Is It Possible To Increase Height After 20’s For Males? – Dr. Anantharaman Ramakrishnan

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So when the testosterone produces all this affects it also closes the growth plate of the bone. So once the growth plate is fused further growth is not possible, the only way you can achieve growth is by actually dividing the bone surgically and holding it apart. So none of the measures or endocrinol measure like hormones nutritional therapy is actually going to be successful in increasing your height once your attained puberty. Very rarely growth can happen in adulthood if there mutations which specifically impair the fusion of the epiphysis, so typically we would not have growth beyond 20 years of age. It is not reasonable to expect any result with any kind of hormone therapy.

I’m dr.Anand Raman consultantendocrinologist at Magna clinic forobesity definition in technology at. Bangalore many clients do visit me witha demand to increase their height after20 years of age especially males so Iwould like to point out that growth is aprocess that completes once puberty iscompleted so otherwise all of us wecontinue to grow well into our old ageand adulthood so the process by whichgrowth get how the growth get completedis that you know when the epiphysis ofthe growing end of your bones aresubjected to the effect of sex hormonesso the sex hormone the same sex hormonesyou the mustache and beard and the malebody habitus and the male boys so whenthe testosterone produces all theseeffects it also closes the growth plateof the bone so once the growth plate ofthe bone is fused further growth is notpossible the only way you can achievegrowth is by actually dividing the bonesurgically and holding it apart so noneof the measures or endocrine measureslike hormones or even nutritionaltherapy is actually going to besuccessful in increasing your heightonce you attain puberty rarely very veryrarely growth can happen well intoadulthood if there are mutations whichspecifically impair the fusion of theepiphysis like ecision receptor defectbut only one or two such individualshave been documented in the wholehistory of mankind so typically you donot get growth beyond 20 years of ageand it is not reasonable to expect anyresult with any kind of hormone therapyyou. .

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