything start to be engaged abit breathing easy and gently lift yourhips all they’ve been back to your nicedownward dog relaxing the heels one moretime just like that here tuck your chinrolling all the way out your nice longplank pose this time when she’ll comeover to your side plank on your righthand here lifting up the hips a bitrolling over wide open collarbones easybreath when you’re ready rolling back toyour middle and same thing up and overthe other side you’re lifting up throughthe hips a bit keeping the fingers ofthe left hand spread wide opening uphere easy breath and again when you’reready rolling right back to your middleso again we’ll lower halfway down thistime and then right from your bellywhole lip in one piece again just likethat here halfway down and then all theway back up last one just like thatyou’re putting half it on this timewe’ll use your knees down to the groundso to open up the front of your body ordropshoulders down your back and move arounda little side to sideeasy does it here and then keeping yourknees on the ground shift your hips upand back to sit on your heels beinggiant breath in your child’s pose andwe’ll come back onto your hands andknees restored in the fingers tuck inthe toes and take a big another littlelift way up and backso next inhale take your right leg wayup and back behind you downward dogsplit if it feels good to open up themback and hips here go for that and we’lllift your knee right up into yourforehead nice and high softly plant yourfoot between your hands low lunge yourhips sink way down here take a biginhale fill your arms all that nice highlunge here and then sink your hips relaxyour shoulders breath saying easy take abig inhale lift everything right up andas you exhale spin around to your rightside of the room heal your arms openwide take a big inhale fill yourself allthe way up twice more just like thathere big exhale easy spin I mean helpfills you all the way back up last onejust like that here big exhale easytwist and inhale fills you all up hereand right over to your nice warrior twoso let the back heel find the ground alittle bit behind the toe so this canbecome a nice hip opener arms openingwide shoulders relaxed breath stayingreally callingtake a big inhale lift everything allthat lift lips lift your arms and thenas you exhale soften right back in twicemore just like that here big inhalelifts you right upand then as you exhale soften all theway back last one just like that herebig inhale lifts you right up and thenas you exhale open all the way back inwarrior two bottom of EXO tip right backreverse warrior back I’m sliding on theleg and then keeping your legs rightwhere they will wave up and over to yourextended angle letting your whole bellyspin right open and we’ll bring yourfingertips down inside your front footcome onto your back to scooch your rightfoot up to your right edge of your mat alittle bit here ease your back knee downtake a few breaths for your hips here torelease maybe stay upright if this feelslike enough of an opening if it feelseven better to soften your elbows andcome on downthat’s a nice release and again we’llbreathe a few deep breaths here if itfeels even better to bend your back kneeand spin your belly around put you holdyour foot here something to do just keepit easy then when you’re ready we’llcome all the way back to your middlehere seeing on your forms are just shiftright into your left side just enough soyou can swing this right like older ontoa plank pose on your forearms body inone straight line then staying in yourforearms you’re to lift your hips allthe way up nice and row dog on yourforearms then I’ll press your palmsfirmly into the ground straighten yourarms all that your nice downward doglocks the heels and everything open uphere I think in same thing other sidenext inhale take your left leg way upand back behind you again if it feelsnice to open up go for that and we’lltake your knee right up into yourforehead Zolfo point your foot betweenyour handslunge and pushing down through your feetone big huge and how to fill all the wayup and then just sink your hips downrelax your shoulders breath stay easy sobig and Hill lifts you up and as youexhale spin around to your left sidehere arms open nice and wide take a biginhale to lift everything right up twicemore just like that here big exhale easytwist and then how fills you all the wayback up last one just like that your bigexhale easy twist and inhale fills youall the way up here and right over yournice warrior twoagain back heel finding the ground armssoftly opening right out to your sidesbreath saying calm and easy and on yournext inhale lifting everything all a bigdeep breath in and as you exhalesoftening everything right back outtwice more like that big inhale liftsyou up and then as you exhale softeneverything right out last one just likethat here big inhale lifts you right upand then as you exhale everything allthe way right back out here bottom ofyour exhale tippet way back reversewarriorand then leg stay right where there willwave up and over to your extended angleform on the thigh argument arm up andover and spinning your belly open andagain we’ll bring the fingertips downinside of your front foot come on to theback toe sort of scooch that left footout your left edge of your mat ease theknee downeasy does it on the kneecap and again ifthere’s a little bit of room to come ondown to the forearms just breathe a lotmaybe rock to the outside edge of thatfoot if that feels nice if it feels evenbetter to bend your knee and spin aroundtake it easy if anything’s painful justback away from me painful let me see andthen when you’re ready saying on yourforms or just shift right into yourright side of yourself just so you canswing that left leg all the Reds yournice forearm plank you can check to makesure you’re in a straight line if youwant to peek down here see if you cansee your shoulders hips to heels andbreathe a lot if you’re feeling reallystrong here maybe lift one toe off theground just a couple inches and then allthe way back down same thing on theother side and right back down one moretime your side just for fun if you’reinto it and all the way back down samething with the other side and then rightback down and again we’ll start to walkyour feet all the way up to your nicedownward dog on your forearms and pressdown through your palms straighten upthe arms I sound weird all real longspine and again gently ease your kneesdown to the ground relax here and yourchild’s pose backs your forehead breatheeasyand when you’re ready rule yourself oldlive just didn’t take a few easy breathshere closing your eyes at your palmssoften on your thighs big inhales andlong you see exhales and when you’reready gently open your eyes so great jobyou can do that routine any time youlike to get a total body head to toemine to easy yoga routine thatstrengthens you lengthens you it makesyou feel great so I’ll see you next time.Tara Stilesyou. .

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