Reinis Grow Tall Method – 1.75 Inches Gain! True Or A Scam?

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Big Rob with a video talking about another height Guru from Europe called “Reinis” – he sells a with secret methods for growing taller that coaches have used!
I offer an explanation about a possible way that someone like him – a supposed height Guru – could have used to create the illusion of gaining a significant amount of height…

He actually does include 2 clips of his height -4 months apart – and it appears he grows from 175.5 to 180cm…
Reinis Grow Tall Method Height Rob’s video ‘Miracle Height Increase’ ] – that of course is a bit of fun (the notion of miracle liquids to gain instant height is absurd) but there is another message within – magic tricks can be used by any Guru’s (not just in the field of height)
to make their claims seem convincing and believable…in this case the belief that the Guru himself has used his own methods to gain 1.75 inches.

Be wary of videos of height proof from people claiming to have gained height and who are promoting products…some of them well be using trickery!

If you do believe Reinis though, then at his program seems to easily give you 1.75 inches over 4 months. I’m sure many actors would crawl over broken glass for the chance of such barefeet height increases…
Reinis is already quite fit to start with and has great posture! So that 1.75 inches would be even more remarkable for somebody like him, wouldn’t it?

Video by Big Rob from.

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