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yo everybody’s of GTG consume UK all theway to the air why see and this week Iknow that last week I said I was goingto do a questionnaire on Google Hangoutsand I think a lot of you did watch thatvideo where I was testing Google.Hangouts and really struggling to workout how everything works and I didn’tthink it was actually such a good videowhen I looked at it because a lot ofpeople were talking over me when I wastalking but I figured out how to blockthat up but this week I’ve got wellcomplete change around big big surprisefor a lot of people that’s why there’s aspare chair here I’ll go onto that in abit soon for the meantime I’m not goingto do the Q&A that we were supposed todo this week about all the variousquestions and people coming into the. Google hangout so we’re not going to dothat I’m going to put that whole thatmeantime because join back up with anold GTG celebrity you all know him Harrygood good now I spoke to Harry the otherday and basically Harry has been getting. I mean gained quite a lot of friendrequests messages really on social mediaon Facebook no questions responding tomy heart and my experience fear they goto all these demons mmm because Harrygrew from it’s only got five eights atthe start and then the program groupreaches their 511 so Harry is itself gothis own growth experience and a lot ofpeople were interested in Harry’s heartbecause obviously I’m getting a littlebit old and I think a lot of the youknow crowd we found Harry I think Ididn’t actually mention how he’s seeingother videos and the Fallon Harry westarted asking a lot of differentquestions about the workouts that we didvarious do they ask you about the dietyeahno diet or actually supplements that weare and we’re moved in the programwell I’m 20 now so a lot of peopleassume that you know you grow stops butlike experiencing a bit of extra moveagain now after the program is finishedyeah when I met Harry a week ago todiscuss what we were going to do with itwith the new video I actually noticedthat I was taller we haven’t got thestudy area here this is its Harry placebut yeah so I think you’re all going totry and prolong that Chris but have itlonger to see if you can get a littlebit more high which will be good forpeople who are experiencing the samething as well so we’re going to Harry isbasically going to be doing a few videoswhile I’ve got a giveaway for a while.

I’ve got to do to do a business tripnext month so I’m not going to be ableto do the Google hangout videos thismonth so hopefully I’m going to comeback next month and rejoin but in themeantime how he’s going to be takingover as the the GTG because he’s EGCGnow these boots although I uh you knowyou should he should share hisexperience yeah hopefully that how hewould be able to help a few you guys outthere because some of the stuff that wedid together I know that James did somevarious different stuff as well so welike we had we did the program alltogether but even there was a differencebetween what Harry was doing and whatwas Jaime to invest slightly you knowespecially on the diet side because youcan’t always miter everything and Ithink when people were asking a face butyou would give him some like ideas andtips about your specific yeah peopletelling me about that story no I’ll holda lot of tips I can get them on ournutrition or magis exercises with yeahyeah so that’s been really good and youknow it’s just been good that peoplehave actually reached reached out to.Harry I mean I don’t think everyone whowanted to reach out to Harry has managedto you because obviously I don’t thinkeveryone who’s sitting but the amount ofpeople that humor the request is therewas people add an in so my great biggroup conversations they were adding. Harry aroundand that actually come off Facebook nowbut those peoples are still gettingrequests on the email so yeah basicallythe next the next four to eight weekshow it’s going to be taken in was thegcg so bear with him he’s gonna find hisfeet you know they might not be allyoyoyo like me might lose a little wayof doing it that’s maybe a bit more bitmore efficient the mind a bit lesscheesy maybe so how he’s going to begiving you all some facts figures andtips for going smaller and yeah how I’llspeak to you I will speak to you in acouple of months all being well I’llcome back in and Harry will speak to younext minute time so this is the GTG and. Howard Johnson signing off from.

Johnson’s house to the Emma Watsonspeaks you see you..

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