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Top 10 EXERCISE Tips for TEENAGERS: FAT DIET & EXERCISE PLAN : WEIGHT FAST Exercise & Diet Plan : & FITNESS 101 : WEIGHT TRAINING AFFECT HEIGHT? : YOUR OWN PROTEIN REQUIREMENT : FOR BEGINNERS : good my Teenage bros & broettes? Today’s super special video is a detailed guide to being a teenager AND keeping your body fit, with a focus on how to grow taller. Your teenage is a very crucial phase of your life since this is the period that will determine how you will LOOK for the rest of your life! Your muscle mass as well as your adult height is decided by a few factors during your teens – your growing years!
In today’s video i’m giving you the basics on exercise for teenagers as well as basics of nutrition for teenagers. I will also cover sleep patterns and their roles on your fitness as well as your end adult height. We’ll also talk about the role of psychological factors on your health and height. Think of this as an intro to your teenage fitness routine for both girls as well as guys! Teenage health tips, in one crisp : @beerbiceps

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what get everybody this video is gonnabe your ultimate health and fitnessguide if you’re a teenager both ifyou’re a guy and even if you’re a girlthe biggest reason I run this channel is because I never had any guidance any online guidancewhen it came to my own health andfitness levels and that’s what I’mtrying to do through today’s video ifyou watch today’s video till the end Ipromise you that you’ll maximize bothyour fitness levels as well as yourpotential in terms of height now yourteenagers are extremely important interms of how you’re gonna look for therest of your life both your physicalheight and your aesthetics of your bodyare gonna be decided in your teenagefirst let’s talk about physical heightwhat’s the meaning of growing taller howdoes the human body actually grow tanothere’s two important factors that aredifferent in your teen age for all therest of your life and those twodifferent factors affect your physicalheight the first is that as a teenageryou have more human growth hormonesecreted especially if you’re a guy youhave higher amounts of HGH as well astestosterone that helps in you puttingon little more muscle than the averageadult and it helps in you growing muchtaller your growth spurt the second veryimportant factor I of epiphyseal growthplates don’t get intimidated by the wordit basically means that the tips of yourbones have these growth plates and theykind of grow like how you place brickson top of each other so they keepmultiplying the cells multiply andthat’s how your bones elongate that’show you grow taller as a human being sounder normal circumstances you’re aptcell growth plates will cause your bonesto grow according to your genetics thisis where the factor of the relativeheight in parents comes in a plate solet me explain a five foot six man isequivalent to a five foot woman now if awoman is 5 foot 2 the equivalent heightaccording to her genetics as a guy wouldbe about 5 foot 8 so you gotta figureokay who’s my taller parent if you havea dad who’s 5 foot 8 and I’m almost 5foot 6 your mom is actually therelatively taller parent you add about 5to 6 inchto the mother’s height similarly if yourdad is six foot five and your mom is 5foot 2 obviously your dad is therelatively taller parent now undernormal circumstances this is how yourheight will be determined but the goodnews is that even if you’re geneticallyprone to being shorter you still havesome kind of a growth range you canchange some factors in your life duringyour teenagers in order to increase yourgrowth even more than the final heightof your parents and that’s what today’svideos about and we’ll talk about fourvery important variables in your lifethat you can actually change in order tomaximize both your height as well as howmuscular or how fit you’ll end up beingin life when I say muscular even for thegirls this applies because I don’t meanbulky mask you know I mean fit muscularthink Deepika or Priyanka Chopra or.Bipasha Basu I’m talking about just at. Fitness lifestyle so aspect number oneas a teenager that not too many peoplespeak about and something that evenparents don’t know much about is thissleep and rest factor as a teenager yourbody is still growing Toloand you need to maximise on the amountof sleep you’re getting aim to sleep atleast eight to nine hours every singlenight and be serious about this numberduring your sleep that’s the time thatyour body’s recovering the most all thedamage that happens throughout the daywhen you’re climbing up a flight ofstairs or when you’re walking to yourschool all that kind of accumulates