Taller Little Sister? Here’s What to Do

This was always a fun one to hear.
It brings back some memories for me.

“I have a younger sister who is taller than me!”

The vast majority of the time it’s the other way around. Most don’t even think about it.
So when your taller younger sister turns up and you introduce her people raise their eyebrows.

In most cases, this happens pretty quickly.
You might go years being taller than her. Then within a few months, she shoots up like a weed.
The question is will you get another growth spurt and catch back up with her?

Or will you always have to point upwards when you introduce your little sister?
And will you have to look upwards to talk to your “little” sister?
We’ll get to that in a moment.

First, let me tell you about my sister.

taller little sister

My sister was a good 6 inches taller than me at one point.
I was always the sporty one. I was out. I was active. I was playing sports.
She was generally on the couch watching TV.

It basically happened over the course of a summer when we were about 16.
People started pointing it out more and more.

She never really said anything herself but she’d always laugh when it happened.
I remember the first time she reached up and got me something down from a shelf.

When it started to look like I wasn’t going to catch up she started to act more like the big sister.
She would pick me up and put me on her lap.
She would pick me up whenever she wanted.

It wasn’t that she was trying to be rude. I knew that.
But it didn’t exactly make me feel good.

Then she said it.
“I know you’re older… but really you’re my little sister!”

I started trying everything I could to get tall.

That’s when I found this thing from Pete…

I really didn’t want to have a taller little sister.
I felt like I should be the one able to watch out for her. But it was always the other way around.

After age 16 you won’t grow much if you don’t do anything about it.
If your sister is already taller than you at this point then chances are she always will be.

Unless you do something about it.

Remember when I said my sister used to be taller than me?
We were both already finished growing naturally.

I was looking at always having a bigger younger sister.
Maybe it wouldn’t have been the worst thing.
I mean she was still my sister.

But there’s more than just being taller than her.
Getting taller just made me a little happier and more confident in myself.
Getting to look down when I spoke to her was a perk though.

… You can click here to see what I started doing.

Maybe there’s someone out there who likes having a bigger little sister.
I’m sure there is.
Maybe someone who always wanted a big sister to begin with.
That wasn’t how I felt though. I knew I wanted things to be different.
I wanted things to be the way they should be.

There are some pretty extreme cases of this story out there.
Little sisters bullying their older brothers.
Younger sisters babysitting their big sisters just because they’re taller.

I didn’t see anything like that.
But I do remember introducing her to a few friends as my little sister and the laughs that got.
Not exactly my fondest memory.

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