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Grow Taller

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Margeaux but our Tiger thequestion of the week from Luffy hey Marklisten I need a bit of help. I’m 18 at the moment and I’m also a 125pounds and 5 foot 5 I’m doing a securitycourse to work his doorstep and I needhelp on getting taller is there anythingyou can recommend sir well I appreciateyou thinking that I know a lot of things pills that were sent to me when Iworked over your publications that Iknew would not work when they submittedthem for approval to advertise in ourmagazines one was a pill that make yourdick bigger and one was a pill that makeyou taller now me I was an ad rep I gotpaid Commission I wanted it was when Ifirst started there my boss was laiĆ”laiĆ” Clarke you guys probably heardabout him in the industries floatingaround somewhere and I remember I wentto his office and uh walked in there youknow I was 20 years old I was hot I’llwear my I guess suit you know walked in. I’m like Maya I think there’s no chickcan we take this ad he looked at me andhe said yep do this if you take this andyou grow taller we’ll run the appsuffice to say we never ran the end now. I’m only five foot six if I had anoption to grow taller if I had an ideato grow taller I’d make it happensame thing with the bigger penis thingtwo things you’re not gonna do my manyou’re not gonna get a bigger penis andyou’re not gonna grow taller now withthat said you’re 125 pounds of 5 foot 5I’m 240 pounds at five foot six onething you can do is eat food and trainyour ass off and get up 180 pounds 190pounds at five foot five and be thatangry little fucking spark plug thatjust attacks people and dips with theirankles like I am that’s what you’relooking for so my advice to you is giveup our ground taller cousin ain’t gonnahappen unless you’re 12 and go for thewidth because remember ladies love thegirth marvel honored Tiger finish calmpeace.


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