Pruning Trees To Grow Tall, Fast.

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I just wanted to do a quick demo here onpruning in order to have a plant reachabove deer brows as rapidly as possiblethis side just pulled a a maple branchso I’m just going to demo briefly onthis first of all we have lateralbranching which may be obvious to someto prune the lateral branches but someother elements may not be whoops may notbe so obvious so using the inside of mypruner here you can see there’s a gap onthis side of the blade I’m going to usethis side closest to the plant so that Ican come close to the wound collarthere’s chemistry or hormones there thatreally promote healing more rapidly soyou don’t want to cut it you know stayout there where you have a twig stickingout you want to get that not too closethat’s a pretty ideal right there andthe same thing we’re gonna go all theway down the plant and give it arotation here you can see that there’sanother bud here so I’m going to goahead and remove that it’s actually morelike thata branch and a bud but this being mapleis an opposite there’s actually aninteresting or a useful acronym mad buckwhich you can remember some of the woodytrees so maple ash dogwood Buckeye allare opposites so they they branch in amirror image essentially sometimes abranch will break off and so make itlook like it’s alternating but in anycase this is maple so what I really wantwith this is to havethe terminal bud which is here to growas much as possible it looks like lastyear this plant grew from about thispoint here whoops which so I’m havingtrouble with the video here so fromabout this point here so about sixinches of growth last year and so what Iwant to do is I want to maximize thisterminal growth I want that to sprout upreally high as fast as possible so thatyou can get that above deer browse so as.I said you take the branches off but youalso want to remove the small budsbecause those are dormant right now butsoon those buds are going to breakdormancy and that’s going to start toform a branch so essentially I don’tneed pruners for this it’s really quitesimple and with some trees if they’rebreaking if they’re starting to push allyou have to do is grab this dot at thetop and rake it down it’s really quitefast so now I’ve removed both of thosethere’s one more here at the top I’mjust going to Nick it off with my fingersame with the other side really quickreally easy I’m gonna leave these at thevery top see if that can focus pardon myability to get this to focusso this isn’t something they would teachyou in a nursery because people wantplants that are full and branched outand so forth but in the context of largescale a graph or street where you’retrying to produce crops and where do youhave threats like deer browse this issomething to keep in mind it’s reallygoing to it’s going to drive all thatenergy up the plant to the tip to thatterminal apical bud and that’s going toallow you to have a tall tree in a muchshorter order than you would if you didnot prune those branches or the buds aswell so hopefully this is helpful I’llbe interested in hearing how this worksfor some people one concern I have isthat the the new growth is going to bepretty weak it’s going to spend a lot ofenergy putting up new growth and ifthere are a lot of pressure from theweather and so forth that could be anissue so let me know how this has workedfor you if you’ve done it yourself. Cheers. .

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