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. Over the course of your childhood and adolescence, new bone was generated at the epiphyseal plate and increased your height, without the epiphyseal plate itself disappearing. Indeed it is more in the absence of proper nutrition that we see a strong (detrimental) effect of (poor) nutrition on growth than in the presence of superior nutrition that we see any significant gains. It has been noted, for instance, that children growing up with malnutrition (inadequate protein intake) or during a famine tend to reach a substantially shorter adult height than adults from the same population before or after a famine or not subject to malnutrition

will i be tall when i grow up

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My DH is 6’4 so I expect my children to be taller than average. DD1 was very tall. Yes 6′ at 11-12 is tall but not at age 18. If your DS had this you might find he has a bone age well ahead of his chronological age and is unlikely to grow much more which would give you reassurance without the need for anything more.

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Short stature doesnt have to be a social handicap, but, as with genuine disabilities, juvenilizing the child can isolate the child and hinder the development of social skills and a healthy said Barbara, the between success and height most certainly has more to do with self esteem that can be helped by parents than by any other non-scientific correlations. In history and now there are many people who have been short and lived a quality is an issue that many make judgements about without knowing all of the Health insurance will not pay for GH unless there is a medical reason (low GH levels not just being Low GH in children can affect the growth of vital organs making the organs too small to function properly as an is EXPENSIVE most people would not want to give their children GH just for shortness, they cant afford it and it is not a fun regime for your child to go Todays GH are synthetic, not amde from the brains of cadavers like in the Being somewhat shorter than average is just life.for sure and yes you need to find confidence in yourself in spite of your stature BUT it does affect functionality of life , driving, working , etc My is on GH , has been for 5 months now, has had no side affects, has grown 2 inches but most of all I know that I have done everything I can to make sure her organ development is normal. In the 80s, before synthetic human growth hormone was developed, prescribed bovine growth hormones for growth disorders. There is a point at which I see people who cannot function physically in a world not made for very short people.

can predict how tall their children are likely to be when they grow up, to a simple formula was devised by scientists in the 1970s according to the New York Times, but has recently been picked up again and shared on the formula is based on the theory that most children will reach a height that can be estimated using the average combined height of their boys: Take each parents height in cm and add them together. Divide that number by two. This number plus or minus 10cm is the range in which you could expect your son’s height to girls: Take each parents height using cm and add them together. Divide that number by two. aimed to explain the argument many have, that not all siblings will be the same a long list of genes which have an influence on our height,” he told a persons height reflects the heights of their parents, but environment can also have a big influence as Ravine said genes will usually account for around 70% influence on your child’s eventual height. said the other 30% will be influenced by nutrition and the can work out your child’s height using the formula with the Huggies height calculator. top stories and posts to me each day.

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Hospital workers say the newborn is already wearing diapers and clothing designed for 9-month-olds. In other words, heavy babies tend to grow up fat and long babies tend to grow up tall. But the data show a connection between birth weight and eventual BMI that can’t be explained by the parents’ size or lifestyle. Identical twins, for example, seem to end up at sizes that reflect the difference in their initial birth weights. (She’ll also have less of a chance of getting breast cancer. To make matters worse, when an especially little baby grows up, the fat she does have tends to accumulate in her trunkanother risk factor for cardiovascular illness. Larger babies tend to score higher on IQ tests when they grow up you can check here.

