Stretches to Grow Taller Every Week

We’re always being asked for things you can do to get taller after puberty and stretching fills that role nicely.

stretches to grow longer legs

In fact, stretches to grow taller work really well before and after puberty.

If you ever measure yourself first thing in the morning compared to later on in the day you’ll see a few inches difference. There are a few reasons for this but what if you could keep that morning’s height?

You’d add a few inches of height.

Which reminds me. Before we go any further and look at the actual stretches to grow taller it’s important you know something.

There are a bunch of things you can do to grow taller. It’s easier when you’re younger but at any age or height, there are things you can do. Some will slowly add a few cms consistently while others give you a burst of inches.

But it all adds up.

I’m 6’5 myself but during college, I was the shortest guy in class. There wasn’t just one thing I did to change this. It was a combination of things.

Had a limited myself I wouldn’t be the height I am today.

Everything matters when it comes to height. Stretching is a great start but how you sleep, what you eat and how you exercise all matter.

… Pete covers basically everything you could want to know.

Pete even has a theory about sunlight. He sounds a little bizarre if you talk to him but it’s hard to argue with his results.

I knew I wanted to grow taller. I knew how badly I wanted it. So I sucked up everything I could and I did it all.

Now, how about you?

If you want to just do a few stretches and see what happens I’ll show you a couple of things you can do just now.

But if you really want to do everything you can to add those inches?

You should see if you’re a Pete or a Ben…

If you’re happy with the rest of the things you’re doing and you’re just looking for some stretches you can do?

We have you covered there too.

stretches to grow taller

So we know part of your height is decided by genetics, for example, if both of your parents are short, chances of you being short are high. Another factor that is known to control the height of a person, particularly in men, is hormones. Hormones such as testosterone impact height in a greater way. Bone fracture and formation of your vertebrae from childhood can also affect height.

When we did the article on taller little sisters we had someone emailing to tell us he’d broken a bone and that leg had grown a little taller. Don’t do this on purpose guys. Not a good plan.

There’s more than just your genes. We’ve looked at when do men stop growing for example and that’s pretty hard set in your DNA. You do have control over the external factors though. How high is your activity level or exercise is and what type of activities you are engaging yourself? In combination with proper nutrition and diet, this will play a very critical role in body formation and growth of height in a person.

How much this matters will depend on the individual. But it’s always worth doing even if you add a few inches that can be enough to make the difference. It really added up for me.

Exercises that will increase your spine length and growth include stretches, swimming, and hanging. You can make stretches and exercise as part of your routine daily. Apart from keeping you fit stretches will improve your flexibility and posture hence improving your potential to increase your height regardless of whether you are at puberty age or past the puberty age. Stretches for adding some extra inches are not just any other but rather more precise targeting on certain areas of your spine, shins, and thighs where growth plate are found. Height stretches include:

Cobra Stretch Exercise

This exercise is named after Cobra snake due to its ability to stretch its neck forming wings. Cobra Stretch mostly relaxes your stomach abs; strengthen your spine muscles as well as lengthening your abdomen, lungs, shoulder and chest. When you make this a daily routine, it not only helps to alleviate stress from your mind but also assists in stimulating the digestive system.

This exercise can be done by lying with your face down on the floor as your palms are under the shoulders. Then start by arching your body spine up as your chin leads. You can do this repetitively in 5-30 seconds.

The Table Stretch

This exercise is mainly low impact, targeting your back muscles of the legs. It happens by compressing these muscles on the lower back, and it should be performed with caution to avoid any injuries.

It is mainly done by sitting on the floor as your legs are straight. With your upper torso straight, place your hand palms on the floor next near your butt. Then tuck your face against the chest while bringing your head you do this, raise your entire body with your knees bent as the arms remain straight. The upper legs and torso should be straight horizontally to the floor as your lower legs and arms remain perpendicular to the floor forming a table shape. The table stretch can be done repetitively to last 8-20 seconds.

Cat Stretching

I don’t mean be lazy and stretch out somewhere warm and comfortable.

This important exercise helps in stretching and strengthening your neck and assists in increasing your body coordination as well as improve balance and posture.

It is carried out by getting on your knees and hands on the floor as your arms remain locked out. Inhale as you try to flex your spine down and bringing the head upwards. Then Exhale as your spine goes up making an arched position bringing the head down. This stretch should last 3-8 seconds.

Hanging Exercise

It is universally known to be one of the best and effective exercises one can rely on if they want to grow taller naturally. It can be done by anyone regardless of the age as it is easy and you don’t strain too much.

Conducting this exercise does not involve any complications as you can easily and quickly hang from a tree or bar. This will help in straightening and lengthen your spine. Also, assist I widening your shoulders and back. You can hang for like 20 seconds while doing it repetitively.

Pelvic Shift Stretch
This stretch exercise is the simplest and more targeting to grow tall. It has been Categorised as one of the most effective stretches as it works on the lower part of your body such as the hips and the lower spine.

This exercise is carried out by lying down on your back as your arms face down. Then bend the knees, so your feet are near your hips. After that, slightly and slowly lift your lower back and pelvis. This can last up to 20 seconds as you repeat it as many time as you can.

Stretches are best done in the morning as you get up. If you want to learn stretches to grow taller the biggest thing will be getting into the habit of actually using them. These are stretches you can also do before bed of course but by doing them early you can take advantage of not having the day compress your bones.

Stretches can help you grow. They’re easily one of the most effective things to do but you need to be in the habit of actually doing them. And they really should be part of a much wider plan.

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