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Grow Taller

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what’s going on are I’m given here andin this video today I’ll be telling youwhat you should be eating which willhelp you increase your height andobviously grow taller now when talkingabout height everyone wants to be toldbut a lot of it is genetics but if youfollow a good diet especially a youngage it could make the difference betweenyou being like 5 foot 10 and possibly 6or I mean everyone wants to be 6 footand I’m guessing you do as well so let’sbegin this video so the first thing that.I’ll recommend you guys is make surethat you are getting enough calcium inyour diet so foods which involve calciumare things like milk cheese if you’re avegetarian or a vegan and you don’t wantto eat no dairy products you can have alot of green for example like cabbagebroccoli and even some nuts have calciumfor example like almonds so make surethat you are getting enough calcium inyour diet and that will really help yourbones get stronger I’m especially ayoung age that’s why your mom wasprobably giving you all our milk whenyou’re young because she wants yourbones to get stronger and if your bonesare getting stronger that will also helpyour height and could make you a lottaller than you already are now thesecond one is make sure that you aregetting enough protein in your diet I’mnot saying go and have loads and loadsof protein for example what like abodybuilder will have but make sure thatyou are getting enough protein so foodswhich have a lot of protein or thingslike chicken eggs fish and if you’revegetarian you can have lose like soyalentils beans now protein is good forgrowth and also as some of your fitnessguys know it is important to buildmuscles so that’s the second one makesure that you are getting enough proteinnow the last one is make sure that youare getting enough vitamin D in yourdiet now I didn’t know what vitamin Dwhen I was youngand recently I’ve actually now know whatvitamin D is vitamin D is important foryour bone growth and also very importantfor your body so make sure that you aregetting enough vitamin D in your dietnow I suffer from a lack of vitamin Dmaybe it’s because I live here in. England and I simply do not get enoughsunlight now foods which involve vitamin. D are things like fish even some cerealhave vitamin D I mean who doesn’t lovetheir cereal you can just have your milkhave some cereal in there and that’s agood start to your day and also somedairy products also involve vitamin Dand if for example you don’t like themfoods you can always have like a smallvitamin D capsule and just take that inthe morning but I wouldn’t recommend youguys to take that unless you are 16 orabove so that’s the list of food whichwill really help your body grow and makeyou in poo some tall ass guy and if youliked the video make sure to leave thatthumbs up make sure to follow me on. Instagram and snapchat and I’ll see youall in the next video peace. .

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