What Is The Role Of Homeopathy In Increasing Height? – Dr. Surekha Tiwari

Grow Taller

Height is a genetic marker. As tall are the parents or your family tree so will be the height be governed. There is no way that a very short parents can bring into world a very tall child until and unless one of the parents again has a genetic seed where somebody in the family is very tall. But having said that there are certain factors in the child which can inhibit a childs growth. Children who are very malnourished at a very young age, if they have any kind of visuals regarding the child then those factors can be met very well with homeopathy. Similarly, we have another condition which is known as scrofula. Children who fall sick with throat infection very frequently at a very tender age, there also you will find that there is stunting of growth in which the child does not attain height where in you can help with homeopathy. In that case again homeopathy can work once the obstacle to growth is removed and the person can grow. But the obstacle of growth should be very well defined and very well diagnosed.

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