Why Did I Stop Making Grow Taller Videos???

Grow Taller

For the best Grow Taller Program on the market the is a quick Video to give my Answer to why I stopped making grow taller videos.

Here are a few videos I watched while I was away that you enjoy

Video 1:- Video With Tyler Thomas, stefan salvatore, John, Grow Taller jones and a few other guys doing a 45 min Grow Taller Show and 2:- Tyler Thomas Video Chat with 3:- Tyler Thomas Chat with Vertical.

howdy great all the followers where everbeen where has Lance burned that is aquestion to be or not to be and I’m surea lot of you been angry at me for notbeing here but I wanted to give you thereason of why I haven’t been sointeractive with the subscribers and Ithink a lot of people can relate to this.I have still been watching videos ofother grow taller rs not namingany names but Tyler Thomas verticalportage there’s a guy called John who Ithink needs to needs to get a a growtaller channel because he’s quiteentertainingfuck you John payback for a video thatthey did but he he gave me the thefingers but he was only joking oh Ithink you were joking but yeah and Itook it in in good taste anyway and yeahwho else was on there so there was tile. Thomas vertical portage there was a fewother guys but I’m not sure if ifthey’ve got their own channelthere was that John but yeah and I thinkthey kind of highlighted a lot of thingsthat is quite relevant to me myself andit’s the fact that you would choosewhich you’ve done something so onceyou’ve I don’t know lost weight gotripped got taller got rich once you’veachieved something you you kind of nolonger interested in it as much becauseyou’ve kind of you’ve overcome that thatobstacle in your life and then it’s onto the next thing so I feel like for mepersonally I know that we had hairy andvery kindly do some videos for as well Iwas kind of in this zone I’m also but. I’ve also moved as well which you canmight be able to tell but yeah but I’mnot making excuses at all but I justfeel like if you look at my gettingripped channel with Amy you can you cansee that like for me getting ripped islike what grown taller is for you guysit’s like a pro. I really really want to get ripped orleave whatever you want to call it andit’s like I’m just I feel like mypersistence is is there it’s alwayssomething it’s in my mind and I imaginewith you guys growing tall is somethingthat’s constantly aggravating it’ssomething that’s constantly on your mindand I was the same I was the saying when. I was five eight I wasn’t bothered aboutgetting ripped as such I was morebothered about getting taller because Iknew that once I got taller. I could manipulate the the shape of mybody with weights so but obviously nowthat I am taller for me it’s all aboutthe body it’s all about getting rippedand as I’m getting a little bit oldernow is getting harder to to lose weightand it’s it’s proven quite I don’t knowwhy I find it difficult I just thinkabout a few sort of hiccups along theway and because back in if you seesomeone are getting ripped videos in2012 when I was training with Michael itwas easyit just felt easy I wasn’t I felt I wasin the best shape of my life there andthat was only three years ago so I needto get back to that what you know aboutme I’m just getting off in a bit sorrybut what I’m trying to say is is thatthe reason why I haven’t been doing somany grow taller videos grow tallerinteractions is the fact that I’m kindof preoccupied with this obsession that.

I’ve got with kind of wanting to loseweight but the good thing is I can kindof relate to you guys and understand howfrustrated you are getting with withyour high because once I guarantee oncesome of you have grown taller you’re notgonna be thinking about growing tallerbecause you’ve grown taller you know andthe same applies in anything if if youreally wanted to get a job once you’vegot the job you’re not thinking aboutgetting the job again because you’vealready got the job if you know what Imean yeah once you’ve actually done thegoal you’re not thinking about the goalyou’re thinking about the next goal youknow how can how can I go to the nextlevel so yeah but I’m gonna put somelinks in thebucks the videos that I have beenwatching from tile Thomas verticalportage John I didn’t really see any buthe’s quite a saying and he did a Googlehangout chat which was quite interestingas well and yeah I put links to that but.I am back if there’s anything that youguys want me to do a video on I’llaccommodate and I think we just need tokind of I didn’t know where to go inthis gross for the future I don’t knowwhere this whole thing’s gay but I knowat the moment the whole community everything is just all it’sjust as there’s no one really leadingthe way you know there’s nothing like Ithink it was good with like harrying. James and Michael because at least I wasdoing weekly videos it was a place forpeople to come and have a look at whathad happened you know from that weekbefore etc so it was good but I feellike I suppose the good thing is isthere is a community forming from tile. Thomas vertical pole teach and a fewother people what was that oh let mejust get the name they had a group thegroup was called something grow tall ingrow taller in adulthood group couldn’tfind where it was but that’s what it wascalled so yeah so I’m gonna close thisvideo up because no one likes to like noone likes to watch really long videos anymore I know I don’t but yeah. I’m back if there’s anything that youwant to ask me or whatever let me knowand yeah I’m sorry for being away butyeah. .

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