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hello guys welcome to this new videofrom his desk for you dot com and todaywe are going to reveal how you canincrease your head by 2 to 4 inches infew weeks but first let me ask you aquestionhave you ever felt like you were notgood enough for a job again a guy asport it’s really all because of yourhey if you could only get dollar to itall be okay a star I’m not always outhere I can’t make you taller in a dayand night but instead I can tell youabout what you should eat the bestworkouts to follow and how to make ahomemade hooked air that will help youboost your head in few weeks now if youare ready to make a small effort and.Trello the program by heard you can keepwatching and still if you are the kindof lazy person who will never takeoption sorry to tell you that this isnot for you so now is the moment todecide if it’s des for you or not okaygreat now for those of you decide to dotheir best to increase their head hereis what you will learn in this video youwill know the possible solutionsavailable today to increase your 8I will show you the recommended one thatis costless natural and proven twerk Iwill reveal are some tips from theinside of the best solution for free and. I will tell you where to get a freetrial version of the program so keepwatching and keep concentratenow what are the possible solutions toincrease your head well if you areunfortunate enough and afford to take abig risk you can go for some verypainful and risky surgical proceduresand this will cost you more than 40,000or you can go for hate game supplementsthat don’t even work it would cost youbetween 200 and 1000 every month untilyou realize that you are still short asbefore and stop buying them or you couldbe a victim of some hate increase scamslike f. lux ology hydrolyzed magneticconsoles or whatever scam that tell youto simply during something and you willquickly get taller so be careful pleaseand let me introduce to you a proven towork solution it will help you gettaller if low it correctly so what isthis best solution well it’s called girltaller from idiots and it’s acombination of an easy diet short andeasy workers and body stretching growthhormone cocktail the best sleep inposition fixing your posture tips andfixing the way you do is to look tallerinstantlynow let’s see some of some tips from theinside of Girl doll over 80 yards sobefore we go to the actual exercise youshould take a look at your body posturebecause it can be a great deal moreimportant in your head when it comes togaining hey making small Corrections inyour posture can considerably enhanceyour head by an inch or two which whentaken with the exercises would continueto encourage girls Harris up some kamoninches with posture at it let pelvis isoften an issue with many people in inthe previous poor world or lean in thefield is backwardsresulting in a band of who’ve inspiredwhen they will when they walkrounded shoulders are another problemwhere person tends to carry the head andshoulders too far forwardthere’s also curvature of the spine asshown in the image here which is anotherserious sports sub issue the good newshowever is that all of these issues withposture are easily corrected so keepwatching to know exactly how now fits inyour posture throw the head back and letthe shoulders settle into the correctposition in a relaxing and comfortablemanner hold the chain up but not in amanner that feels uncomfortable keep thelegs and pelvis in line with theshoulders and despite a vague park justwalking around your room with a boobbalance set you on your head this isuneasy and excellent exercise for theposture another is she that many peoplehave are problems with the legsgenerally known as bollocks or knockknees notice problems are usually causedan early childhood what parents triedfor children to work at pride beforethey are ready and Jones a properly. Foreman but don’t worry if you have thiskind of programs here is an easysolution for your inside free trialversion of God or refer pages just keepwatching and I will tell you where toget access to the free trailnow here is the part you’ve been allwaiting for the first week exercisesthere are 63 sizes and they must be donetwo times a day once in the morning justafter weakness and once just beforegoing to bedif you flow this exercise programcorrectly and continuously the increasein hate is not only guaranteed but willalso be permanent gigs of sizes aresimple enough and would not be difficultto flow it should not take you more than15 minutes or so to do the exerciseshere we are first week the firstexercise when you make up when you wakeup in the morning your spinal disks arealready fairly well decompress it butyou can improve upon this by doing alittle stretching lie flat on your backwith the legs extended and the armsreaching up over your headno stretch first firstly stretch yourlegs down as much as possible and thearms are formed as much as possible sothat the whole body is stretch it to themaximum now gently begin to twist andturn the body Jen generally speakingyour aim is to stretch every joint ofyour body in every possible direction becareful not to injure yourself thoughkeep the movements gentle and naturalthe second exerciseno lie flat on your back and extend legsupwards and pop your hips up with yourupper arms so that your spine isactually of the day the weight of yourleg should be taken by your arms andthey’ll pulled and of course by theupper back the feet should be extendeddirectly upwards and the legs at a rightangle to the floor now begin to work thelegs as if you were working the pedalsof a bicycle in overtime manner you needto continue this movement for around aminute or so the third exercise sit upwith your back erect support thisposition by placing your arms at yourside or send them on the bed now rotateto the head first clockwise andanti clockwise and do this several timesover extend the head forward as much aspossible and then backward as much aspossible extend it to the left and thento the right as much as possible thisloosens the vertebra and the joints ofthe neck be careful that while youextend your head in each direction asmuch as possible individualists don’tstrain or injure your neck in any waythe fort exercise whereas this one isrelatively simple just stand with thearms extended and reach out as much aspossible to each side then begin to hideyour arms in circles each circle beingjust about two feet cause try to moveyour hands back as much as at allcomfortable after rotating the arms tentimes start rotating ten additionaltimes in Europe as a directionno there’s a lot of details about thefifth and sixth exercise that will makethis video a bit longer so I decided tomake them available for you inside thefree trial version of this program sojust keep watching and I will tell youwhere to get access to the free trialweeks two to four now see the focusinstructional team when focuses stretchchannel teen has to be done inconjunction with your introductoryexercises we have just seen this is tosay that every morning and every nightyou’ll first do the introductoryexercises and then do the exercise ofthe focused instruction routine to focusthis traditional team consists of 15exercise or so we will do 15 differentover three day period this three dayperiod will be repeated again and againfor total period of three weeks so let’sstart second week day one the sixourselves is very simple how to chair infront of you stand behind the back ofthe chair and around the foot away fromit hold the chair with your arms nowmoving slowly and standing on one legswing the other leg backwards and up ashigh as it will go slowly swing the legdown and do exactly the same thing withthe other legdo this exercise loudly ten times witheach leg like flutter in the ground andbend one knee up so that it’s warden infront of your cheese here for thissecond exercisenow keep your knee with your hands andput it toward you so that it actuallytouches your neck as shown in the imagebelow hold it in this position foraround five seconds then release itunder low which extend to its naturalposition do the same thing with theother legdo this exercise roughly ten times eachlegnow for the third fourth and fifthexercise of the first day of the secondweek you will find him inside the retailversion of the program but don’t worry Iwill tell you know what get itall right as I have already said in thebeginning of this video the informationinside your total for ages program is ano brainerit’s about complete solution designedand tested to help you maximize youreight by two three or four inches in fewweeks it has a quick fix solution foryour problem starting from to wear yourdress way or can stand up you will learnhow to do is intelligently what colorsto we what clothes to avoid and otherspecial tips about jackets pants andshoes that will make you appear full ofconfidence you will also get the seriesof short and easy workouts plus bodystrength and exercise in conjunctionwith a special girl hormone cocktailthat will boost you hate in few weeksnow go ahead and download a free trialversion of God all over aegis programfrom the link below the video you willalso find a detailed review that willhelp you decide if it’s des for youhonor so go ahead and download it fromthe link below the videoyouyou. .

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