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NOTE: From talking to Coach Trevor and a few experienced GH users who used the drug to increase height they have all noted its important to take it at NIGHT to get the most benefit (in relation to increasing height).

I now have here someone who actuallyused growth hormones to increase theirheight and body size through adolescencehe’s currently 19 years old he’s goingto tell us which type of growth hormonehe used what the dosage was and whattime of day he took it and what theeffects were all right my friend tofreedom what age did you start usinggrowth hormone which type and whatdosage so I only use one time ten it wasmore children and I started at about 13years old and I believe it was point 6or point 8 milligramsum and he’ll come tonight my talk okayand how did you know to take it at nightdr.Tommy Joe okay so guys the growthhormone is more effective for growing asfar as increasing height when taken atnight not all doctors know this so forinterview that are on a prescriptiongrowth hormone increase height you mightwant to revisit the time of data you’retaking the growth hormonecoach Trevor has actually coached a lotof people in the use of growth hormoneincreasing height and he’s noticed thatthe effects are much more pronouncedwhen taken at night and what was theamount of dosage again did you say of. Nordic open oh it started and I believepoint six or point I believe those pointeight milligramsokay and what were the net effects doyou think you grew more as a result yeah. I mean I was negative of 3 percent onturbocharged starting it and I grewabout a foot in the plus three fouryears okay yeah now growth hormone byitself does build muscle but not near asmuch as when it’s combined with anabolicso in bodybuilding you can’t really justuse growth hormone and get frickin hugeit’s a combination of the growth hormoneand the bodybuilding drugs the anabolicsteroidas well as the influence so what did younotice as far as a body fat and musclegain by during the time you were onlyusing growth hormone nothing else oh andwhen I started out I wasn’t reallytraining I believe so I think I startedgoing to the gym before entering myfreshman year of high school and thewhole time of on the growth hormone Ihad no clue without the inside of a gymso there would not be reallyimmeasurable part for increases onmuscle master bike a loss compared tonow okay since I can’t really goodnessit off and tried on that have you hadany experiment with experience with thegrowth hormone secreted GOG now yes and7/7 I should did for one month okay anyany comparison to the injectable growthhormone you can make honestly no of anydifference wise I can’t really tell youmuch I never got really like you knowthe some hands on it on the growthhormone either than kids except seven inthe mk6 seventh otherwise use digital isgoes at ten milligrams she’s talkingtoday morning tonight okay so you’resaying the effects were similar betweenthe oil growth hormone m’kay and theinjectable growth hormone yeah I mean Ican’t really compare it off height wisebecause at one point getting to my Ichecked in that timeframe oftenum but in that case definitely nondecreasing appetite any did you noticeany side effects of using the growthhormone either one Oh possibly a littlebit of hand growth oh just like the Westyour ham your fingers of acne I gotreally bad at me I was on Cox’s likelike during that period and soprescription face creamokay anything else that the audienceshould know about the use of growthhormone and adolescents to increaseheight no I mean I feel like if it’sdone correctly with a good Thomas youget it from and acknowledge that point Ifeel like it there’s really no downsideto it except of now when I get my bloodwork done by igf 1 is still on thehigher under the range but my theorem isnext to something is the last time Ithink was a point for are you saying nosince any work compression there you seeso you think it did suppress you yeahyeah okay and and how are you going tomake up for that in the future is thatwas so sweet to create a gods do for younow I have a package a minute that theycome in the mail and I’ve just acceptedso I’m excited to see how that fares onmy blood works right now amazinganything for that purpose one more thingis that the end case Victor 7 actuallydoes have such on Adeline unlike Google.

Scholar and you’ll be able to find somestudies on it I don’t remember thedosage all jammed let’s go back andresearch it but there are such on it and.I wonder is something like MK 6 7 7 orsome oralin would be a betteralternative for that purpose than umexogenous because you evening heinsurance cover your endogenous growthhormone as Boneta London I feel like youhave suffered negative consequences overtime from so I believe that it’s acreative God would be a better option ifit fares to be considerable strengthokay very nice well it sounds likeyou’re one of the guinea pigs and I’msure you’ll come across other peoplethat as you communicate with otherpeople in the community that are lookingto do the same thing and can give themsome protocol experiments okay alrightwell thank you my friend of freedom thisspecific individual does a lot ofexperiments himself very open minded andvery knowledgeable so we’re lookingforward to taking his brain on hisfuture growth hormone experimentsswollen cool my friends are freedom. .

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