Nick Smith is 20 it has an extremely rare genetic condition called primordial dwarfism which means you’ll always be the size of a three year old doesn’t like to lose it likes to be ia well now check it out okay okay next condition means he suffers with serious illnesses he said multiple surgeries bumps with Jenny’s probably a cholesterol problems and blood pressure primordial dwarves have very short life expectancy many don’t survive to the age Niki’s now let me get too old yeah at 18 Nick had life saving surgery on three aneurysm bulges in the vessels feeding blood to his brain now the problems back Nick needs surgery to remove another aneurysm that could burst and take his life at any moment you feel like you’re walking around at a time bomb without now win up to rupture scientists are racing to understand how the gene mutation the causes primordial dwarfism works to help prolong the life of neck and dad a difficult issue one of the things that everybody asked themselves was where are the older kids where are the individuals that are in their 20s and 30s over the next three months we follow Nick his family and his doctors as they battle to save the life of the boy who never grew up Jefferson is a small city in the southern American state of Georgia this ordinary place is home to an extraordinary young man now you Nick Smith is one of only a few hundred people worldwide born or the genetic condition called primordial dwarfism measuring less than 3 feet in height and weighing under two stones Nick is the same size as a healthy three year old but Nick is almost 21 hold on and is not just physically small nicer sigh huh what nick has learning difficulties which means you’ll forever see the world as a child having a girl yeah she spongebob mad nick is the apple of his mom’s eye nick is such a happy person is priceless he’s precious oh he’s great oh it keeps everything still like you know like I had a child that never really grew up you know I look at the critter sloth we love pictures gotcha Shelly realized early in her pregnancy but Nick was going to be small Wow it’s you in an incubator I’ve had a an 8 pound baby before and I knew what it felt like to have a child growing and kicking and with Nicholas I never really felt like I was really getting big yeah I had to put you in a little baby doll carriage because you’re too small and they pulled you out to do your feedings okay yeah we had to clean out your ear bed totally couldn’t hold you district yeah then had to clean your diaper when he was born he was 2 pounds 4 ounces 12 inches long he had personality he was alert and I knew when I found that we were going to be alright yeah yeah I finally get to hold you see how big my I’m happy I am happy why I’m gonna hurry up come on let’s finish up when I go whoa when he was born Nick was a medical mystery because there is no test to confirm what my son had they probably didn’t find out really what Nicholas had until he was about ten years old happy birthday sweetie Nick was finally diagnosed with microcephalic osteo dysplastic primordial dwarfism or mo PD to the essential characteristics of somebody with MLP d2 is that they were born small they stay small and if they have small head circumference of small heads in general their proportions that is the trunk size relative to their limbs is pretty proportionate their regular jet and when they’re fully mature their length is equivalent to about a four year old in their head circumference to about a five to six month old Nick’s tiny head means his vocal folds and larynx are also miniature creating a high pitched voice very good doing crazy older brother Travis and younger brother Levi grew up watching Nick struggle every day the fact that makes a middle son and he can’t turn out like we did I was after him and I came out to be normal this always a question on the one it could happen jack that could have been me just like him you can’t get me what nope I always joke around and say me and my brother sold with tall jeans before he could get them so it’s definitely a little ironic because the whole family’s you know very tall and whoa I don’t know how that happens awfully nice it you wanna go get it wanna go good throw it to me by avoiding the genetic fault Nick’s brothers have sidestep the long list of medical problems that he’s had to endure so oh good throw an egg all right Nikki ready let’s see how small you are nick has had eight major operations ranging from correction of curvature of the spine to hip surgery that’s beyond my back I got my own new issues can arise without warning so he’s constantly under medical supervision checking out okay okay stand up straight for me and over touch toes all right wife switch clothes on okay there you going oh I’ve known Nick since he came home from the hospital after he was born and it has had a lot of significant problems over the years his problems you know stemmed probably more from his primal dwarfism than anything but he’s you know he’s had multiple surgeries problems with kidney problems and blood pressure he’s had major spine surgery his most significant problems now are probably his aneurysm Nick’s last operation was the hardest so far two years ago he had life saving surgery on three brain aneurism an aneurysm is a bulge in the wall of an artery here feeding blood to the brain if the aneurysm bursts blood leaks into the brain which can cause a stroke and be fatal if you get an exercise these days well he was doing the ketone brain aneurysm right now doctors have discovered that Nick has another brain aneurysm and needs major surgery or he could die in a fortnight Nick and Shelly will travel to California for an operation they hope will save his life we have to go out there and see some special people so I’m gonna talk to us when we get out there about doing some things for us well hi but I’m gonna be there with you no matter what okay yeah don’t need me I won’t leave you I’m there to take care of you you feel like you’re kind of walking around with a time bomb we don’t know when it could rupture in some circumstances recovery or the outcome is a lot worse so if a ruptured aneurysm can mean that’s it are they like white you could do your exercises in ten days time Nick Smith will be traveling from his hometown in Georgia for brain surgery in California in the meantime is at the high school