How to Grow Taller at Any Age


It was crazy to Pete.


How much of your life is decided at a young age and you have no control of it.


“Your height is pretty much set by age 16. You might grow a little more until age 25 but not much”.


Luckily Pete went on to prove both of these things are bullshit if you understand your body properly.

He knew only 60-80% of your height was set in your genes and outside of your control.

That remaining 40-20% is controlled by you (if you know what you’re doing).


Ben, unluckily, did not understand his body. He didn’t know what he was doing.

He didn’t study biology and growth cells. He didn’t almost get kicked out of a lab for bugging people with questions (that’s a Pete story for another time).

Meet Ben:



Ben always knew he was below average height.

And he knew the taller guys around him were usually louder, more confident and had dates for the weekend.

He also knew most of them (the ones he knew at least) were stupider than him.


This is why he couldn’t believe it when he read the studies from the University of Pennsylvania which said tall people did better in careers.

They did better in relationships.

People liked them better.

They were more popular. They were seen as leaders.

Even if they were stupider. Even if they were worse for the girl. It didn’t seem to matter.


Ben had been turned down when he asked a girl out and later she’d told people it was because he was shorter than her.



Ben was basically the same height at 26 as he had been at 16. He figured he just drew the short straw and that was it for him.

Now meet Pete:


Pete knew his stuff.

He did almost get himself kicked out of a lab. He did miss rent because he spent all his money on biology textbooks. He wasn’t about to settle.

He knew at least 40-20% of your height was actually down to more than just luck of the gene pool. He knew few would reach 100% of their growth potential because of the way we’ve lived for the last 200 years.

He knew this was his edge to be who he wanted to be.


It’s a well-known fact you do most of your growing from age 12-16.

And you’ll grow a little more until your growth plates seal around the age of 25.



Pete wasn’t the first one to study this.

People had already established methods for improving your height before those growth plates seal.

But I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned. He wasn’t one for being told that was it.

He discovered even after the age of 25 you can add at least five inches to your height.


… Click here to see how.


It doesn’t take the kind of work Pete had to put in. Not if you have someone to show you exactly what to do.

Anyone can start off as a Ben but get the same results as a Pete.


But everything matters.

Your sleeping position.

Your lifestyle.



Your diet.

I’ve even heard a crazy(?) theory about sunlight from Pete.


He’s shown people you don’t need to settle at a height you don’t want.

Even if you’re over 25 and you “should” stop growing by now.


If you think your growth plates really don’t move at all after 25 I want you to do something for me.

Even if you’re younger than 25 this will work the same way.

Leave a measuring tape next to your bed tonight and measure your height when you wake up in the morning.

Then measure again before you go to sleep.


Before you even start using Pete’s system you’re going to see a few inches difference in the morning.

That has to do with the overlapping vertebrates separating overnight and gravity compacting them up during the day.

Space astronauts come back about a foot taller and slowly shrink over a few months back on Earth. This is a more extreme example of course.


But imagine you could lock this change in permanently.

That was one of the coolest things in Pete’s system.


So you need to ask yourself something.

Are you a Pete or a Ben?

Are you willing to settle?


Or do you want to get the life you want?

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