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yo sup everyone is the GTG coming to youfrom Singapore all the waves and Wowsee today’s video is a question from our.Facebook wall it got four likes so we’redoing a video on it and there’s aquestion from a guy called Adam Scott. Collins now Adam wants to know ifthere’s any particular supplements thatwe take during a guerrilla program thatwill help encourage growth hormone andor just a boost growth of growth hormoneyou’re going to visit any like kind oflike magic formula that would havesuddenly like boost growth hormone butone thing I will say that I think is agood thing to get is is whey protein nowhere in Singapore they’ve got this stuffcalled optimum nutrition gold standardwhey comes in a variety of flavors allthe way proteins are available but thisis a good one because I’ve had this onebefore back in the UK it’s just like atrusted brand so I do recommend this oneif you’re a girl and you think you sawoh you know I can’t have this proteinbecause I’m good. I’m gonna put a massive muscles it’s nottrue money you could literally you couldyou can have this all day long and andyou wouldn’t you wouldn’t just suddenlyget muscles to get muscles you need toactually stimulate muscles so but whatit will do is especially if you’ve gotlike a really busy routine it’ll helpyou just to get in that 30 grams ofprotein so if you’re if you’re if youcan easily get three meals throughoutthe day but there’s a few meals youthink I know I’m at school or I’m incollege or I’m at work and I just numberthe time to make a you know a group fullof meal especially like the one thatshowed you and good the day just time atthat time so this is great really allyou need to do just there’s TV scoop youcan mix it with with milk or water canmix it with water it’s going to get intoyour system a lot quicker than if youmix it with milk but literally I meanthere’s hardly any calories in it it’sless than 200 calories its gods well Ithink one scoops got 24 grams of proteinso what we generallike a scoop and a little bit just sortof get 30 groans it’s got some branchchain amino acids in there obviously twoamino acids are like the building blocksof life and every proteins got aminoacids in but it’s got five point fivegrams of them in this so that’s prettygood but it’s pretty goodand yeah it’s nice for the size of thetop they you get quite you get quite alot I think I think once hub is lifesuits Michael about 25 30 days so andthat’s not likely intense program so ifyou think you only get you know overnice days playing goodbye max one ofthree swabs so yeah I don’t my my adviceis if you look into supplements on someprotein that’s the supplement I’ll gofor there are other supplements that wecan include in the gorilla program but. I’ll go into that on another videoanyway I’ve got some shell tops to do sothe first shots up goes to war machinef5 sounds like move that urn broughtlesney interview used to get on theshoulders and like flint them I betthat’s what it is a beta beta livestress LUMO will machine at 5 here isyour injection you’ve just started aprogram you should be full of enthusiasmyou know it’s welcome to the club andgood luck with your program and we’reall here for you we’re all here tosupport you so any questions or anything. I’m going to all the proofs on the faceof war and then you’ve got all the otherpeople on videos to help you outespecially people like also gonna takehere I remember see all those type ofguys that are always there day in dayout they’re there for you to sew andmake shots up goes to misted icemr5 should just put on a video how do iget a shoutout that’s how you get ashoutout if you’ve got you’ve got yourshelter mr. Vyse I don’t know anythingabout your book I hope but I hope youcan get over in a good taller and sowith okay next shout out is Danny forizationthat’s how you say it might be a trickon words it’s got number four in therewho that’s right Danny for my addictionanyway Danny is going to be doing thegrow taller grow taller for you andgoing to all the work out over thecourse of the summit you say he’s got120 days the reason why is doing it ishe’s not getting taken seriously youwant to do the girls and also wrestlingwhich I can understand so Dannypolarization use you injection brotheryou can do man you can do it and alsothank you for your comments because Iknow that Danny you post a lot ofcomments on all the videos so appreciatethat as wellnext shelter is a second shout out thisguy that has already had one it’s Iankept Mandal in the handle I thought lasttime but I know that he’s only gonnashout oh here’s your second captionbrother and the last shout out did thisperson did actually ask for shelter but. I feel as though that they need onesecret Pikachu now secret Pichu has Ithink just recently joined and.

Facebook and bin have been commenting ona few videos but the other day she got abit humiliated because she told friendsand a PE teacher that she was looking togrow at all over the next 90 days andthe completely just left in her face andjust like completely said haha you knowwhatever you can’t do it blah blah blahblah blah you know and I’m sure you knownot just a secret Pikachu but all of afew other people who may have thatexperience where you’ve gone to yourfriends gossip and all the centres arebullshit man you know and then they’vemade you feel like shit and you feltlike alright so but the best thing to dosuper beat you is use that negativity toprove them wrong rise to challenge andthen when you’re good at swallowing youlike haha who’s lucky now you know thatkind of nasty attitude you to have youknow yeah I mean obviously like yourfirst reactions a bit like ah you getdisappointing thing you know you’re allalone but we’re all in the same boat asyou could Pikachu and you know we’rehere for youyou know we’re not going to laugh I yeah.I think it’s great looking to go to allthat’s what we’re here for that’s whywe’ve got this this group going on andyou know just just don’t listen to thehaters man just don’t listen to him justjust push against it so we’re so yeahthat’s it guys that’s always shout sucksif you want to shout out then just writeon the video or write it on Facebook and. I’ll give you oneoh so you could you extra big injectionfor you there and yeah if you find thisvideo for me see if make sure you getyourself some meds some whey proteinhighly recommend it and in terms of howmany times to have it I would say if youhaving three meals a day maybe our viewprotein two or three times so you getfive to six individual hits of proteinand yeah it funds video formative thisis the GTG signup from Singapore all theways and why seeyou. .

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