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hey guys it’s ashli Luntz from the go towork house and this week’s video we’regoing to talking about sleeping patternsand how you should be sleeping where youshould be sitting with pillows where youshould be sleeping area size we’re alsogoing to cover different foods that youcan eat before going to bed to boostyour sleep okay so basically every nightyou want to get between six to ten hourssleep now it’s going to vary fordifferent people a few if you’re under25generally speaking you probably get tohave a bit you get it once a bit moresleep over 25 just probably looking atsix to eight hours so as long as you’regetting six hours solid sleep periodeyes you’ll be fine with you knowgrowing taller and you’ll be fine so ifyou’re looking at sleep positions andthere’s a lot of different variousinformation on the internet about thisbut a lot of the ebooks do tend to saythat it’s best to sleep like this justwith with no pillows now for mepersonally this this this is this isuncomfortable it’s you know it’s I thinkfor a lot of people you’ll be able toadapt to that book for me personally Ithink it’s probably more important tokeep your body alignment and also thefact that if you’re sleepinguncomfortably then you’re not going toget a good night’s sleep you’re going tofind it harder to to to actually get offto asleep so for me I mean it depends onyou know your body size body shape but.I’ve got fairly wide shoulders so twopillows if I’m on this side that’skeeping my head impulsion with how itwould be if it was normally standing upso if I’m on your side like that deadcomfortable just go to sleepthat’s fine and that’s that’s going tohave that’s going to have no negativeeffects on me growing taller what willhave a negative effect is if I’ve gotnew pillows and the heads tilting to oneside putting stress on this and we knockhere so obviously you don’t want tosleep with no pillows like that butpeople always sayyou know I think I think it’s alwaysgoing to be that’s probably your classicposition I would say there’s and nowthere’s you body’s completely rested butlike I say it just a pedal individual ifyou’ve always grown up with you knowjust one pillow or no pillows then thisthis would be fine you know obviouslydespise decompressed and it’s allowingall your muscles to relax and allowanybody to get prepare itself for youknow he lit the healing process duringthe sleep and also to help repair itselfduring the night so you know I’d say forpeople who have got different body typesmany people you’ve got perhaps a bitmore you know a bit more weight to themyou know especially like on the backdoesn’t there’s no way you’re gonna beable to get comfortable slip in you knowjust with high knee pillow so and don’tworry too much about the emphasis onthat and but you just need to make surethat you’re going to get into a deepsleep that’s probably the most importantthing because your body will naturallyrelease growth hormone within the firstcouple of hours of when you get intoasleep and then obviously after thatrelease of growth hormone there the nextfour four hours it’s going to startrepairing itself so yeah I think I thinkthat’s not that’s that’s basically allyou need to pull you knitted if yousleep okay guys so now we’re going to gothrough some foods that you can eat ordrink before you go to sleep and milk isa great one and a great way to get someextra calcium in and also it contains inat the amino acid tryptophan which is abit like to helping youdeep sleep as it stimulates the númerotransmitter cemetery which boosts yourmood and also regulates sleep that’s areally good on table before go to bed ifyou’re not really a fan of milk andclothes off any really any dairyproducts such as natural yogurt cottagecheese even chicken beef now can dessertand kind of meats also contain highlevels of tryptophan and yeah they’rejust really a great a great snack like Isay to boost protein and calcium intakeand also to where help you get off to abetter night’s sleep and just some otherthings it important to mention if you dowake up in the night and whether it beto go to the toilet or just becauseyou’re a bit Restless that that’s finedon’t worry about as long as long as youdon’t get up and do it do an activity aslong as you go back to straight back tosleep that’s absolutely fine okay whatjust before we go guys just one morepoint two important point to mention andthat is caffeine whether it be in tea orcoffee or other stimulants it’s best ofwhat we did because it does M justdisrupt sleep patterns and can just keepyou awake when you read otherwise youwant to do to sleep okay guys wellthat’s in the video this week pleasesubscribe to our Channel and also bearin mind if there’s any videos that youwant us to do regarding highs nutritionand please let us know just give us alittle comment on the video or even justin boxes if you want to take a look ourwebsite it’s www. gross. com where you canalso subscribe to some free height tipsand and thanks guys for watching andlook forward to speaking to you nextweek. Cheers cheers guys. .

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