What Age Do Men Stop Growing Normally? Can You Control It?

When we first started all this it was the biggest question we got. It’s still one we get all the time.

“What age do men stop growing?”

Before I tell you this magical age people cling it’s important you know something.

Only 60-80% of your height is based on genetics (varies from person to person).

The other 40-20% of your height you control.

For height men will stop growing around the age of 25. This means their growth plates will fuse and you won’t get any taller without doing something about it.

And with that said a lot of us are reaching our maximum height at just 16 year old these days as well. That’s all down to the change in our lifestyles. We sit at desks, on couches and drive around in cars.

But you can take this into your own hands.


For height your age matters more.

If you’re not yet 25 you can make sure you’re reaching your potential before your growth plates fuse together.

If you’re older than 25 you can still add at least 5 inches to your height (which is nothing to sniff at) but the sooner you start the better.

But before we get to any of that have you seen the studies done on height differences?

It’s pretty scary stuff.


what age do men stop growing

Dubbed “The Height Premium” studies from the University of Pennsylvania found there was a sizable difference in salary between heights.

They found that someone at least 6 feet tall earns over $5.5k more than a guy who is 5’6.

And that’s $5.5k a year.

That adds up.


Similar studies have shown taller people do better in relationships, in promotions, they’re generally more popular and are generally happier in life.

I’m not saying it’s fair.

I’m just stating the facts.


I laughed when Pete first told me this. I couldn’t believe it.

But looking back at it now you can see it everywhere if you go looking. You don’t even need to look that hard.


Men do the majority of their growing from the age of 12 to 16. This means by the age of 16 most people have a pretty good idea if they’re going to be paying this “height premium” for the rest of their lives.

Heck for a while it looked like I would be paying it.

Luckily I met Pete. It’s thanks to him I’m pushing 6’5 these days at the ripe old age of 28!


If you haven’t read Pete’s story yet you can click here to read it…


Pete is a little guru ninja at furthering body development after natural growth. At least he was little.


He’s the guy who kicked my ass when I thought I was stuck with my height. He showed me how to grow taller. He showed me that everything mattered when it came to controlling your height.

Your sleeping position. Your sitting position. Your diet. He had me doing height stretches and hell he even had this nuts idea about the sunlight like I was a plant or something.

But I can’t really fault his results I guess.

He wasn’t satisfied with his size. And he certainly wasn’t happy when they told him he wouldn’t be able to grow any more. Luckily he chose not to listen.

…Click here to see what he showed me.

when does a male stop growing


The majority of us settle for whatever size we’re handed. It’s like a coin toss. Win or lose.

For something which can have this much impact on your life I’m not really a fan of leaving that to chance.


I fully accept that some of we cannot control.

Sometimes it’s just luck of the draw. Part of your growth is predetermined at birth and by age 16 you will see most of that. How much of this growth you can control and the exact age you stop growing will be specific to you. You might even be one of the luck few who see’s a lot of growth between the ages of 16 to 25 without you having to do anything.

But you don’t need to take that chance. Flip that coin.

I think just sticking your hands in the air and taking whatever size you’re given is settling. And I don’t like settling.

When Does a Male Stop Growing Naturally

Some parts of your body will keep on growing for the rest of your life. Unfortunately this is the cartilage stuff like noses and ears. You see the older guys always look like they have big ears? This is why. The rest of you sticks on your breaks somewhere around the end of puberty.

Your penis size is going to pack up shop when you finish puberty (usually age 16) and that’s as big as it’ll ever get by itself. You’ll likely see a very quick growth spurt during puberty but once that train finishes the ride you better hope you’re happy with the results.

Your height gives you a little more leeway. As I said before most of your growing is done between the age of 12-16 this is when you’ll see the bigger spikes. After this puberty will stop and your fat and muscle cells will stop dividing. Your growth plates will settle down and start to fuse but they won’t finish that until around the age of 25.

And if you’re happy with that it’s more than fine by me. Nobody can tell you what height is the right height. There is no “too short”.


But if you’re not willing to settle then you’re working with different time frames.


When Do Guys Stop Growing if They Want to Grow?

Ignoring the obvious muscle and fat which you can always grow and the nose and ears which will keep going no matter what you want them to do you actually have a lot more flexibility than you might think.

Puberty will take you so far. Your penis size will stop changing at 16 and then that natural system will shut itself down. After that it’s really in your own hands so to speak. I know there’s all this crazy stuff people have tried in the past. Pills, pumps, surgery I even saw an ad for some weird inflating inserted thing… yeesh.

But that’s not to say you’re stuck with whatever you ended up with when you were 16. Damn I’m glad Pete showed me this. You can basically restart that process you had during puberty. Work with your body to make it think you need it to grow like it did during puberty. Not screw with weird pseudo science stuff but the actual way your body grew in the first place. It’s possible to do this kind of thing pretty late on. I’ve heard of guys in their 40’s doing it but it does seem a lot easier if you start when you’re younger.

Height is a little more restricted. I’ve never heard of anyone in their 40’s make themselves taller (that’s not to say it hasn’t happened). Your growth plates will fuse by the time you’re 25 (on average) but you can still get taller after this if you’re really working on it. Again I’ve seen some crazy stuff out there people hanging weights from their feet as they hang from poles and door frames. Some kind of… what I can only assume was a torture device.

Into your thirties at least you can promote proper height growth in your body if you’re doing things the right way (very, very few of us do by default) and take advantage of things like the way your growth plates move as you sleep.

Check out what Pete showed me that really gets into the meat and bones of when guys stop growing and much much control you can get back.

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