he’s been attending for the last four years I’ve got a shadow Oh Jamie can I see the camera nick has no trouble getting along when he came to me his parents were very worried about him coming to the high school and being around people that were so much taller and so much bigger and how are the kids going to treat him that is not a problem here you don’t get hurt huh hey well this is miss Jennifer she’s my new helper up here you like all the girls I have up here don’t you don’t Lincoln at her oh yeah yeah you’re just kidding some your turn around girl yeah I work out you were shadowing great Nick does not see any difference between himself and anyone else there are times that he’ll say I’m as tall as you are and we say yeah you’re tall it’s going to be right here he truly doesn’t see that he’s any different than anybody else okay everybody wants to see you you’re popular while mix of mainstream schools most of his classes are designed for students with special needs show me sing the fish before Wow all right dude I would say Nick’s learning group is around six or seven years old the activities that we typically do were things that you would see in a kindergarten age classroom so we’ve got seven green in theme and seven red but what does that make this equal good job we work on daily stuff like colors letters numbers that kind of thing what’s the first letter I don’t know what’s this letter O and O and makes been with me for four years and we’re still working on the same type of things now what letter comes next what no see you see he doesn’t really realize that he doesn’t get them right but he likes to try and he’s progressed a lot over the years but memory just isn’t the same as what a normal person’s would be once again her term seen in 3d glasses so the Nick is the only primordial dwarf in his home state of Georgia but far from feeling isolated the web has allowed parents like Shelley to find families with children just like Nick all over the world Guinness jacqui critic and her daughter Hannah lived a thousand miles north in Minnesota the network has really become an important part of our lives you know I was just starving to find another mom that had a child like mine did she have to go through all that yeah is it painful why not two years Wow hello oh man we missed you there yeah Chrissy Jordan and her two primordial children Bri and Brad are in the Midwest state of Illinois for each other’s support system where each other’s family we treat those friends the network is more than just a support group with little known about their children’s condition the parents decided to act themselves we realized that we knew nothing about our diagnosis nor did any of the experts for the physicians that we went to locally didn’t know anything and so our outlook was kind of educating each other and to find those families doctors to be able to help us help ourselves for over a decade the families have attended the Little People Conference of America where the children can meet up and the mums track down medical experts it was at the conference in 2004 that Shelley and the other mums met dr.Michael boba and asked for his help one of the things that everybody asked themselves in the room was where are the older kids where are the individuals that are in their 20s and 30s and the answer to that question now seems to be that individuals were dying from strokes from aneurysms that were bursting and they were having large bleeds in their head often fatal to prevent these early deaths in people like neck dr. Bober and his colleague first have to understand what causes mo PD to that’s something being researched on both sides of the Atlantic in the last five years we’ve learned that the cause of MFP d2 is due to mutations in the Perry central gene so Perry Central is really important to cell division now cells are building blocks that make us who we are so for instance in MO PD we think most of these students are acting to slow down cell division and because you’ve got less building blocks you end up with a smaller person having established why people like nikka so small the next problem is how to help them one of the important things about once we’ve identified a gene is to try and understand what health problems are associated with it and this is an area which I work really closely with dr. Bober on is trying to link up the gene changes we find with the sorts of problems that we get so for instance an MFP d2 we know they get brain aneurysms now they get brain aneurysms at a very high frequency and that means to us that there must be something about the Perry central gene which is important for blood vessel formation and how blood vessels form this discovery has led doctors to look at other vascular issues that could affect children with mo PD the type of vascular disease that we’ve recognized to date have really focused on the blood vessels in and around the brain but as time is going on we’ve recognized that the vessels that feed the kidneys the vessels that feed the heart can also have involvement connector on ty some of the zoo the circulatory problems mean that young people like Nick settle with illnesses we’d associate with old age a little hot in the beginning some again tired here my back tell Emily I’ll get an alternate there we go bad I popped on the bed so I get to medicine write me your medicine for your high blood pressure and for your kidneys lucky you fine the kidneys are fine yeah it just seemed like when I turn eighteen of the high blood pressure the kidney failures of aneurysms now it’s the cholesterol and then we’re facing another aneurysm soap it’s almost like an 18 year old it’s really going through his 80 year old body okay okay yeah it’s also wrong there didn’t you Harry I think it’s just time for rest not too hot oh no I can’t we like that like that didn’t cuddled up good yeah totally I see yeah it’s getting cold up there in that night night big bugs bite whoa mm hmm four days before the big operation all right Nick yeah let’s go do it oh okay oh man Nick needs his vital signs measured and blood tested to check his healthy enough to undergo surgery I know you don’t think about Omaha at all Oh cold she will not shaky broke and tremana all right right there for you hard lawyer blood baby yo man no with his aneurysm surgery imminent Nick’s previous operation is preying