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Grow Taller

Science, genetics, and nutrition all have something to say about how we grow, when we grown, and how much we grow.

Understand it.
Hey what’s up guys? Recent YouTuber Mattups87 says to me, “Jacob, I know this doesn’t have anything to do with vertical jump training but have you ever heard of Grow Taller for Idiots, etc. ? Have you ever heard of it, does it work, or is it just a scam, and is there actually way to get taller?” That’s funny you ask, because here I am in Mexico City and I have found the secret, Choco Lycos, but they’re all gone. So we are going to have to find another way, no I’m just kidding, bad joke probably.

Listen, growing taller is a question I get from a lot of people and probably randomly I get a lot of Asians and Mexicans asking me how to grow taller. So I think it’s an important thing to understand. Because I am going to tell you what I think and what I think science has said about it at this point and I will let you take with that what you will. But I will tell you this, physically people’s posture is one of the biggest things that makes them shorter and I know you can’t do a lot by posture if you have spinal lordosis and are hunched over you can lose several inches from your posture.

Also if your feet go flat, if you lose your arches in your feet, you will actually get shorter. If you are able to restore your arches or if you’re able to get better posture you will actually stand up more erect and taller and be a little closer to the rim. So that’s one thing about being taller, standing taller, but that is not the same thing as growing taller. Here’s the skinny really, when you’re growing you have a certain genetic disposition that you need to fill up.

By getting the proper nutrition, proper exercise, proteins, minerals, vitamins, you will help your body to grow to its maximum capacity. Really your bones solidify at the ends eventually and that signifies the fulfillment of your genetic predisposition and how you have nurtured that genetic predisposition to grow. So once you have reached that, and your bones have solidified on the ends you’re not going to allow your bones to get any longer. So there is a window where you can probably actually make a difference in how tall you grow by exercising properly.

People say when you lift weights you will stunt your growth, well that’s just not true. So people talking about you know people talking about weights are just inappropriate for children, and really it’s not. And there is really no scientific proof on it. In my opinion, lifting weights is actually going to aid in getting, growing taller because there is hormonal release and there’s also injury prevention and such as that in being a more athletic person.

So what you really want to do is get closer to the rim. If you do want to dunk, one thing you can do is stretch your lats because if you notice when you stretch your lats you can actually reach a little higher into the air so you can actually grab a couple of inches off of that and obviously increasing your vertical is going to help you grab rebounds, help you get up higher, dunk, beast, all that kind of stuff. So if you have questions or some seven feet YouTuber has found the way to grow taller, let me know right here.

Otherwise, you got to know there are postural adjustments you can do, your arches can affect your height, and there is a growth period with your growth plates, along with your genetic predisposition and how you nurture that will predetermine what your height is.

