What Will Happen If I Don’t Grow Taller? * 5 Important Points*

Grow Taller

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven’t done a video for a while. But I am concerned with the number of people who are putting their life’s happiness purely on Growing Taller. In this video I have listed 5 Points that you need to remember when approaching the area of growing taller and your attitude towards a grow taller program

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Oh what’s up everyone is the GTG comesto you from the UK all the way to theair why see and welcome to this brandnew video that I haven’t done because.I’ve been doing my own thing becausesometimes you just need to get your shittogether before you make another videoand now that I’m feeling enlightened andpositive and feel like I can bring yousome good information so the title oftoday’s video is what will happen if Idon’t grow taller and I decided to dothis question because I’m getting a lotof emails from people who are reallyreally down about the heart and reallyputting so much effort into growing andit feels like their entire life worthand entire life’s happiness depends onwhether they’re tall or not so I decidedto make this video right so there arefive things that I wanted to brieflyspeak about in this video and then we’regoing to wrap it up and cool so numberone don’t let growing taller decidewhether you’re happy or not now I’m justgonna put it out there but there’s loadsof people who are going to be tallerthan me you and every other Jew blogsthere’s tons of people at all and alsothere’s tons of people shorter which isa reassuring fact you are not theshortest person out there therefore youdo not need to put your entire happinesson to your height nobody’s perfectthere’s always going to be someonericher someone poorer someone healthiersomeone on healthier and it’s kind ofreassuring to know that you’re actuallyprobably somewhere in the middle some ofthe happiest people on this planet akids and kids are probably some of theshortest people on this planet so takeit tip from them if you do not get theheight that you desire there’s still amillion and one ways that you should behappy now I do understand that there’s arealand why it makes you unhappy to beshorter there’s such a pressure there’ssuch sort of demand especially withmedia and magazines to be tall it’s it’slike if you’re not over six foot you’renothing but it’s just not true. I mean what are you gonna do you know ifyou if you didn’t go at all by the timeyear 60 are you still going to carry ontrying to go at all and be unhappy andalways remember nobody is perfect pointnumber two is you do need to follow thesteps in order to grow taller andencourage a growth spurt so do what youcan you can zoom so much time in the daythere’s only so much food is there likeso much exercise you can do so follow aregime that you can fit it to yourlifestyle it doesn’t necessarily takeover your lifestyle but accentuates yourfocus and your goals with also allowingyou to do everything else that you needto do so it doesn’t become an obsession. I am going to teach you everything that. I can in order to help you to get tallerpoint number three don’t let there be anempty void if you don’t get to the heartthat you want kill three birds with onestone in your life you need toincorporate all kinds of differentactivities you won’t just get happy frombeing tall I think at this moment intime you’re probably looking at a lot ofvideos that are telling you how to betall or showing you how to be tall whichis fair enough because it might besomething that you want to accomplishbut it’s really good to have all thethings out there that make it happy itmight be playing on your xbox gaming itmight be going out for a walk with yourdog it might be baking in the kitchenanything at all but if you get to apoint where you decide that you you’vespent too much time trying to growtaller and you’re just going to knock iton the head then you’ve got otheractivities that you can fall back on andstill be happy with your lifepoint number four genetics and inenvironment genetics and environment orlifestyle whatever you want to call itare the two major factors that willdecide your heart now no one knows forsure the importance of genetics or thepercentage that it plays and the samewith environment and a lifestyle no oneknows is one of those gray areas thatnobody knows but we do know one thingenvironment and lifestyle does play akey part in growing taller so if we canmaximize that by teaching you everythingwe can in a good grow taller program andimplementing the steps then if you dowant to go taller there’s ways of meansto do itpoint number five is that height is allrelative if me let’s say for examplebetween six foot one point five and sixfoot two on a good day if I was to dateor go to a speed dating event where thegirls were an average height of six footfour six or five I would be seen as ashort guy if I had a group of friendswho were all basketball players and thenwe’re between the heights of six footfive to seven foot two I would be seenas the short guy now height is just allperspective it depends on who you hangaround with it depends on who you’redating so just remember that incomparison to the shortest guy in theworldyou’re tall and in comparison to thetallest guy the worldyou’re sure so just remember that sothat wraps up this video thank you verymuch for watching sorry I haven’t done avideo for a while but I just wanted toput this out there just to get back intothe swing of things let you guys knowthat I’m going to stop do small videosevery week so give me some encouragementplease like comment subscribe and alsogive me any topics that you want to talkabout on the channel Bob on this videoand I’ll try my damn bestest toto solve that and to give you some goodfresh content all right and that’s allwe’ve got time for I’m afraid thanks forwatching and bye. .

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