Officially 5’9″!!! Increasing Height After 25 Update: 11/27/2013 – “Growing” Taller After Puberty

Grow Taller

5’9.00590551188554″ is my new morning height. That’s 175.275cm.

A height increase of 1/4th of a millimeter brought me to 5’9″ today. I know it’s a small increase. But I’m counting it. Sometimes it’s the small things that bring you to big places.

And 5’9″ is Big.

This was a dream last year. Now I’m living it.

It reminds me of when I hit 5’8″ in the morning last year. It was surreal to me back then. The thought of being 5’8″ in the EVENING seemed almost too good to be true. But now it’s true. I’ve been living it for a while now.

And I just hit 5’9″ in the morning today. Man! I used to dream about this.

Now the next step is to be 5’9″ in the evening. To do this, I will focus on being 5’10” in the morning. Sweeeet! I love the sound of that.

Many of you knew I’d get here. You rock!!! I’d like to do something cool within the next week for all of you positive

I’ve read many of your positive but I just couldn’t respond at the moment. But I really appreciate them and I’d like to show my appreciation between today and next week…

I will keep you posted.

Accelerating my height increases is still important to me. I look forward to the coming weeks.

(The stadiometer gives me an extra centimeter, so my real morning height is 175.275cm)

FYI: I am a bad example of what’s really possible when one follows a consistent grow tall routine. I have not been consistent with my routine.

By the way, I know these height increase videos don’t show me from head to toe, so, you can’t visually see if these measurements are for real or not. But they are.

At any rate, I do some head to toe measurements in my “Height Proof” playlist. You can check them out from my main on my channel. They pretty much show my evening height. Except one of them showed my height earlier in the day. But they all provide clearer proof of my height.
*CORRECTION* Later I found out that my stadiometer was only 8mm off instead of So please adjust stated height accordingly. Also my most current height journey continues at my new Vertical Records channel at.

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