hello I wish I was a little bit taller Iwish I was a baller I wish I had a girlthe kid I would call it shy had a rabbitin a hat with a bat I wish I was like 69so I can get Ricky don’t know me but.Yoshi hey what’s up guysrecent r Matt ups 87 says to me. Jacob I know this doesn’t have anythingto do with vertical jump training buthave you ever heard of grow taller 4idiots etc have you ever heard of itdoesn’t work or is it just a scam and isthere actually a way to get taller sothat’s funny you asked because here I amin Mexico City and I actually found thesecret choco Lycos but they’re all goneso we’re going to have to find anotherway no I’m just getting bad jokeprobably listen growing taller is aquestion I get from a lot of people andprobably randomly I get a lot of Asiansand Mexicans asking me how to growtaller and so I think it’s an importantthing to understand because I’m going totell you what I think and what I thinkscience has said about it at this pointand I’m gonna let you take with thatwhat it will what you will but I willtell you thisphysically peoples posture is one of thebiggest things that makes them shorterand I know you can’t do a lot by posturebut if you’re if you have spinallordosis or if you’re hunched over youcan lose you know several inchesactually from your posture also if yourfeet go flat if you lose your arches inyour feet you will actually get shorterso you know if you were able to restoreyour arches or if you’re able to getbetter posture you will actually standup more rect and taller and be a littlecloser to the rim so that’s one thingabout being taller standing taller butthat’s not the same thing as growingtaller so here’s the skinny really whenyou’re growing you know you have acertain genetic disposition that youneed to fill up and you know by gettingproper nutritionproper exercise proteins mineralsvitamins you will help your body to growto its maximum capacity there comes apoint where your bones have what’scalled a physis at the end of them whichis a what people call the growth plateswell really your bones solidify at theends eventually and that signifies thefulfillment of your geneticpredisposition and how you have nurturedthat genetic root is this predispositionto grow okay so once you reach that andyour bones have solidified on the endsyou’re not going to allow your bones toget a need longer so you know there’s awindow where you could probably actuallymake a difference in how tall you growby exercising properly you know peoplesay that when you lift weights youyou’re going to stunt your growth wellthere’s that’s just not true and in factthere may even be proof that liftingweights stimulates greater growth youknow when people talk about you’re goingto hurt your growth platesyou know the physis that’s on your bonehas to be brokennot just compress not just weight put onit has to be broke and even if it isbroke you can usually heal it and you’rejust fine so I mean people talking aboutyou know waitress that is justinappropriate for children it’s reallynot you know and there’s really noscientific proof of it and in my opinionlifting weights is actually going to aidin getting growing taller becausethere’s a hormonal release and there’salso injury prevention and such as thatby being more of an athletic personanyways growing taller that maybe has alittle bit to do with it but in the endthere is no formula there is no exercisethere’s no Coco Lee Coast cereal that isgoing to allow you that I know of andthat science has spoken on that is goingto allow you to grow taller especiallyif you have reached your mature agewhere your bones have solidified andthe growth plates have have sealed up soto speak so what you really want to dois get closer to the rim you say youwant to be taller maybe it’s because youwant to you think that’s a lady pleasermaybe that’s because you want to dunkwell if you do want to dunk one thingyou can do is stretch your lats becauseyou know you’ll notice that if youstretch your lats you can actually reacha little higher into the air so you canactually grab a couple inches off thatand obviously increasing your verticalis going to help you grab rebounds helpyou get up higher dunk Beast all thatkind of stuffso if you have questions or if somebodysome 7 foot r has found the wayto grow taller let me know right hereotherwise you got to know this posturaladjustments you can do your arches canaffect your height there’s a growthperiod and your growth plates and alongwith your genetic predisposition and howyou nurture that will determine whatyour height is and I would also like toknow how to get bigger hands look atthese hands this is not rightso you’re small and chubby you know soif anybody gets maybe there’s a cream orwho knows I’m looking for ways to getbigger hands for palming the basketballand maybe even a couple ranges so ifsomebody does find that that secretmethod throw it our way and we’ll get itup on if you do decide hey I’mgoing to give it a shot you know I’mjust you bound that’s okay just makesure that the person who’s selling thatto you has you know an establishedrefund policy something you know you canfall back on if you read it and they saygo buy choco Lycos chocolate goes and orwhatever so just know just just be readyto fall back in case that you know it’sit’s fluff or a scam because you know ifthere was a way a safe established wayfor people to to grow we’d be on it I’dbe all over it you know some people saythat you know growth hormone of steroidswell really no growth hormone might helpyou to grow more cartilage but that’snot gonna help you grow tall or maybethat’s going to make your ears longer inyour nose bigger or something but. I’m going to help you grow taller so ifsomebody’s you guys disagree with me ifyou think that there is science that. I’ve missed there’s there’s new researchthere’s new products let me know post itdown below tell me I’m full of it andlet’s have it out otherwise put yourfocus somewhere within your gripssomething some put your focus onsomething that you can actually changenot in something that makes youpowerless so any more questions orwhateveryou. .

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