Increase Height After 18

Grow Taller

A short stretching workout video from grow taller 4 idiots. increaseheightafter18. org. Learn how to increase height after 18.

okay so the next exercise in our you’restretching is going to be the wallthrough the wall bridges great pleasureout the midsection the bottles even thehip flexors in the lower back isdescribed in the book to do the wallbridge first we want to standproximately three feet from the wall andwhat our feet slightly more thanshoulder width apart premier we’re goingto go ahead and poke at the end up infront of you on Val shoulders nice andstraight and then watch your hands go upokay and then what you’re going to dofrom Ayres you’re going to hold thatposition on the wall for about 20seconds walk yourself down a littleburgers you can you can and hold try toincrease your flexibility and then walkyourself back up and then you’re donewith that stretch I’m.


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