asdamage in your body so while you’resleeping your body releases hormoneslike HGH which help in the overallrecovery of your body but you know whatelse. HGH helps in your overall growth if youwant to maximize your height maximizethe amount of sleep you’re getting andby talking about sleep it’s not justabout the total length of your sleepcycle you need to care about the qualityof your sleep as well that’s a wholeother topic I’ve covered it in one of mypast videos I highly recommend that yougo and check it out if you’re someonewho sleeps late and is only ending upgetting about six seven hours of sleepevery night that’s not enough and itwill affect your height in the long termstart focusing on your sleep cyclethat’s the best thing that you can dofor yourself and that’s also when we canmove on to point number two so no downthese points for a minute your heightyour overall fat percentage yourmusculature how much muscle massas a human being which is very importantthe way your nervous system works yourimmunity even how you end up lookingyour aging process all that is decidedby your physical activity in yourteenage and in your twenties the way ofbodies built in your teenage it’s meantto be exerted now let me explainsomething called the overcompensationprinciple now according to thisprinciple suppose you’re lifting a 5 kgdumbbell for a bunch of sets in the gymnow the way a body will repair itself isthat it it kind of prepared itself inorder to lift not just a 5 kg dumbbellin the future but also a 6 kg dumbbellso when you go home when your body issleeping and you’re recovering duringyour sleep cycle the next day you’ll getup with stronger muscles your muscleswill be strengthened to such an extentthat you’ll be able to lift that 5 kgdumbbell that you lifted yesterday aswell as probably a 6 kg dumbbelltomorrow your body alwaysovercompensates when it’s given somekind of activity to do now if you’resomeone who’s played basketballthroughout your teenage obviously yourbody is going to overcompensate think ofsomeone who’s played basketball everysingle day of teenage eventually hisbody realizes that ok so there’s a lotof stretching in this sport there’s alot of jumping and it’ll be beneficialif I make myself taller in order toreach closer to the rim and that’s alsothe reason why people like Anthony Davishave grown so much taller than theirfamilies they’ve broken their owngenetic limits and this happens inbasketball but it actually applies toevery other sport take the case of Irfan. Pathan and Yusuf Pathan your yusuf iseven taller than a pond but they’reclearly much taller than their familiesgenetically limits this happens in anysport if you give your body some kind ofphysical activity to do it’s going toovercompensate think of it any physicalactivity is basically exhaustion of yourmuscles exhaustion of your nervoussystem exhaustion of your bones and allthose things in the long term will leadto your body overcompensating the morerequirement there is for your body tobecome stronger faster and better atthat activity the better your body isgoing to perform in the long term bothphysically as well as aesthetically whyaesthetically because eventually thatphysical activity is gonna cause anincreaseto nature and increased nervous systemperformance and increased bone densityand all those factors I spoke about andyes height is also one of those factorsthat will improve if you include somekind of physical activity in yourteenage compare that to what mostteenagers are doing today they’re eithersitting with their i. Pads or in front ofcomputer screens or in front of TVs andin the long term this is actuallyaffecting your overall height potentialso why we’re talking about activity as ateenager there’s one of three ways thatthis can go down the first is thatyou’re someone who just plays a sportjust even something like running occurtopically catching go call that that’sstill better than doing nothing that’sstill better than sitting at home ifit’s a sport that’s even betterand even better option than playing asport is doing a little bit of weighttraining weight training will not affectyour height in the long term detailedvideo on that topic in fact actuallyhelp you in growing slightly taller inthe long term and of course it’s gonnamake you look fantastic as a guy andeven if you’re a girl you’re not gonnaget bulky in fact all those goals youhave those toned arms at thigh gap allthat is gonna happen to weight trainingmake sure you check out the weighttraining and height video we madeearlier on bare biceps but the thirdkind of protocol when it comes toactivity is combining these two factorscombined a little bit of weight trainingwith a little bit of cardio this case ispossibly the best