on Shelly’s mind never do you expect to see your child come out of the surgery horrible scars breathing like they couldn’t catch their breath and it was heart wrenching like I couldn’t do anything for him I couldn’t come for him I couldn’t hold him all right that’s it well you did it what you can’t oh yes he’ll hold that in seconds watch yeah hey what about that right news news in here yeah all right yeah when you break one earth you do not pay instructions are on the table build a box resources well it’s next last day of school and his final lesson is with regular students and will come around and ask each student which one they want to plant do they want to plant a forget me not or parsley okay make which one do you want to plant forget me nots or parsley it is pudding make with the regular education students it gives them a heart a lot of times teenagers are a little self centered and don’t think about things outside of themselves are those big seizures we’ll see I think you’re a little to me yeah thank you they look like big things well don’t drop them okay and your tables and so when Nick comes around it makes them stop and think and even be grateful I’ve heard them say that they’re thankful for what they have when they start talking to Nick especially learning about all the health troubles that he’s gone through Nick may not be fully aware of the risks he now faces but everyone else is we’re all very worried we try not to think about it and talk about it too much because we don’t want to get upset all the time especially in front of him or the kids but the reality is is that we don’t know what’s going to happen from the surgery or after the surgery why it’s just devastating to us to think about anything other than him coming back to us the same old Nick and the exact same way Rene says the last day of school will be leaving the California on Saturday so we’re going to let him stay from school tomorrow he has I think some sense so that there’s something going on he’s had a lot of tests done lightly so he he wonders why the needles and one of the poking and testing and the hairs just talking about it you know I was getting a little bit nervous this trip is you just major medical procedure to help save his life and unfortunately we have to go through it and read know what you wanted to drive know did you have a good day yeah you tell everybody you’re going to go but I didn’t see him when you come back from your trip yeah yes yeah lets go left you come back converts in my cinema Tata meter no worry look at that kid both the brothers are taking time off work to spend time with Nick before he leaves the surgery in California and definitely worries me but besides that I always try to look at it in a positive way never really try to focus in on what could happen or that you know if it doesn’t doesn’t go to surgery something worse could happen so that’s why I try to look at it Oh Nick how are you feeling about going to California you know I think it’s better than Nick doesn’t know what’s going on just because in his own mind he’s having fun and he doesn’t have to worry so much and be like under pressure and this was a happy child life the night before they leave for California a video call remind Shelly that they’re living on borrowed time that breaks my heart Jackie and Hannah have some devastating news about the unexpected death of one of Nick’s younger primordial friends so we’re really not sure what he’s actually passed away from yet we’ve got to wait for the autopsy report all of us in the back of our minds are because of what we’re hearing our risk factors and knowing what our kids already have and then seem to be going through this with Nick now that has got to be so hard oh no I ain’t knocked out what’s better heaven yet guy oh this is two servers in heaven but happy get you guys back Hey yeah irony says no pain I think he’s just going to go to sleep and then he’ll wake up and yeah yeah hey fellas you have to stay like a possum look gang I know we’re not there we’ve already talked about this he’s saying he’s going to play dead like a possum and I said we don’t want to use that example great great we’ll help you where are you I only tease me I got my mom through yeah please thank you okay well I get your jammies in then let’s go wah wah I’ve been staying so strong with the surgery and just staying positive and when you lose someone you just just truly shows you this we just never know you know we know they’re getting older the health issues are getting a little more severe and I guess with this surgery I know you know Eric is coming up and it just it makes it that much harder because you know it’s it’s reality I could you know be facing the same situation in a Nick first birthday 20 year old Nick Smith and his mum Shelly are making a two and a half thousand mile journey to California for an operation they hope will save his life now what your brain looks like I bet you find me with shoes you want to wear my music ones are most comfortable for your feet we do that you know I’ll get a little nervous sometimes flying he doesn’t seem to bother him at all all right here but you don’t like to sleep on the plane do you he’ll never any operation on the delicate body of a primordial is dangerous but brain surgery raises the stakes even higher we’ll see you next week we’ll be back it’s hard to say backing guitar on the family than it is sometimes the patient’s having to say goodbye is tough 18 year old Levi oh my god I know it’s like the bad guy come to me right come on okay go to relax I go I will follow I know now there’s no turning back the ordeal ahead suddenly it’s helping coach the train for the middle yeah what’d she get the needle you’re okay Jack I just hair again these are really step babies yeah a little boy dark a hawk pro I don’t like coconut all right oh stop stop stop nobody nobody likes ethnic bloc oh right yeah I know sir sterling Voyager okay what this looks to read and it’s not book being negative you know like you like what we’re what you don’t for yeah it was scared and we’ll talk about it now you want me to change subjects go something else yeah which you are talk so okay okay let’s like let’s go friend oh cool sure light up and you tied back to girlfriend oh oh is she curly oh yeah he knows you know whatever she knows clap he can’t kappa ha we do okay mr.
