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Do you know you can increase your height easy and safe by using natural ways? Learn How To Grow Taller Fast 3 – 4 Inches Within 2 MonthsHere in this video you will learn some solution and remedies to grow your height naturally, check out the video, use the remedies and exercises and get benefited. how to grow taller 1 2 inch every week with stretching flexibility exercises

Let us look at some factors that affect height:

1. Genetic factors: This is considered to be an important factor that determines height. Genetic factors are beyond our control. If your parents are short, it is understood that the children too will be short in height. In medical terminology, it is entirely polygenic.

2. Nutritional factors: Lack of proper nutrition too can deter height and can slow down the process. The growth of the individual gets stagnant at some point of time due to factors such as- wrong postures, irregular and poor diet, restraining from exercising etc.

How to INCREASE HEIGHT NATURALLY? LEARN some easy to use home remedies solutions to GROW TALLER.
Dont fret! There are some simple ways by which we can increase our height to a certain extent:

1. Ashwaganda Powder: Take warm milk and add one teaspoon of ashwaganda powder to it and add one teaspoon of sugar to it and drink this everyday to increase your height. Warmth natured people should have ashwaganda excessively as it produces lot of heat in the body.

2. Milk: Take some milk and add jaggery to it and mix it well. Have this daily as it gives calcium boost and its wonderful way to help you increase your height.

3. Sesame Seeds: Take few sesame seeds and grind them well . To this now add one teaspoon of ashwaganda powder, some cow ghee (also known as clarified butter) mix all this well and consume this daily. Your height would increase by 1 or 2 inches

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