in the long term andwe see this in American sportsespecially NFL that’s American footballand basketball all those athletes aremade to start weight training at the ageof 11 or 12 and they all end up growingto 6 feet sometimes even 7 feet like inthe case of basketball it’s a very goodprotocol to follow once again go andcheck out the height and fitness videowe need the third factor that we’retalking about is nutrition few groundrules no ketogenic diets you cannot takeup a ketogenic diet if you’re a teenagerthere isn’t too much long term researchbeen done about low carb diets andgrowth don’t take it up it’s notsomething I recommend secondly evenlow calorie dietstry not win too low on their caloriesvaluetrying to lose weight unless you’resomeone who’s very obese I don’t eventhink that you should be taking uplow calorie diets in the first placeif you’re someone who is always justfocus on the basic changes you can makequit sugar quit sugary drinks quiteating junk food eat home food andfinally do focus on your protein whetheryou’re a guy or even if you’re a girlyou’ve got to get your protein intakeright this unfortunately is a conceptthat Indian society as well as ourparents as generation hasn’t beenexposed to according to themhigh protein diets are very harmful andthey might harm your kidneys butmodernly research tells us that that’snot true that also could be a reasonhypothetically speaking that cultures inthe West or in Africa grow much tallerphysically than brown cultures becauseup protein intake in our diets is muchlower if you serious about how you lookin terms of your muscles in terms ofyour fat percent and obviously if you’reserious about growing taller you’ve gotto focus on getting your protein in makesure you go and watch a proteinrequirement video if you want to learnmore about that concept quick rule eatat least a gram of protein per kg ofbody weightso whatever meals you’re eating trygetting at least 20 to 25 grams ofprotein in that particular beam and asfor carbohydrates there’s a few simplerules you’ve gotta follow minimize yoursugar intake minimize your junk food andtry focusing on lean carbohydratesanything that’s made at home so that’s aroti brown rice oats upma things likethat try increasing the intake of thosefoods in your meals have at least threemeals we are having a good healthyportion of carbs one big bowl of riceone serving of rotis just something thatwill fill you up well that you can eatwith your meals do not cut off carbsfrom your diet while you’re stillgrowing and the fourth and final aspectthat we go to speak about that onceagain not too many people speak about apsychological factors now your teenagecan be a very difficult time of yourlife but I Marilee because your hormonesare all over the place that’s why theysay thatokay he’s hormonal she’s hormonal you’revery moody as a teenager and it’s notyour fault it’s also very difficult timein anyone’s lifeyour college Pio’s your school peersthey can be mean sometimes and all thesefactors can go into affecting your moodthe amount of stress you have even interms of your studies how in Indiansociety our parents put pressure on usto perform in our studies so we end uptaking on that pressure and keeping iton our heads and stressing about itfactors like stress can affect yourlong term height and that’s the bittertruth about it that’s why we gotta talkabout solutions to this problemespecially in India the first tangiblesolution is something like meditationmeditation is one of those exercisesthat just helps your mind calm down ithelps you deal with all these stressesof life and sadness if you want to takeaway just one thing from this video as ateenager take this away go and educateyourself on basic meditation as ateenager it’s one of the best thingsthat you can do and I promise you thatthey did change your life forever youknow having a video game when you levelup your life meter increases from 100 to110 the exact same thing happens withyour happiness and life if you werecapable of only feeling happy up to 100points once you start meditatingregularly you’re able to perceive evenmore happiness than normal yourhappiness meter will go up to 120 pointsthat’s the biggest reason I promotemeditation especially with teenagers nowif you liked today’s video make sure yougive it a thumbs up but if you’resomeone who still wants a detailed dietplan and a training regime if you’resomeone who’s trying to lose weight gocheck out the skinny fat video we madeon be your biceps and if you’re someonewho’s trying to put on weight if you’rea skinny person go check out that videosubscribe to be a biceps and until nexttime guys from rugby I’ll see you later. .

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