Bernard hello yes Wolfgang Nick’s surgery in California will be on an aneurysm a dangerous bout in an artery feeding blood to his brain the size of the aneurysm means it could rupture causing a fatal brain bleed at any time you see here on this vessel that is the left carotid artery we have this ballooning of the vessel wall that constitutes a brain aneurysm the weak spot on the vessel that makes this person more prone for brain bleeding surgeon will perform an endovascular coiling procedure where tiny loops of platinum are packed inside the aneurysm for the blood clot closing off the boat that means going in through Nick’s groin through the groin will have the natural highway that are the blood vessels navigating under x ray guidance all the way to the inside of the Animus and then we can go inside the aneurysm and feel divided with this little very soft platinum wires as you can see here very soft and create a bird’s nest that will induce clogging of the aneurysm and prevent further bleeding you want your back scratch again yeah I just want to let you know there’s nothing to worry about you’ve been such a tough cookie all the way haven’t you Nick we’ll see you tummy remember this one this is the first surgery they did when your baby just to try to put a tube in your stomach to help you eat wow we were in a water park one day and the little boy came up to him saw the little tube said to his mom look mom he’s inflatable sometimes I just thought it was the cutest thing so listen tomorrow remember last time they had to cut in your skull you know we’ll remember they cut you you had that scar on your head yeah all right but not me you’re not going to do that to you tomorrow okay they’re not going to do that all they’re going to do is put you asleep and you won’t even know but they’re going to fix a little spot in your head while you’re sleeping so when you wake up it’s going to be all over with your black keys and you can watch it all the TV you want really Hank yeah and you can eat Krabby Patties man yo macaroni all eggs finish your up sound better you get out of the hospital and we can go back home blind you come dddd NIC’s operation will be at one of the world’s leading pediatric hospitals the Lucile Packard at Stanford University only a handful of surgeons have ever performed this type of procedure on someone with Nick’s condition even for an experienced pediatric surgeon operating on a primordial dwarf adds another level of complexity to operate in a primordial is certainly different than to operate in a child of same size because the primordial have different characteristics on the blood vessels on the anatomy of the brain in changes in many of the other organs and systems that a child of the same size would not have that creates a much more fragile system that you have to be prepared to deal with so a brain aneurysm has the potential of bleeding at any second there is a real possibility Nick’s aneurysm could rupture during surgery if that happens there’s a 50% chance he won’t make it knowing the odds leaves Shelley struggling with a decision to go ahead with Nick’s operation the reality is that we don’t know it’s going to happen without Sheldon we don’t know how long we have them but it’s almost like you know would you walk around and want to have him with a time bomb or correct him knowing that coming down this process he might not have the quality of life that he wants had nor let me make it with Nick’s aneurysm surgery on the way his future is in the surgeons hands okay Nick we’re breaking out of the word today Nick’s full hour operation was a success the coil was inserted without his aneurysm rupturing did you make it through surgery dollars no more surgeries no more folks yeah little more needle phone you would you hate the way I thought this is your walk after only three days in hospital Nick’s allowed home to his family oh fuck after the surgery next you know me actually jump right back to normal just like Nick always does and just lucky for us but it’s great it’s now a month after neck surgery Shelly and Nick are flying to Minnesota after everything we’ve been through my goal is just to enjoy life and me and Nicholas we’re going to go have a lot of fun and just embrace every moment that we can together all right back there is what makes him happy is he’s a funny person he understands fun and laughing and cutting up and that’s the healthy part of life for us to be able to spend some time and share a trip together and put all that stuff behind you for a week that’s why we’re looking forward to their friends from the network they’re coming from around the country for a surprise celebration for name it’s the first time the group has met outside the annual Little People conference all right picture perfect smile Oh slippery guys you’re in Minnesota remember when you’re not Kansas anymore it’s 5 degrees in Minnesota so Nick and the gang are starting their day out inside at the Sea Life Aquarium we mix primordial friends the 21 year old Brad Brad older sister Bree the 23 17 year old hammer and Trinity who’s 10 for us to get together as primordial families it’s one of the best experiences because the kids they are just like best friends they’re almost like sisters and brothers hey we get together we can make your life stuff whoa thank God scientists are taking our their little people Nats as greedy as are not tall now I can move set well you need yes we’re making we get a lot things that people think are too hard for us I think you can cancel the find out how to do it as a special finale to the day as a surprise Finnick is finally going to meet his hair one of our things is we want them to live their lives to the fullest and have every dream or hope that they can