The Grow Taller Guru Returns

Grow Taller

Big Rob – the Original Grow Taller Guru returns. Video and photographic proof of his routines working!
Grow Inches in Don’t fall for fake grow taller guru’s who scam you by pretending their volunteers are aged 18, when they are 16. Or Guru’s who sell ‘height pills’ and scam people out of There are no magic pills to make you grow and anybody selling them is a proven scammer of the highest order..

yo cool total gear herewe thank Don we got four with Don hereand you can see we’ll check ourmeasurement shows but Big Rob and I cansee here she was three foot nineso we’ve been doing some stretches sohere we have a good three inches tallerno program like hanging from bars thehere’s big dawn ding are hanging routinethat 15 minutes you didn’t well and whatwe measured hey you feel toe is Jasongoing kids yep a full stretch in theback a sad anxious look at that so let’scheck so this is here just two monthslater we put in the rope the big bluecollar program and if we check on hatenow as you can see you see no no left inour socks no shoes onalright ready here we go look at thatfour foot one two three four and aquarter so there we go seven inches intwo months.Biba. .

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