Ways To Increase Height In Teens If Parents Have Good Height – Dr. Shaheena Athif

Grow Taller

Usually in boys and girls, the growth spurt usually starts between 10 13 years of age and maximum height is attained in girls from 14- 15 years of age and in boys in 16 years of age. If there are no genetic issues, if the parents are of a good height, then the child can attain a good height at around this age. There are certain ways to boost the height at this age. There are certain ways to boost the heights in children in this age that is nutrition and lifestyle. Nutrition in the sense, the child should have a healthy diet, less of junk food, more of fruits and vegetables and diet rich in calcium, Vitamin D and zinc. This is seen mainly in dairy products like milk, cottage cheese, nuts, fruits like pumpkins, papaya, all contain a lot of Vitamins and zinc. If the child is a non- veg, give lean meat, eggs. All the fruits and vegetables will help in attaining a good Calcium and Vitamin rich diet. Also you can give protein rich diet like sprouted dals, helps to get high protein diet. It has been proven that cows milk helps in the longitudinal increase in the height of the kid. Next is sleep, the child should get 8 10 hours of sleep per day. If all this is maintained, child attains a proper height at the normal age. Next is exercises which the child can do, lengthening exercises for the calf muscles. Swimming is a good exercise, 2 hours of swimming in 3 – 4 hours in a week will help in increasing the calf muscle length. Another exercise is touching the toe, or hanging exercises in which you hang with your total height vertically to the ground. This helps in increasing the muscle length. Also the child takes the lower limb parallel to the ground, such exercise helps in increasing the muscle length. So that will decrease the proper height gain in the children.

and dr.Shaheena atif consultantpaediatrician practicing in doctor. Urbani Memorial Hospital near Electronic. City usually in girls and boys thegrowth spurt usually start from 10 to 13years of age and the maximum height isattained in the girls around 14 to 15years of age and in boys around 16 yearsof age now in case a parent’s geneticwise they don’t have any issues that isthe parent has a normal height thenobviously the child can attain a goodheight at around this age but there arecertain ways to boost the height in akid now mainly of course it is thenutrition and the lifestyle nutritionand the lifestyle so nutrition in thesense the child should have a properhealthy diet less of junk food more ofroots and vegetables and a diet which ismainly rich in calcium vitamin B andzinc now this can be seen in like milkdairy products cottage cheese or youknow any cheese items nuts and fruitslike many other like pumpkins all thesetype of things papaya always contains agood amount of vitamins A vitamins andzinc content and if you’re a non veg youcan give them a child again meat highprotein content eggs all the fruitsvegetables will help you in attaining agood calcium and vitamin D level in thebody also you can give protein rich likeinnocence sprouted dollars also helpsenough to a get high protein content somainly it is a nutrition as such milkalso helps cow’s milk it has been provencow’s milk helps in a longitudinalincrease in the height of the kids soall this has to be incorporated in thedietanother thing is mainly the sleep thechild should receive at least aroundeight to ten hours sleep in your day ifall this proper lifestyle is maintainedthe child normally. Taine’s a proper height now anotherthing is the exercises which if thechild can you do now mostly it is thelengthening exercises for the musclescalf muscle swimming is a very coolexercise which around maybe to usswimming in around three to four timesin a week willing help in increasing thecalf muscles length another exerciseslike the toe touching the toe or hangingexercises in which you hang with yourtotal height vertically to the groundthese are helps in increasing the musclelength also if the child takes the lowerlimb to parallel to the ground once youare hanging and you do your lower limbis parallel to the ground such exercisesincreases the lengthening lengthening ofthe muscles is it helps so all theseexercises can boost the height gain inthe children and another thing is likeboys or in men any other things likedrugs alcohol or any other caffeinecontents these should be avoided becausethat itself decreases the nutritiondecreases the like proper life’snutritional intake of the children andhence obviously the height gain may beless and that particular childrenyou.


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