have come true so does they live while their life and they live and still important I would like to do a celebratory talk I want everybody to raise their glass and just say here here yeah we love it yeah for all of the mums it’s important that the children celebrate while they can because the harsh reality of their life is never far away each parent has to make a decision of how open they are to discuss the realism of their illnesses the outcomes the treatments what for brand Brad we’ve always been very upfront it’s still in late 1964 so thank you guys again tonight and to me it empowers them to take care of themselves even I thought you have to take his it helps them understand why they go through mundane testing why they take multiple pills why they have to go to the doctors five states away it helps them be that person to pave the way for the next little guy I’m very worried about Nicholas entry yeah yeah I think he was pretty nervous I’ll be nervous I had my surgery I was pretty nervous all right don’t want anything I don’t like medicals dinner that’s it don’t like little thing with surgeries and losing I don’t worry about the next version for the children understanding their condition doesn’t make accepting it any easier it’s really sad acacia we lost a lion our King thank you Sam her Hannah that is kind of put into perspective for her they were my age mom they’re not with us anymore and then the tears and that has been the hardest thing and you know I would I we have to say is that you know we don’t know how how long you’re going to have none of us do we’re all human beings we have got as a plan for all of us so we’re just going to live each day like it’s our last day but not just you we’re all going to be doing that we have today we’re not promised tomorrow yeah hi Nick doesn’t have the same level of understanding as the rest of the group and for his friends that’s a good thing oh yes very bringing news to you big line really it only happens Nick and his friends are doing well for now but the big question remains how come their short lives be prolonged the holiday to Minnesota gives Nick and his friends a chance to hang out with people who are on their level it’s probably one that a good idea from to have the catkins but it also performs a vital function as a forum for the mums to discuss medical developments and new ideas they kind of die because one of the kidneys the outsider looking in may think this is something that medical experts should know but if we don’t know and there’s only one child in that state or one child in that country how do we expect medical professionals to know that’s one thing I wanted to know about these groups in this organization there would be no research there would be no progress at all this whole field owes everything to those groups here if I see one child all I can do is do my best for that one child but if I see 20 children with the same rare condition now I have a much clearer idea about how to take care of that one child and that’s really what’s happened in a crisis is not the time to try to remember right you know I’ll put on that USB right and there’s an access the medical research pursued by these mothers means treatment for their children have gone from reactive to proactive early screening for aneurysms monitoring cholesterol and management of renal failure means these children now live longer the life expectancy for people that have mo PD too is not average it’s definitely shorter but it’s improving it’s much better now because of the screening program aneurysms the treatment programs that we’ve put in place we are seeing individuals live longer there are many more people in their 20s in their 30s with mo PD too so I think that age is being pushed up and people live longer and longer every year if this generation is living into their twenties the friends can have ambitions in life beyond childhood I mean 11 face let’s just go through I don’t plan on why I’m doing it drag get how schooling a lot of entertainment stuff acting smacking or I’d be in a band I want you to play the drums I’m glad you do yeah you do ready yeah you I’m a good better at acne I am making her famous me that’s all I know honey come here and nice and funny yes you are going like me I think he were to be in comedy girl name and he like a kilowatt back at home in Georgia Knicks about to start a new phase of his life he’s about to turn 21 and that means moving on from the pediatric doctor he’s always known so Nick what we’re gonna miss you you know ha ha ha do you understand that mommy’s gonna have to find your new doctor ha ha you get too old yeah hitting 21 also means only one more year at school what is it called and it’s the constitution can’t people have rights right what this world is not built for Nick you know this world is not accessible to him and so we try to put everything into every day just to make him have as many experiences and as many happy moments as we can possibly fit in Nick’s lifespan may be limited but for the family Nick still have hopes and dreams for his future but are no different to anyone else’s told you can do it doesn’t like to lose it likes to be like everybody else wants to be able to ride four wheelers and do everything we do biggest thing is I want him to feel that he is just like everyone else and he is just like everyone else inside and you know he has big dreams and he thinks he’s going to grow up and be just like his daddy one day get you out of those jackets yeah I know he still lives I think in a beautiful place it’s kind of like not reality but it’s in his world he’s still going to achieve and be whoever he wants to be and that to me is a beautiful thing..

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