Shoes That Make you Taller – Are They Worth it?

Being the short one is never fun.
In fact statistically the shorter you are the less happy you’ll find life. Worse relationships, worse jobs and just generally less satisfaction.

I’m not saying a pair of shoes will fix that.
(Although no matter how many times I say that to my partner she still wants to buy them.)
But I am questioning the point.

Everyone knows you can wear some elevator shoes or get some insoles that make you taller.
Or at least that makes you look taller.
It’s like false advertising. No different to a woman wearing a padded bra.

And I’ve no problem with either of these if that’s what you want to do.
But it’s not my thing.
It’s false height advertising. The second you take those shoes off you’re back where you were.

I was a short kid. Age 18 shortest in my class by far.
I had big chunky Nike trainers once which added at least 2 inches to my height and I was pretty excited until someone called me out on them.
Now kids are kids. In my adult life, nobody is going to say anything about the height of my shoes.
But they’re still going to notice.

So you know that a big pair of shoes will make you look taller. At least as nobody look at your shoes.
But did you know that genetics only partly controls your height?

Don’t worry. I’m not about to suggest some crazy surgery or magic beans you can eat. But there are real actionable things you can to improve your height.

… Things like this.

I’m not saying don’t wear shoes that make you look taller.
I’m not the kind of guy to tell people what to do. If you want to wear them cool. I’ll even go over your options and ways to make it less obvious.

But I want to make sure you know there are other options.
You don’t need to fake it. You can actually just work on your height. If that’s something you want.

So you do need to decide if you want to do something about it.

You need to know if you’re a Ben or a Pete (you can click here to find out)…

shoes that make you look taller

Now the cool thing (and I mean the only cool thing) about using these shoes is the instant change it makes. It took me a few months to add a few inches to my height so the people I was seeing every day had time to slowly get used to the idea of me being taller to them.

If you suddenly jump up a few inches you get that wonderful look on their face when they first see you. Except in this case, it might be followed by a grin when they see your shoes.

So what can you do to try and hide the reason for the sudden spurt? Well, first of all, avoid the weirder looking trainers like these. They might be comfy (I love me some big chunky trainers) but they’ll not only stand out as the reason for your new found height they’ll actually draw attention because they will catch the eye.

If you’re wearing a more casual style one option is simply bigger, baggier clothing to obscure your shoes. You might laugh but I’ve seen a guy where boots adding at least 5 inches to his height – but the jeans covered them so well nobody ever knew he wasn’t 6′ himself.

If that’s not your style then there are some other options.

elevator shoes

Elevator Shoes

Just like an elevator in a building takes you higher from the floor, so do elevator shoes. Elevator shoes also referred to as risers, tall shoes or platform shoes, come in different styles and designs.

Basically, there are two broad categories depending on which part of the sole of the shoe elevates you. On one hand are elevator shoes designed in with a thicker outer sole than ordinary shoes. This thick outer sole is visible from outside. It is this thickness that gives you greater ground clearance and makes you taller. Or at least appear that way. The thick outer sole is quite visible from the outside. But won’t stand out as much as a weird part of trainers will.

Under this category, one can safely include the high heeled shoes worn especially by ladies. If you don’t give a hoot what your colleagues think about you being on risers then these provide a good option for making you taller. However, as you go for this option you might as well brace yourself for a few false starts as you try maintaining your balance before you finally get used to walking, running and even dancing on them for good.

Alternatively, you can opt for the risers with a thick inner sole. Unlike their other counterparts, these wonderful shoes conceal the incremental distance from the intrusive eyes of curious friends. They just make you look taller without exposing the trick behind your new-found height. If you don’t want to wear shoes that scream “Hey look am taller, am wearing shoe lifts!”, then this second option is perfect for you.

You can find shoes that fit any kind of style here. It’s not even like you have to look too hard your local shoe store is likely to have elevator shoes. You can also get third-party insoles which will fit inside your normal shoes giving you an inch without standing out too much but there’s only so far you can take it. This is probably one of the more subtle options though.

I know that people think they don’t grow taller after puberty and that external things like shoe height are the only option. I know some of you might be happy with that extra inch. And that’s fine.

Are they worth it at the end of the day? It entirely depends on how much height you want, how much you’re willing to do to get it. There is, of course, nothing to stop you working on your height while using shoes that make you look taller in the meantime.

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