The Original Grow Taller Guru Is Back!

Grow Taller

Big Rob – the Original Grow Taller Guru – is back, 3 months after last measuring some of his volunteers: Big Dawn and Big Iona.
Has the Grow Taller Guru helped them gain height? Find out with new Video.

hi they brought the original guitar guruback with begoƱa and baked on fromupdated measurements as you can see thatclearly taller.Jenny Kevin off camera as you can seethe clearly taller let’s measure are you. Anna first with heart are doing some newtypes of stretches last time you measurethat you and I she was for food in aquorumgood let’s say it probably not one silkon your standing toehey that’d be bad poor foot one twothree four five six seven eight nine anda half so Iona has gained one and aquarter inches in three months. I’ve also been going through somerigorous gruppo stretches so threemonths ago it’s awesome begged on getany hate from the grew taller gurustretches let’s fade there no tattoosalright standing tall right fourth footoh she’s pushed it a look at actuallygood as we’re doing this for foot onetwo three four five and a little bitthere we go going is also gainsgood in I enjoyed it with and there’sgoing what more do you guys need betterslow pace today. .

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