When Do You Stop Growing Taller?

Grow Taller

Do you feel short and would like to grow taller? Do you know when do you stop growing.

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welcome back to a creative age some ofus start off short and then get a burstof growth where we induct taller thaneveryone we know while others of usstart off tall but then sort of plateauand do not get any taller once we reachabout the age of 20 most of us considerourselves all grown up and at this pointthey can be frustrating if we didn’treach the kind of height we were hopingfor so the question is can you continuegrowing past the age of 21 many peopleclaim that you can continue to grow pastthe age of 21 was to an end spanning allthe way to 27 the truth is actually morecomplicated and there is no set agewhere we all stop growing instead westop growing at the age that our growthplate close and this changes fromindividual to individual presumablydetermined genetically growth plates arethe bones in your joint which facilitategrowth and are located in your wristsand knees etc when we sleep our bodyproduces growth hormone which causes usto grow more but it is through ourgrowth plates that the saker’s when theyclose usually arrived at age of 21it means we no longer use the growthhormone in that way if you are 21 andyou are not happy with your height itdoes not necessarily mean that youshould give up as there will still be achance that your growth plates have themclosed and only an x ray can tell youthis if you like to increase your heightnaturally without surgery check out thevideo in the description below andfollow the tips and tricks thank you forwatching and if you like the video don’tforget to give it a thumbs up andsubscribe for more videos.


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