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TG Academy – Realize your true potential: you increase your height. Is there a way you can increase your height. In this video i make you meet someone who is short but extremely talented and comfortable with his height.

That is what we all need to be. We are so stuck with weight loss, muscle gain or being short or too tall. This video can be an eyeopener for you. my “4 weeks all you need” quick fitness queries tweet Tarun gill on Tarun gill on Gill is an internationally certified Fitness Nutritionist and Advanced Personal trainer, helping millions get fit and healthy. Having worked in major Fortune 100 companies including IBM, GE, MetLife, HSBC, as a Marketing and Communications professional, he realised his true calling is fitness.

A Graduate in History from St.Stephens College and a Masters Diploma holder in English Journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC), Tarun has been a fitness writer for over ten years. His uncanny skill of making complicated fitness programs into something uniquely simple has been appreciated by over 1 lac of his followers on social media.

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hey guys welcome back so you knowexactly the drill here right every week.I have somebody you know you know I geta invite people on to the stage stagesand you know toggle Fitness channel youknow to address issues issues which veryvery common amongst the youth of ourcountry and one of the most commonquestion that I’ve been getting fromalmost all of you is around height youknow I get asked this question by 25year olds to eight in a row so eventhirty year old guy is saying that termcan we increase the height and 5:3 m54way x much can you please tell me how toincrease my height is it genetical whatare the ways to increase height we allknow the answer guys you know height hasyou know obviously it’s obviouslygenetical you have no control overheight so you got to be happy what yourmom or what your daddy gave you sothere’s nothing much you can do about itbut I can tell you what you can do withyour height you can be more confidentbecause height can never be a barrier inyour growth or personality and that isexactly who I have with me today so Iwant to make you meet somebody veryspecial you know a dear friend of mineand he’s one guy you know we’ve beentraining together rather he’s beenteaching me. Taekwondo he’s a Taekwondo champion youknow he’s represented in there invarious Asian Championships he’s only 23year old 22 23 year old guy you knowabout five five five six you know if youif you were to stand right next to meyou would be able to see the contrastyou know trust me he’s more powerfulthan I am he’s more a child than who orwhat I am he has more strength than I doin every aspect that you can think of Iam six feet one inches so in everyaspect that you can think of he’sstronger than me every aspect so guysthis is exactly what I wanted to do whythis video to tell you everyone don’tlet your height be a barrier in yourgrowth or in your personality so let mecall kishore sureso he showed his a friend of mine yeahhi everyonehe shows a Paki show you’re on by the way out hi Sookie shoal is a veryyoung talented light you know he’s 22 23as you can see he has a personalitywhich I think every women take for youknow a classic physique of a Taekwondospecialist five six you can see both ofus see the difference I just look big inhuge trust me he can just he’ll onlytake about five seconds to knock me downall rightfive seconds so I want to ask him toshow real time in front of all of youhas height ever been a barrier never didyou ever feel in any of your fight thatbecause this guy is taller I don’t standa chancenever not yet have you ever knocked outa guy a taller than you. I did two times two times yes sure thenhe was I think taller than you tallerthan methis much and you knock the crap out ofhim yes I did I kicked him on his facetwo times and it was really hard andunexpected for this guy that I could dothat see so tell me something do youever feel that you are short no neverhas it ever felt did you ever feel thatyou know maybe I should have been alittle taller for my forte but actuallythen I was 16 or 17 and I was inbasketball team school basketball teamyes okay and then I was like you knowevery every every every other guy in myteam they were like taller like samesame like you or maybe taller than youand I was like I can’t do anything butstill in that age my jump was betterthan anyone else in that you mean thehoop yes so why did you leave a stableyou know because of your height no notlike that I got interested into like Igot I got into dance after that and theninto gymnastics and after some mistakesobviously my profession Taekwondo Wowso okay there’s a message here you knowwhat I want to share with this is thatso you got to understand your limitationat times in basketballobviously basketball is a sport whichrequires you to be taller yesright so it’s so maybe he may have to. I’m not gonna say that you know he’schose the wrong spot but he realized ata much earlier age that maybe maybebasketball is not the right sport for mebecause of my height but you see his youknow his inclination he got intogymnastics you know he got into.

Taekwondo and doing so well and thatsupposed to share some experiences withuniverse and um with what I can toexperiences you know I’m sure not toomany people mess around with you becausewhen I looked at him and I said so he’sworking with me and he’s part of my teamwe’re in you know he teaches Taekwondoto all our clients I asked him I saidare you sure you wrote a condo guy andthen you know I’m gonna you know put uphis videos here you know somewhere hereon the channel here you got to see hisvideos the way he kicks people when Isay kicks people I mean like intournament championship and the way hepractices his schedule is about sixhours three hours he train in themorning and three hours he practicesguys my point to all of usyou gotta stay committed just becauseyou’re short just because you’re tootall or just because you’re fat shouldnever be a limitation for you am i rightyes what’s your take on it you know likeyou know obviously height is never abarrier for you so I know tell me from aperspective that at any point in lifeafter sixty did you ever feel that youknow maybe because I should have beentaller no no not what about all girlswill you meet to meet all girls yes I dobut I don’t feel awkward about it I amthis is what I am you know this is what.I was born for and this is what I amright now so I really don’t feel awkwardabout it I am five six no problem I amwhat I amyou see that confidence guys so that’sthe only message to all of you from myside and from Kishore if you have shortlower to get comfortable in your skinand look at the kind of personality thisguy carriesyou know I’m completely flabbergastedwith his personality though he’sprobably much younger than I am I wish Icould be like him I wish I could youknow you know hit people like the way hedoes it for self defense obviously notjust getting around I wish I could do alot more things. Hite has never given me an advantage theonly advantage I got with my height isbecause I was able to find a taller wisethat’s the only advantage I have everhad she’s actually shooting me rightthere that’s the only advantage but Inever felt that I should have beenshorter or taller but I see a lot of youare asking me this question I’m feelingyou know I have this complex that myfriends are taller than me or I can mygirlfriend is taller than me I can’t doguys get comfortable in your skin and weshould all learn something from Kishoreso Kay show thank you so much for yourtime bro I hope everybody gets thismessage loud and clear so anyone of youwho have any questions around this feelfree to reach out to me either on my Instagram or Facebook I’d bevery happy to help you with yoursickness Co so until we meet againpeace. .

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