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what’s going on guys where I’m goinghere and in this video today I will betelling you some exercises that youshould be doing to grow taller because.I’ve done quite a few videos on growingtaller on my channel and the response tothem videos work great but I still keptgetting asked that question tell me somedamn exercises to do to increase myheight so I’m gonna be telling you someexercises which will help you increaseyour height so let’s begin this video sowhen it comes to height a lot of it isit genetics but you can do someexercises which will help increase yourheight so let’s first start with theposture now now a lot of us and even I’mquite guilty of this mistake we willwalk pretty much like with our shouldersforward a little bit and really try toget your shoulders back and that willreally help you keep a good posture andyou know a lot of people they will youknow naturally just have that tendencyto just come for Nalina shouldersforward a bit and you can get your badhabit by doing that and it’s not goodfor your back and now you can have toget into a habit of keeping your posturestraight so stick your chest and getthem shoulders back and the exercisesthat you can do for this or a lot ofpulling exercises so long exercises foryour backfor example barbell row t borrow a lotof exercises where you are pulling and alot of them exercises are rows so thereare the exercises that you should bedoing to refocus on getting a goodposture and you look a lot better aswell if you have a good posture and youwalk like would you shoulders back andyour chest out so that’s something Iwant you to all start doing it doesn’tmatter if you are already 6 4 3 or ifyou’re 5 4 7 it doesn’t matter I reallywant you to focus on your posture nowthe second one is I want you all tostart stretching more now this is againnot only good for the development ofyour height but also for your body aswell and you can stretch wherever youcanat home or you can even stretch out thegym so a lot of guys are quite tight inthe lower back a great exercise tostretch your back is the Cobra stretchnow this is a great stretch for yourlower back and I don’t see a lot of guysin the gym doing so start doing morestretching for your back and also morefor your legs as well especially in yourhamstrings because that’s where guys arereally tight and also by having moreflexibility in your hamstrings your tosquat more as well now something elsethat you can do to possibly increaseyour height is more exercises where youare stretching so something that I usedto do a lot when I was young I used todo a lot of pull ups and this really youknow stretch my body and about you doingbodyweight exercises where you arestretching for example like pull upsthese are exercises that could make thedifference between you being like 5 or10 and 6 foot and I’ve set thatpreviously in my video as well so startdoing more exercises where you arestretching especially at a young age andif you start doing bodyweight exercisesat young age when you come to maybe like17 or 18 years old you will have a goodfoundation for you to go and lift weightso they are the exercises which aregoing to help you increase your heightif you liked the video make sure toleave that thumbs up make sure to followme on Instagram and snapchat and Ishould see you or in the next videopeace. .

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