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is it possible for an adult person toincrease height answer yes and no thereis not much scientific evidence to provethat an adult person can increase heightthere is no miracle drug that canstimulate growth after puberty howeversome stretching exercises can helpcorrect a person’s posture the exercisesshown in this video can help you gain afew extra inches by improving yourposture you’ll be surprised by how muchof height is hidden behind your slouchedback you can at any age at an inch ortwo of height by simply improving yourposture hanging there’s nothingcomplicated hanging you simply hangfrom a bar this helps to lengthen andstrengthen your spine for every actionthere is an equal and opposite reactionthe bar is pulling him up while thegravity is pulling him down this helpshis spine to relax and elongate for abetter posture touch toes standing withyour hands high above your head bendover and touch your toes keep your legsas straight as possible you can bendyour knees a little if you need to eachrepetition should last between two tothree seconds two straight legs up lyingface down with your palms down on thesides raise both your legs up togetheras high as possible keep your feettogether each repetition should lastthree seconds the downhill standing withyour hands together and arms behind youbend down at the waist as far aspossible and slowly swing your arms ashigh as possible behind you eachrepetition should last between four tosixyou.


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